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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | INDIE
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"Local Bands Cover Rock Legends at Embassy"

By the time KillNancy was brought on board to round out the lineup for the concert, guitarist Mike Archbold noticed the ’60s and ’70s were covered with Black Sabbath and ’90s and 2000s with Tool and Alice and Chains.

“The Decade of Decadence was the only span not represented,” Archbold says.

So Archbold and his bandmates decided to cover Def Leppard, best known for hits from the 1980s such as “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Rock of Ages.” And covering such music proved more than difficult, says Archbold, who noted two of his favorite albums are Def Leppard’s “Pyromania” and “Hysteria.”

“Musically, they are more sophisticated than I think people give them credit for, with odd changes and more of a progressive, yet melodic, approach to changes and bridging,” he says.

Plus, there are the vocals.

“Leppard is very vocal, so we weren’t just going to skate by with some scream-o tunes,” Archbold continued. “We have a top-notch lead vocalist in Jason Miller, but even he was having to stretch it a little to hit (Def Leppard lead singer) Joe Elliot on the ‘Pyromania’ tunes.” - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

"Down the Line: Hard Chord"

Mike Archbold of KillNancy, who will play Def Leppard, agreed with Wyant’s approach. “There have been two challenges we have faced [since accepting the Down the Line invitation]. First was choosing which songs to play. Def Leppard have such a huge catalog of hits. Of course, Hysteria is by far their biggest album, so we had to keep ourselves from just choosing too many tunes from that album. So, we picked half of our tunes from Pyromania and half from Hysteria, which is a good representation of their biggest hits from the 80s, their decade of decadence. “The second challenge has been performing the songs. Leppard tunes, while pretty straightforward in regard to riffing and chord structure, are very nuanced. Drummer Rick Allen has an extremely unconventional approach to the drums. Even his tunes on Pyromania before he had the accident and lost his arm have proven tricky. Leppard [are] also a very vocal band. Some of the backing vocals have been tricky, and Joe Elliot’s leads are tough to hit, especially on
some of the Pyromania tunes, but these have been challenges that we have embraced. I know that I have enjoyed the experience.” - Whatzup Magazine

"KillNancy 2011 Best New Performer"

There’s no other way to say this. The guys from KillNancy are killing it. The proof was in not only their Whammy win for Best New Performer, but also in their set on Whammy night when they opened the show with covers of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and Godsmack’s “Crying Like a Bitch.”
That’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to KillNancy’s eclectic mix. These hard rockers aren’t afraid to throw a Bruno Mars or Marvin Gaye or Michael Jackson song sandwiched in between Billy Idol and Guns N’ Roses. If variety is indeed the spice of life, KillNancy could put McCormick clean out of business.
People who have a problem with that just might be Nancys. Here’s how the band put it on their Facebook page: “Nancy makes no apologies for packing dance floors, selling truckloads of liquor and basically gettin’ a whole lotta’ booty shakin’ goin’ on. If you don’t like it, well ... you’re in the minority. KN ain’t yo’ average run-o-the-mill FW cover band. Recognize.”
Guitarist Mike Archbold elaborated. “Most people have responded to our music with a lot of enthusiasm,” he said. “They love it. It’s our niche. Some people are weirded out by it, I guess, but the overwhelming response from fans and clubs has been very positive.”
Feel free to ask KillNancy to play your favorite song; just don’t ask them who Nancy is and why they want to kill her. They’re sort of tired of answering that question.
“I think that now we’ve finally gigged in enough places that people know us more for our music than for our name,” said guitarist Greg Titzer. “At first it was all, ‘Who’s Nancy and what did she do to you that made you want to kill her?’ Now it’s, ‘When can you guys play here next?’ That’s a nice change.”
Another nice change is how often they’re getting those calls. One call they were particularly happy to receive came from Piere’s where they were asked to take the stage on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, which also happens to coincide with guitarist Greg Titzer’s 44th birthday. When the group came together in 2009, playing at Piere’s was one the band’s main goals, and with the Whammy set under their belts and the St. Patty’s Day gig inked on the calendar, it’s clear that these guys – Titzer, Archbold, Jason Miller (vocals), Scott Jackson (bass) and John Tingley (drums) – can pretty much achieve anything they set out to.
The brain child of Rosemary Gates members Tingley, Archbold and Jackson, the idea was to be a hard-rock cover outfit. The aesthetic fit that of original frontman Jeff Conn of Downbreed and Shunned fame, but when Conn left for Indianapolis and Miller came on board, he brought with him an R&B sensibility that the other guys found contagious and fun. He also had a number of national contacts, thanks to his hit song, “Sucker for Love,” and time on the Konvict record label. It’s no mystery as to why the charismatic Miller might have the ability to steer the band in another direction. He swings his pocket chain in Piere’s on Whammy night and a hurricane brews in Asia. He’s got star power, is what we’re saying.
“You’re up there with a bunch of guys who’ve been doing this for a long time, so you can always anticipate what they’re going to do next,” said Titzer. “Everyone knows exactly where they are, what the next move is, so you can just relax, have fun, and watch the ladies dancing the night away while the drinks flow and everyone’s having a great time.”
KillNancy came out on top in the Best New Performer category over Timber!!, Hannah Bushong, Argonaut and Heartbeat City.
“It’s a real honor to be recognized by your peers for the music you make,” said Jackson. “That’s really one of the highest honors there is.”
by Deborah Kennedy

