Killing in Apathy

Killing in Apathy

 Austin, Texas, USA


Mixing equal parts of metal, melody, Jack Daniels and Lone Star Beer, Killing in Apathy has a sound that’s brutal yet still approachable and catchy.

After forming in 2004 and evolving throughout the years, Killing in Apathy has come full circle and has seized a secure and noticeable position in the Texas metal scene. With an almost non-stop show schedule, exponential growth of their fanbase, and the release of their first full-length album, 2010 has proven to be their best and busiest year thus far.

2011 is sure to be even better and big things are definitely on the horizon for Killing in Apathy. Make sure to stay tuned, and most importantly, prepare to go balls deep...


"Last Man Standing", LP - Released December 2009

"That Which is Lost", Single - Currently playing on 101.X KROX's No Control Radio

Set List

Varies per show.