Kill Man Ten

Kill Man Ten


Kill Man Ten are a three piece outfit from Wicklow. Sick of listening to the usual shit coming out of the music scene we decided to see if we could do any better. Our style varies from hard rock to blues driven riffs.


Kill Man Ten are a three piece Rock/Blues outfit from Wicklow. The band formed two years ago and have spent the past year developing their sound whils't recording there debut album "Come On In" in Westland studios alongside Dave Slevin. A totaly independent venture they also created their own record label K.M.T. Records and will be releasing the album accross Ireland soon. The band plan to promote the album with a string of dates accross the country and are looking forward to the up coming performances. The band have recently played such venues as Katie Gallaghers, Dolans warehouse in Limerick and The Quays in Galway.


K.M.T. Can be heard on

Set List

K.M.T. DONT do covers
1. Bulletproof.
2. Undertow.
3. Somethings gonna happen.
4. Mystery.
5. Sonic Recipe.
6. Raptor valve.
7. Waiting game.
8. Take me where you go.
9. Full Circle.
10. Head Up.
11. Liquid.
12. Gimme A Time.
13. All in a day.
14. Jet Wave.
15. Stay.
16. You Got Me.
17. Broadway.
18. Pray 4 Me.
19. The Tango Of Seb And Dazz.
20. The Last Laugh.
21. East Coast Groove.
22. Truck Stop.