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"Local Supergroups Gear Up"

by Nick Braun - Whatzup Magazine 3/4/10

You can think of them as supergroups, side-projects or a new start, but whatever the case may be many musicians make the decision to come together to create something fresh. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a local or national level; musicians forge styles for a unique and satisfying experience that perhaps they couldn’t quite find in their previous act. Cream, The Traveling Wilburys, Damn Yankees, Audioslave and Velvet Revolver are just a few of these so-called supergroups.

Locally, there are a couple of acts currently looking to make a new name for themselves. One is KillNancy. This band is comprised of some well-known musicians who’ve been pleasing our ears for quite some time. The core of KillNancy is vocalist Jeff Conn, formerly of Downbreed and Shunned; guitarist Michael Archbold and drummer John Tingley of Rosemary Gates; guitarist Greg Titzer, formerly of The Migraines and Scream Machine; and bassist Scott “Fish” Jackson, formerly of Rosemary Gates, Moodswing and Sorry Losers Freak Club. Right now the band’s setlist is chock full of covers, but they’re
considering writing their own stuff in the future.

“During practice our main focus is working on covers, but we tend to jam on original material from time to time,” said Conn. “Time will tell with how that turns out, but right now we’re just eager to add more covers to our catalog and play out as much as we can.”

So if you’re in the mood for some Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Theory of a Deadman, Nickelback and Billy Idol, then this is the supergroup for you. - Whatzup Magazine

"KillNancy Announces New Lead Vocalist"

Konvict Recording Artist Takes Front Man Reigns
Konvict Muzik Artist Jason Miller

