Killing Industry

Killing Industry

 Austin, Texas, USA

If the Police decided to venture into indie rock a la Dismemberment Plan, Killing Industry would be the colorful result. A tight rhythm section coupled with powerful guitars will provide a live experience that should not be missed.


Sam Berniard and Chad Gowan, later joined by Mark Hammett and Jason Harrison, started Killing Industry in the summer of 2006. The four members have played in various projects together in the past, and share a common goal of making music from the soul. Their set draws upon a wide range of influences from the Police to the Dismemberment Plan. Berniard’s songs share a common theme of driving backbeats, reggae influenced syncopation and soaring melodies in a convenient indie rock package.


Will Never See The Light - June 1st, 2009
Available on CD and online download through Bandcamp