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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Eagle's Nest Jam 2003"

"The grand finale of the night was Killjay. Killjay was awesome. They rocked us hard with their original style of hard rock music and got us primed and ready for the Wet T-shirt contest. After the contest was over, Killjay returned and rocked out until the end of The Eagle's Nest Jam." - Southern Biker Magazine


July 2004- ”Suffocating”, #125 out of 749 in hard rock, worldwide.


August 2004- No. 8 on Mississippi’s top 10.


"Kinda reminds me of Tool. LOVE the groove feel to this tune. Charge the Camaro up to 110 km/hr, and RIDE!! Great tune!! The guitar is right friggin on. Chunk-chunk-chunk. Good stuff. Tool meets Alice in Chains."

-Review of "Suffocating" - sithshark (New Brunswick, Canada)

"WSMS 99.9"

"This local band won't be local much longer so you need to come check them out!" - Savage (Radio station DJ)


"Cool slow hard rock. Amazing harmonies. very toolesque. The riffs are excellent. very edgy, but yet inviting. I really like the vocals though. The patterns are great. It is nice to hear someone wail once in a while. The bridge is a nice break in the song. When the song comes back in, it is really insane!!!!!!! I didn't see that one comin. sick...absolute hard rock like it should be!!"

-Review of "1948" - sendinthelions (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)


"Great guitars; the sound is awesome. The vocals aren't bad either, definitely a treat away from what I've been listening to for the last hour or so. It's good to hear someone with some talent. The only advice I can give you is to keep producing music. Great job, you guys."

-Review of "1948" - Distantlover (Indian Trail, North Carolina)


"Killjay is by far the cream of the crop in the local music scene. Their fan base grows every time they hit the stage. There are several reasons why I have chosen them as "Band of the Month" for July. If you want to know the reasons, just go and check them out live!" - Bobby Plaxico

"WMSV 91.1"

"Killjay is definitely one of the best up and coming bands in this area" - Angela ( "Home Grown" Show DJ)

"ASC Guitars"

"Killjay is an amazing band and I'm glad ASC Guitars is a proud sponsor." - Dee Hoyt


EP- Self Titled. Released in November of 2002
LP- Something More. Released June 1st, 2004. The song's recieving the most airplay are: 1948, Find My Way and Suffocating.
LP- The Sound of the Deafening Silence. To be released in late July. Songs already recieving airplay are: The Nothing, Voices in the Dark, The Darkest Hour


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from the small town of Amory, Ms, Killjay has the daunting task of bringing hard rock music to a region that is dominated by country and gospel. Dark, heavy, melodic, and energized are just a few of the words that could be used to describe the music that has made the band a local and regional favorite. Though they have drawn influence from decades of musical styles, their form of pure, powerful and raw rock & roll has a style all of it’s own. From in your face, brooding rock, to heartfelt melodies, Killjay has something to offer every music listener.

The story of Killjay began in the summer of 2001 with a group of friends that had originally intended to get together and play music just for fun. After a short period of writing and playing together they began to gain a small fan base and starting playing live. After a year or so of playing house parties, field parties, and small clubs, they decided to start playing regionally at larger venues. Now with an even larger fan base Killjay has evolved into a band that thrives on writing and performing new and interesting music. Every time the band takes the stage their experience and originality sets a tone that is always sure to draw attention. The musical influences that build the foundation of their music consists of a wide variety of Rock-n-Roll that spans over several decades. They draw influence from classic rock bands such as Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper to modern day rock acts such as Bush and Staind. Killjay likes to cover music that the crowd can relate to, and also originals that reflect their own style of music. Their originals are constructed of heavy melodic rhythm, deep bass lines, hard hitting drum beats, creative leads, and mind expanding lyrics.

In May of 2004, Killjay went to Holly House recording studio and recorded their first full length album with producer Clyde Holly. Clyde is best known for his work with such bands as 3 Doors Down, 12 Stones, and Atomship. The album was released in June of 2004 and has already gained them local and regional radio airplay and endorsements. The band hopes that the album will spark record label interest in the near future.