KillNancy is excited to announce that national recording artist Jason Miller (Konvict Musik Label) has joined the band as its lead vocalist, ending weeks of speculation regarding the band’s future. Guitarist Michael Archbold states, “This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for all of us musically or professionally.”
Following the unexpected departure of former front man Jef Conn, the band turned immediately inward to assess their options. “Jason was the first name that popped in my head. (KillNancy Drummer) John (Tingley) and I know Jason from back in the club days. We gave him a call and ended up talking for two hours straight,” said guitarist Greg Titzer. “It turns out that Jason had just arrived back in town fresh off tour with the Baja Men. He said he had recently been considering a change from the solo R&B scene for something more engaging and energetic. Everything started falling in place from there,” added Titzer.
Jason Miller is an R&B artist signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik and responsible for such hits as “Sucker 4 Love” featuring Akon, “S.E.X.” featuring Snoop Dogg, and “Supermodel.” He has toured with such acts as Baja Men, Keith Sweat, Trina, Akon, Snoop Dogg, and LMFAO. Miller states, “I want to thank everyone who has supported my solo career. It was a dream come true having signed to Akon’s Konvict Musik Label to do ‘Sucker 4 Love.’ I will always be with Konvict! But I hope you will check out and support KillNancy as we start this rise through Indiana. It’s going to be big!” Adds Miller, “The seed for this change was planted months ago when I did a big band performance at the Grand Wayne Center Gala here in Fort Wayne hosted by (local media personality) Terra Brantley. I loved the band vibe. I loved the interaction among the musicians. I had forgotten how much I loved performing as a unit working in harmony together with a group of guys.”
KillNancy, a local “super group” of sorts, is the brainchild of guitarists Michael Archbold and Greg Titzer and drummer John Tingley. A grouping of musicians from some of the most storied and popular music groups in Northeast Indiana, KillNancy is comprised of current and former members of bands including Rosemary Gates, the Migraines, Scream Machine, FYI, and Jacob’s Well. Drummer John Tingley states, “Mike and I had been talking about a project like this for a while where a group of seasoned muscians get together to see what happens. This is a group of guys that have combined decades of recording and touring experience.” Archbold adds, “Initially, we intended to get together and just play hard rock covers on the side. As we grew and began to play out, we decided to go in more of a ‘variety rock’ direction; it’s just the way things flowed and we went with it. With that new focus, our fan base has grown by leaps and bounds. The band now boasts the most ecclectic and energetic live show in the region.”
Titzer states, “Things have been going so well over the last year that we have been looking more seriously at original music. We currently have 15+ originals laid down. With the addition of Jason to the lineup, we are going to be going full on in that direction in the coming months.” Miller adds, “The band has dates booked through the rest of 2011. We will be taking our summer tour dates to play out and gel as a unit. Once fall hits, we will be taking to the recording studio to lay these tracks down and REALLY show this scene what we have to offer.” Bassist Scott Jackson adds, “We’re excited to see what this blend of musical styles will produce… the pop rock grooves of KillNancy married to the smooth R&B sounds of Jason Miller. It is going to be a thing of beauty.”
The band’s first performance with Jason will be Saturday, May 28, at Columbia Street West in Fort Wayne. The band will then take to the road stopping at Lake Wawasee and Indianapolis, IN, before making its way back to the Fort Wayne area in July. Find information on the band including their 2011 tour schedule on the Web at The band can also be found on Facebook and MySpace. Call 260-579-1516 for booking information.

KillNancy is:
Jason Miller VOCALS
Scott Jackson BASS
John Tingley DRUMS
Greg Titzer GUITARS
Michael Archbold GUITARS
1351 W Sherwood Terrace
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
p. 260-579-1516
s. - KillNancy - King James records


By Deborah Kennedy

I must admit that as I drove to the east side of town to meet the members of one of Fort Wayne’s newest and most buzzed about bands, I felt a slight twinge of unease. My name is not Nancy, but I couldn’t help but wonder who Nancy was and what she’d done to make five seemingly nice guys want to kill her.

KillNancy drummer John “Bon” Tingley cleared matters up for me, albeit only slightly.

“Everybody has a Nancy in their life,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what you call her. You know a Nancy when you meet her.”

So Nancy will have to remain a bit of a mystery for now. Much less mysterious is how the members of KillNancy got together. It all went down in 2009 when Tingley and his fellow Rosemary Gates members Mike Archbold (lead guitar) and Scott “Fish” Jackson (bass) decided that, while still quite happy to be cranking out original rock with RG, they’d also like to explore their harder sides. To this end they recruited former Scream Machine guitarist Greg “The Hammer” Titzer and accomplished frontman Jef Conn (of Downbreed and Shunned), and a new kind of band was born.

“We started out mainly doing hard rock covers,” said Archbold. “Hinder, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, that kind of thing. And then one night we decided, ‘Why not throw in some stuff by The Script or Michael Jackson?’ It happened by accident mostly, and people loved it. We loved it too.”

Like most relationships, the love lasted a little over a year. Two months ago Conn moved to Indianapolis. The guys of KillNancy were faced with a choice – dissolve without a fight as so many do or start searching for a new frontman?

To Titzer, the choice was an easy one.

