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"Truth Explosion Magazine"

"Such a fresh sound compared to all the other clog out there right now!" - Matthew Parrish

"Mind Fights Hand Review"

“Okay, so straight out of the gate it has to be said that Killing for Friday aren't reinventing the wheel. In fact, many of the most lauded emo clichés can be found here: lower case letters, long song titles ("Lydia You Can't Die, You're Already Dead"), distorted guitars collapsing into pretty, clean, plucked guitar breakdowns — yup, it's all here. But, that said, there are some redeemable qualities. The song structures, while definitely playing with some of their predecessors' tricks, aren't completely run of the mill and frequently surprise with the infusion of an original idea. The tempo also keeps things interesting, being more intense and driving than often allowed in the genre. The vocals of Peter Johnson wail, bark and break under the weight of the songs, creating a sense of catharsis often aimed for but rarely achieved by others. There's a lot to like about this record, if you can get past the preconceived notions of the genre and actually give the disc a chance.” (Independent) - Exclaim! Magazine

""Rolling with the Punches""

“Low odds, long nights and tour mishaps are likely punches to be thrown at a young touring band. Always expected, but not always predictable, these obstacles could easily prove to become roadblocks that stop a band dead in its tracks. But when Killing for Friday chose to take on the relentless, bloodthirsty motto of “on forth!” they made sure to back it up…”
“The response that they’ve been getting about Mind Fights Hand seems to be worth the tough times. “Most comments that people have been making are about it sounding more mature and being able to see the growth we’ve made from our older songs,” said Rob. This is an album that’s packed with more creativity than one might expect when they first pick it up. Being the man behind Killing for Friday’s lyrics, Rob wanted to make this album something that people could think about and enjoy even on levels other than the music. One thing that makes Mind Fights Hand different from most other albums is that when you open it up, you don’t see the lyrics, but rather writing that’s about the lyrics. “We wanted to include more than just the lyrics, so I got to incorporate my writing to make the album more interesting and thought provoking,” said Rob, “it makes it much more of an artwork…”
- Puregrain Audio

"Local band kicks off eastern tour with Battle Creek"

“North Bay’s Killing for Friday rocked the ice off Franklin street as they closed out an outstanding show…Killing For Friday is one of North Bay’s most talented, hardest working bands and Saturday’s show was the kick off to their current tour of Eastern Canada which will see them play shows throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes with Battle Creek.” - Solvent Magazine

"'Mind Fights Hand' Review"

Mind Fights Hand is one hot EP from Canadian band Killing For Friday. The five song disc is full of choruses and hooks so catchy you will not be unable to get them out of your head long after the player has stopped. Killing For Friday’s sound can best be described as a cross between Pop and Punk. A modern rock alternative with scorching guitar solos, bombastic rhythm work and attention-to lyrical hooks that infiltrate the album creating a listener-friendly, high-intensity, compulsively listenable collection of songs.

The disc is well-produced and songs such as "Lydia You can’t Die, You’re Already Dead" and "Relationships With Things That Don’t Exist" are straightforward energetic rockers that should garner the band some much-deserved attention. "Where’s Our Communist?" is the tune that stands out as a personal favorite, not only because of the interesting title but also because it sincerely rocks.

I think my biggest complaint, and it is a small one at that, is that there is just over twenty minutes on this disc and it seems to go by so quick. I no sooner got into the disc when it abruptly ended. I would love to have had more tunes to listen to. Hopefully there is something in the works for another release in the near future.

Overall, fans of the modern rock scene should absolutely eat up this very good disc that will not disappoint the listener and as a matter of fact, will likely find its way into regular rotation in their player. Pick up this album as soon as you can; you will not be disappointed. -


Eyes EP- 2006
Mind fights Hand EP- 2008



Killing for Friday is a tour-hungry band originating from the small town of North Bay, Ontario. Born to combat the staleness of small-town life, Killing for Friday began as an excuse for friends to come together and evolved into something that could only be described as an obvious necessity in the lives of its members.
As a band, they have defined themselves as humble musicians and adopted the simple (and somewhat ridiculous) maxim of “On forth!” to describe their “never throw in the towel” attitude. This attitude has gone on to inevitably help the band through the typical (and no doubt expected) disappointments of touring musicians and instead lead them to simply push harder.
Battling through the loss of two separate lead guitarists over the span of just one year, Killing for Friday was still able to maintain an enviable tour schedule by recruiting fill-ins and patiently enduring long practice times. This schedule included two trips through Canada’s east coast and Ontario and also strings of shows throughout Southern Ontario playing alongside seasoned bands such as: Sydney, Callahan, Ten Second Epic, The Reason, Attack in Black, The Junction, Dead and Divine, and many more.
After a long year of touring and fill-in guitarists, Killing for Friday found themselves in Ottawa, Ontario where they would live and begin to write the new record now known as Mind fights Hand.
With a fourth member still absent, Killing for Friday’s guitarist and vocalist Peter Johnson, took on the hefty role of writing and demoing the entirety of guitars for the new record. Finally, after nearly six months of writing and demoing, the boys headed into their two weeks of recording time at Brampton, Ontario’s BWC studios.
And so, with the aid and expertise of engineer and producer Greg “Gerg” Dawson (Moneen, SelfMadeMan, The End) the five track album Mind fights Hand was finally completed. After a mere two weeks of sleeping in Brampton parking lots, nine hour video game marathons, van breakdowns on coffee runs, and of course many hours of recording, Mind fights Hand became a proud reality for the band.
Killing for Friday now celebrates the return of a full-time guitarist and the release of their new album. Not only is Mind fights Hand an arrival to musical maturity, but an overall well conceived concept blending meticulously constructed music with a thought provoking message.
With a new year, new record and a new guitarist, Killing for Friday plans to break the tour hiatus to once again hit the road harder than ever, earning the respect and ears of one onlooker at a time.