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"Tell Me Now"

aaahh, the love song. this song kicks, i love all the vocals guitars and bass. you guys put on a good act, i love the chords and progression you guys use, the break down also kicks. if you guys played a local show i would definatly attend it. i think you guys are on your way to awesomeness.
- insomniac425000 from Gainesville, Florida

"A Step Above No One"

Killjoy is a punk rock band from Long Beach, California. Their music is energetic and entertaining, and their take on the punk genre is refreshingly unique. On their album "A Step above No One," Killjoy brings life, love, anger, rebellion, and absurdity to the listener.
The album "A Step above No One" is nothing short of entertaining. The entire album has an overall playful, smartass feel that is usually what is expected when listening to a punk album. The lyrics were creative and humorous, and at times profound. They did not disappoint in delivering a traditional "in your face," rebellious punk album, but they also added their own distinct flavor to the genre.
"Let Them Die", was one of the strongest tracks on the album, with an outstanding depiction of conformity, and the desire to be as far from that conformity as possible. The lyrics were memorable, shocking, and hilarious. It is one of those songs one could not easily forget.
"F. Y. R." was another track that stood out on the album. It was unexpected and entertaining. Listening to this song gave the listener the feeling of being mocked by a young obnoxious child. It felt lighthearted and absurd. Every punk album should have a song with these criteria.
Overall, Killjoy creatively and successfully put together a punk rock album filled with the entire attitude one would expect from any punk rocker. Each song brought something different and interesting to the listener, while still maintaining that fast pace punk feel. This album is definitely recommended to anyone looking for a good time.
- Tim Staump


Bad Reception-1998
22 Minuets You'll Never Get Back-2001
If We Were Midgets We'd Be Huge-2002
A Step Above No One-March 2008



Killjoy formed in 1997 cutting their collective "rock" teeth on bad renditions of Nirvana covers and shamefully imitating aforementioned band with their own tunes. As their ability to cream jeans grew, they honed their skill and built an impressive local fan base. They got on a few good radio stations and featured on a few independent films. Before inevitable world domination could be put in to play they disbanded in 2002 to pursue some alternate personal ventures. After realizing that highschool didn't last forever and the world couldn't make it without them, they reformed in 2006 adding a handsome new guitarist, a little wiser, worse livers, and a stronger determination. Killjoy coming out of Long Beach are playing all over southern california. They have been featured on KROQ and the Punk Rock Demonstration. They have just released an independent record "A Step Above No One" which was met with raving reviews from critics. I know what you're thinking. "Too good to be true". Also when together there is a 45% chance that they could beat up your dad. According to the Fame Game on ABC radio 7 out of 10 teenagers approve!