“When you put as much hard work into a project as we had into this band, you don’t give up just like that,” he said. “There isn’t a weak link in this band. I couldn’t let it go.”

So Titzer began an exhaustive search for a lead singer, combing through Facebook, MySpace and his memory, hoping to find the right guy for the job. He found Jason Miller.

Many know Miller for his work as an R&B solo artist and his breakout hit “Sucker for Love.” Miller, a native of Huntington, has paired up with such R&B and hip-hop heavy hitters as Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. He’s currently signed to the incredibly bankable Konvict label which represents Lady Gaga, T-Pain and other artists who rake in insane amounts of cash while on stilt shoes, boats or some combination of the two.

So why would Miller want to come back to Indiana and join a hard rock cover band? The answer is simple. He too had lost the love. He’d grown disillusioned with the R&B, hip-hop thug stereotype, and he’d grown weary of going solo. He longed to be a part of a band and to have fun making music again.

And, having met most of the members of KillNancy years ago when he was still part of the Fort Wayne scene, he decided to at least talk out a possible future with them.

The first meeting was, according to Archbold, better than anyone could have dreamed.

“We really hardly knew each other at all, but it was like old friends getting together,” he said.

Miller agreed.

“They didn’t have to beg me to join or anything. They didn’t have to front for me. These guys are amazing musicians. I mean, absolutely amazing. They don’t need me up there singing for them. They’re incredible all by themselves, but I wanted to be a part of what they were doing. Just listening to them warm up made me excited about doing music again.”

For all the talk of excitement and love, the men from KillNancy are seasoned musicians who know how fickle the industry can be. Archbold still remembers exactly how he felt when he got a call from Universal Records back in 2000. Rosemary Gates were at their height, getting radio play for singles like “Free” and “Shining Rain,” and their big break seemed almost guaranteed. Then September 11 arrived and the record companies stopped calling.

“It seems clichéd to say it, but that’s really what happened,” said Archbold. “We went from talking to folks at Universal and Elektra and Atlantic to nothing. To silence.”

Tingley and Titzer likewise have seen their fair share of record deals melt away. One was even stolen from them, literally, when robbers broke into their rehearsal space and took off with all of the equipment their new label had purchased for them. Perhaps it’s their experience and wide knowledge of the biz that keeps the guys’ goals for KillNancy on the somewhat modest side. They’re taking the fall to gel as a band, and only after they feel really solid will they start working in earnest on their roughly 18-strong set of originals. They’re also planning to play out both locally and regionally, understanding that they need support at home before they can spread their wings. If you want to hear them rock out, they’ll be at Columbia Street West Saturday, May 28, The Frog in Syracuse June 10, Skip’s Party Place in Angola July 8-9 and Rehab in Indianapolis on July 15.

And what about after that, I wondered? Are we talking tour buses and groupies and a time when we’ll be saying we saw them kill when? But a fog of mystery seemed to fall on the room again.

“Only Nancy knows,” whispered Miller.

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"Rosemary Gates: Shine"

by Lisa Barber

As a recent addition to the Whatzup staff, I have been introduced to many new things, some of which should go unspoken of, and anyhow are inconsequential to this review. Another is the introduction to new music.

Several have gone unnoticed in the harried atmosphere of day-to-day life here at world headquarters ... which may inadvertently say something for the music itself. Others have been inflicted upon me like the flu I hope to avoid all winter. I have endured marathons of the Barenaked Ladies, hours of the always uplifting Neil Young, and Ben Folds Five (on this day particularly, I was not feeling enlightened ó musically or otherwise). However, the obvious rewards in such a diverse musical atmosphere are the treasures you wait for, such as the recent Van Morrison/Lewis collaboration, Sleepy LaBeefe's unconventional efforts and David Todoran's brilliant Americana that I have grown to love so much. And although these treasures are welcomed, it is also natural for us as human beings to revert to what we know. Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, my musical tastes lean toward the comparatively radical here at Whatzup. It has been many a time that the plug has been pulled on my beloved Ozzy. I plead for Creed, Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band without any sympathy from the boss. After all, along with my future, Mr. Whatzup also holds complete control of the five-CD changer.

