Killing For Friday

Killing For Friday


KFF is the result of artists learning and growing together in an environment untainted by the usual urban scene and left to attempt to define one instead. Their lack of dogmatic listening habits allows them to enjoy an array of music. This has resulted in an unmistakable sound and personality.


If music told them to jump off a cliff, they probably would. This is likely the best way to describe the boys from Killing for Friday. A concentrated group of hard working musicians from this great northern town, Killing for Friday has proved their dedication and love while endlessly searching and playing shows within Ontario, recording in a cold London ON studio, and praying for dear life on the sides of highways while their old (but sturdy) van sits idly by. However, through thick and thin neither member blinks but instead enriches their music and dedication with these youthful experiences.


Mirrors with Legs, Falls from Grace

Written By: Rob Johnson

Verse 1

It just doesn’t feel right
Another restless day
The sun still shines
Got away from things

By seeing with my mind
But eyes can’t rest
Thus, fear’s success
On and on again

Verse 2
walk responsibly
through the lands of the damned
who cursed themselves

and stumble casually
on a path without end
this is the end
this is the end

On and on again

Interlude into break down

Mirrors with legs, falls from grace


We’re all a bunch of strangers (2)
To ourselves


Written By: Rob Johnson

Verse (x2)

There goes that whistle
Its five o’clock and you just wanna start what you’ve stopped

Time and space
The logic will never erase
The tragedy of what you have lost


Under slept
Under paid for something we can’t get

All this time until we die
Break some hearts and spread some lies


Written By: Rob Johnson

And I die tonight
And I die tonight
And everyone was there

Round and round (2)

Hey you, what’s your name
Who am I to talk to to get away from everything

Hey you, whats your name
Who am I to run to and what from

Cannot breathe
With a million hands

Cannot see
With a million eyes

Staring back at me

Alcoholic Feet

Written By: Rob Johnson

The water, bitter and cold
So cold

So busy
But looking for something to do

So hungry
What else can we eat?

So tired
When else can we sleep?

Swim Tests and Cave Paintings

Written By: Rob Johnson

Generic presentation
I smile when your eye’s shut

Always play it safe
so you can’t think too much

Whatever happened to the time
When you still felt at home

It burnt right down to the ground
Around when I turned 12

Stay north, stay calm
Watch the railing, don’t fall

Stay north, stay calm
Watch the compass, going south

I got comfort with my cave
The shadows on the wall

But this was not reality
This wasn’t it at all

And now I really actually see
How deep this cave will go

Like the deep end of a pool
I cannot swim at all

Just Breath


Killing For Friday finished recording at Ice House Studios in Wingham Ontario in late March and after much aticipation they released their ep "eyes" on august 10th to a very ecstatic and sold out show at Evolution Night Club.

Some tracks can be heard on the internet via or can be requested on the Moose 106.3 FM.

Set List

Alcoholic Feet
Swim Tests and Cave Paintings
Mirrors with Legs, Falls from Grace