Our music is a blend of the 80's new wave - rock scene with the present vibes. From Depeche Mode to Massive Attack and from THe Cure to Evanescence.


In 2007 Stavros and Eve started writing songs.
From out of nowhere,the music press of Greece got interested,and there was 4 participations in Cd collections,radio airplays,Tv interviews and last but not least a big support gig in front of 2000 people November 2008 in Thessaloniki.
The road's up ahead.Everything spinned round real fast for us,in the past couple of years.


Say Goodbye

Written By: Killinnosense

This could be our last night
Turn and hold me tight
I'll leave all my fears behind
What I keep in my mind
Is just the things I can't find
I know I will see you sometime
What if I could speak
With no worries at all
What if I had wings
With no blue sky above
Don't wanna see you cry
I wanna see you smile
Don't wanna see you cry
I only want to say goodbye...
Tears like raindrops
Blood like wine
They 'll pour to my body tonight
See the lines becoming clear
All the pain I "ll never feel
As time numbs me by...


Nothing to feel _ City Campers collection (cd collection along with "Sonik" magazine ,issue of November 2007, 15000 copies)

Hope departed _ Audiobook cd collection

Escape _ Coca Cola Soundwave 2 Final Round of Competition (still running on January 2009)

Matters Most E.P. _ Summer rain Recordings - 4 track E.P)

Nothing to feel airplays on various greek radio stations of Thessaloniki/Athens.

Mad TV / Makedonia Tv coverage of Coca Cola Gig in Thessaloniki with interviewing.

Omega Tv "hurt" cover video.

Set List

The set list consists of 13 of our songs (almost an hour) and several covers. The covers are almost an hour long,more than 10 songs and are vary from Death in Vegas, Massive attack and Radiohead to Depeche Mode, New order ,Tanita Tikaram and more.