Back to introductions. My introduction to Rosemary Gates was this past summer at a private party. The local celebrities for whom I have so often composed ads were everywhere. I was extremely impressed by each performer who took the stage. In my days of running Fort Wayne, this type of original talent was unheard of. But when Rosemary Gates started their set, I was mesmerized. The band's professionalism, in the less-than-ideal weather conditions, and their commitment to the crowd were enough to capture one's heart. But as the set progressed it became quickly obvious that this was no typical cover band trying to please a crowd. They were live, they were original and they were outstanding. So it is no accident that my debut as a reviewer coincides with the release of the Rosemary Gates debut CD Shine. I chose them.

When Shine was finally brought to the office, I couldn't wait to hear it. My patience paid off. There, bouncing off the walls of Whatzup World Headquarters, were essences of all the afore-mentioned bands that move me. An entrancing balance of my eclectic tastes satisfied by one band. I was hooked.

The vocal spectrum is phenomenal. Christian Schult's utterances are among the most sensual and intoxicating I have ever heard. Like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, they speak to me as if several voices are calling to me at once. His performance on "Horses" in particular is haunting and sent chills through me. His versatility, displayed magnificently on "Free," makes him instantly captivating. You just want to listen to him. Period.

The musical offerings are equally as impressive. Guitars ó electric and acoustic ó harmonicas, drums and a bass that make you want to get up and go somewhere ... and take this CD with you. Each instrument is played to a degree that reaches sheer excitement. Each is played like these boys were born with one in their hands.

Although the lyrics may be undecipherable to the first-time listener, it is unimportant. You like them anyway. I promise after your second listen you can understand and relate to them - with the exception of the lyrics to "Burn" ("She blows it in/ and she sucks me down"), which I am still working on because I like the sound. Okay, I didn't promise you will relate to them all, but I can promise you'll want to listen a second time.

Shine also includes the already local favorite "Shining Rain" ... and I will not look at a rainy day the same, nor shall I neglect to pass this wisdom to my friends. There's a cover of "Rosemary," written by Lenny Kravitz (and from which the band took half its name), played with the passion I'm sure was intended. And there's a personal favorite, "Brotherman," which I now find my self humming when the CD isn't handy. And there's a funked-up surprise at the end appropriately named "Rewind," which is what you'll want to do.

Produced here in Fort Wayne by Soundmill Studios, Shine sounds as good as any CD that I own. And the art Nathan Fast created, with the help of Justin Vaughn's photography, makes it look just as good on my shelf.

From here on out during my dreary days at World HQ, my plea will be for Creed, Pearl Jam, the Dave Matthews Band ... and Rosemary Gates. With Mr. Whatzup's affirmed appreciation for RG in writing, I might just get an occasional thrill.

The official release of Shine is scheduled for Saturday, October 28 at Columbia Street West. It is gritty, sensitive, funky (yeah, yeah) ... exactly what you've been waiting for. It will be available at the release party and after the show becomes available at all Wooden Nickel, Sam Goody, On Cue and Border's Bookstore locations.

Visit the official Rosemary Gates web site for more information at

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"Rosemary Gates: Super Re-Group"

By Jen Reinking (10/26/00)

Good things come to those who wait.

While moms everywhere claim this truthful cliché as their own, no one knows that reality better than Rosemary Gates, a band which has survived numerous personnel changes and a sporadic schedule of gigs over the past four years to become one of Fort Wayne's favorite bands. With their vibrant live mix of catchy pop hooks and all-out jams, fans have waited impatiently for Jerry, B-Funk, James, Mike and Chris to release a full-length follow-up to their EP, Shining Rain.

Well, guess what, kiddos? That wait is over.

Shine, the answer to all RG fans' prayers, is a 12-volume journey into an eclectic world where radio pop, classic rock, grunge and folky acoustic blend peacefully and without pretension. Produced by the boys themselves and recorded at the highly respected and totally digital Soundmill Studios under the engineering of Neal Parnin and Wil Putt, the album not only features crowd favorites like "Shining Rain" and "Fallen," but also a soulful rendition of Lenny Kravitz's modern classic, "Rosemary." Most of the songs were written prior to the group's self-proclaimed "rebirth" in 1998 and were penned by different inter-band combinations of lyricists and composers.

The boys spared neither time nor money in the studio to get the end result for the album they know they were capable of producing and that their die-hard fans expect. Lead singer Chris Schult commented, "Let's just say we put Wil on his Harley! Actually, it took us a year and a half to record. We went in with the mentality that we were not going to think about the money portion of it. If it took one take or a hundred takes to get it right, we were going to do it until it was how we wanted it. That's how we approached it, and that is why we got the quality recording that we did."

Still, actually reaching the point of creating a masterful album like Shine has been more than just an issue of money and time. RG have seen themselves in different incarnations, but always with the same drive and vision that show in such a professional presentation as Shine.

The band originally began in 1996 when high school buds James Stocks and Jason Sheets met up with Christian Schult while at college in Muncie. The group started out playing acoustic gigs at frat parties and the like and continued to do so. It was at one of those gigs that the boys met up with an old friend, Jerry Foust, who happened to be a drummer. Not long after, Rosemary Gates became a reality when former Lost Cause bassist Scott Jackson joined. The band started playing different venues and building a strong group of followers for about a year.

Still, just like a Behind the Music episode always shows us, life in a band cannot always be a dream. Rosemary Gates had their wake-up call not long after the band had truly come into its own. Founding member Jason Sheets moved to Ohio and Chris decided to move to Washington to become a forester. With two pivotal members gone, it looked as if the band's days were numbered. Still, Stocks and Faust refused to give up, writing songs and seemingly anticipating a miracle, which did eventually happen.

In July of 1998, Christian called from Washington, saying he was ready to get back to Indiana and to Rosemary Gates. Jackson joined back up, bringing with him his friend and fellow Lost Cause bandmate Mike Archbold, but there was to still be one more major personnel change. In March of this year, founding member Jackson decided to pursue his academic career, leaving bass duties to local music scene veteran Bryan "B-Funk" Bankson, formerly of Gypsy Circus, making the journey to the present complete and the road to the future promising.

Since regrouping, Rosemary Gates have released Shining Rain, an EP containing both a studio version of "Shining Rain" and live versions of "Proud" and "Rewind," all of which have been reworked on the new LP. They have also opened for bands as diverse as Blessid Union of Souls in Nashville and Bachman Turner Overdrive in Fort Wayne, along with playing smaller gigs with local bands, including their personal favorites, Abraham.

Shine starts as many of Rosemary Gates shows do ó drawing the listener in to a dreamy world where those who close their eyes and listen can be transported, losing themselves in their own soul. The opening track, "Fallen," takes all within earshot back to the early 1990s, when great early alternative bands were busting out of the Northwest with lyrics that not only seemed to be open to individual interpretation, but also unified people in a strange spirituality that knows no race or religion. With "angry rock" saturating the airwaves the past few years, songs with the musical sensitivity of electric acoustics, as in "Fallen," are as much a breath of fresh air as the Seattle sound was 10 years ago.

The second track, "Brotherman," deals with the human desire to find a deeper meaning in life. Written by Schult, the song's message deals with using help from other people to help guide us through. Flowing with harmonicas and Dylanesque pleas ("Brotherman, will you take me to the promised land/ Sistergirl, will you show me your world/ Preacherman, will you take me by the hand/ And did you know there really is no perfect world"), the song manages to pull off the seemingly contradictory gruff vocals and rock guitar solo blended with an acoustic foundation, a feat pulled off numerous times on the album.

"Rosemary," the only song on the album not penned by the band, may seem

to be an unusual track for the collection, considering that RG have plenty of their own tunes that they could have recorded. However, the placement of this track on the disc has a lot more to do with the band than the fact that it is a song that can often be heard in their live performances. "The band was originally called The Gates, a reference to Dante's Inferno, a poem about Dante's journey through hell and, eventually, to heaven. The band quickly became Rosemary Gates at the first live performance, when Stocks introduced the band as such," explained RG guitarist Archbold. "Rosemary was just a Lenny Kravitz cut everyone liked. Plus, the name just sounded cool," he says.

Many of the songs on the album show just how much a team effort Rosemary Gates puts into everything they do. One of the newer songs on Shine, "Innocence," is a perfect example of how the longer the band is together, the more of a family they become. Penned by Archbold, the song was, in his own words, "built from the ground up. I had the ideas for the song, but sonically, the band took it to new heights. Melodically, Chris gave it the power punch it needed to convey the message."

Rosemary Gates' new baby, Shine, will premiere this Saturday, October 28 at Columbia Street with a live show and CD release party. Upcoming dates include November 10 at Broadripple, November 14 at Bill's Bistro and a Christmas party December 23 at the Dash-In.

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"Myth & Judgment - Rosemary Gates"

by Jason Hoffman

The fates have not been kind to Rosemary Gates. Five years ago this decade-old group of veterans sold through two pressings of their debut release, Shine, had successful singles on local radio and saw rising attendance at shows both local and otherwise – not to mention a number of labels eyeballing the band for their ability to “move units.” Call it capricious public tastes or the effect of the events of 9-11, but nothing ever came together. Time off was taken, with a few members finding other priorities, but now Rosemary Gates are back with Myth & Judgment, determined to leave their mark upon the local, regional and national music scenes.

The result is sure to please patient fans and win new converts. Both the opening and closing tracks set an atmospheric scene, with moody instrumental jams woven with spoken word audio clips. “Gnosis” breaks the spell with monstrously energetic riffs that quickly subside to a sultry verse which eventually gives way to a passage of symphonic strings christened with a Middle-Eastern melody. The sibling to “Gnosis” is “People,” an emotion-packed song that grows from a whisper to epic proportions, layering strings in a most masterful way. Although its six-minute length may make it difficult for some to digest, it is definitely worth the investment. “Home Again” is much shorter but no less enthralling, being as it is a delightful mix of chunky guitars, two-part vocal harmonies and a dark but delicious melody.

Despite their thorough knowledge of hard rock, Rosemary Gates know the importance of appealing to the gentler gender. To that end they include a nice share of power ballads in the vein of Creed, Seal or Dave Matthews Band. “Broken Waves” is a modern rock ballad full of bright tones, layered vocals and a melody that would easily find a home on the radio, while “You” is nearly acoustic with sparse, clean guitars and hand percussion set amidst a swirling sea of hypnotic, flowing vocals that are guaranteed to make knees melt. In “Lady” the band pulls out all the romantic stops, delivering a passionate ode custom designed to get bodies slowly swaying to the gentle beat, all the while maintaining a smooth and appealing melody.

Myth & Judgment is a true product of Fort Wayne, with recording done at Ozone Recording Company, at the bands' home studio and at Sweetwater Sound, who also added the final polish to make the album sonically equal with anything put out by national labels. With songs of such high quality and a definite appeal for people of all gender persuasions, it’s only a matter of time before lightening strikes twice. On December 8 Rosemary Gates will be celebrating the release of Myth & Judgment at Columbia Street West, with performances by the band and special guest Sfumato. Be there to see the genesis of the myth or be judged.

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"From stardom's cusp and back - Rosemary Gates steering career"

By Steve Penhollow; The Journal Gazette
Published: October 12, 2007 6:00 a.m.

Rosemary Gates.

Easily one of the most popular rock bands in Fort Wayne music history.

Even people who have never heard the band perform know the name.

Six years ago, Rosemary Gates seemed poised to make that rare leap from the Summit City to national prominence. No fewer than 13 major labels were courting the band.

“J Records offered us a farm club deal,” guitarist Michael Archbold says. “That's where they market you regionally and you play the clubs and you build a following and if everything goes OK, they sign you nationally.

“And we said, ‘We don't need that,' ” he recalls. “Universal's calling, Epic's calling, Atlantic's calling.”

Then 9/11 happened.

“It stopped,” Archbold says. “All the calls stopped.”

“Yeah, but the whole world stopped,” bassist Bryan “B-Funk” Bankson offers.

“We're not bitter about it, of course,” Archbold says. “It is what it is.”

Rosemary Gates, performing Oct. 20 at Legends Sports Bar, has taken several hiatuses and lost a couple of members since then.

Throughout 2005, the band went into the attic of lead singer Christian Schult and hammered out its second full-length album, “Myth and Judgment.”

“We locked ourselves in Christian's attic every Friday and Saturday night with a bottle of tequila,” Archbold says. “It was the most fun we've ever had.”

The musical landscape has changed enormously since 2001, Archbold says.

A major label deal is no longer the brass ring it once was. Affordable home studios have made expensive time at professional studios less necessary.

Rosemary Gates has decided to pursue its career in less typical fashion than it did six years ago.

The band has started its own label, King James Records, and will market its music to the TV and film industries through a service called Taxi.

Bankson says the band feels freer to be more progressive and eclectic in its songwriting.

And Rosemary Gates is being more selective in choosing the places it performs.

“We've decided to stop playing at clubs that expect you to play three hours of music a night, most of it covers,” Archbold says. “We want to play dates that showcase our stuff. It's a big stress reliever.”

- The Journal Gazette

"2007 Best Local Rock CD Release"

Rosemary Gates, six years after their debut release, Shine, pulled down this year’s Whammy for Best Local CD Release/Rock for Myth and Judgment. The win itself is quite a feat considering the strong competition from the other nominees (I, Wombat, Slagg, Vandolah, Sketch Machine and Second Sun). But considering the struggle the band has faced over the years just to keep it going, the award carries even more importance.

It’s awesome to be recognized,” guitarist Mike Archbold said following their blistering set. We’ve been at this for 12 years,” he added, with a touch of weariness. But bolstering that weariness is a certain wisdom and focused intensity, borne of the knowledge gained from almost making it big, only to be shrugged out of focus.

At one time, back in the early 2000s, major labels approached Rosemary Gates with record deals. But history intervened and the band found itself, like so many others, grasping at faded dreams. But instead of whimpering off, Archbold, singer Christian Schult, bassist Bryan Bankson and drummer John Tingley (as well as unofficial fifth member Chris Liepe) decided to shift their own focus. We’re doing fewer gigs now,” Archbold said. We’re working more on music for television and film, doing a lot of Internet marketing. We’ve invested in our own studio and production company.”

The results are encouraging. The band is working on a CD/DVD combo and is getting increasing attention. And when they do play out, the old magic is still there. Oh, and so are the loyal, Rosemary Gates fans who have been kicking around for over a decade now.

(Mark Hunter)

- Whatzup Magazine, March 6-12, 2008


KillNancy is currently working on their first EP of original music. The members of KillNancy have individually recorded and released music with their various bands throughout the years. Following is essential listening for fans of KillNancy:

Jason Miller (Solo R&B) Discography:
*Jason Miller (Self Titled LP - 2009 - Konvict Music)
*Overdrive (2008 - Konvict Music)
*Sucker 4 Love (featuring Akon - 2009 - Konvict Music)
*Supermodel (2009 - Konvict Music)
*S.E.X (featuring Snoop Dog - 2009 Konvict Music)
*iLove (featuring Akon - 2011 - Konvict Music)
Music can be streamed and purchased online at:

Rosemary Gates (Guitarist Michael Archbold & Drummer John Tingley) Discography:
*Myth & Judgment (LP - 2006 - King James Records)
*Shine (LP - 2000 - King James Records)
*Shining Rain (EP – 1999 – King James Records)
*Free (2000 King James Records – WEJE Fort Wayne 65+ spins per week, WBYR Fort Wayne 25+ spins per week, WXKE Fort Wayne 10 spins per week, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, New Mexico)
*Shining Rain (2000 King James Records – WEJE Fort Wayne 40+ spins per week)
*Fallen (2000 King James Records – WMEE Fort Wayne)
*Horses (2000 King James Records – WEJE Fort Wayne
*Broken Waves (2006 King James Records)
*Gnosis (2006 King James Records – WBYR Fort Wayne)
Albums can be streamed and purchased online at:



Pop/Rock/Variety Band



KillNancy is a high-energy variety rock band that comprises current and former members of some of Northeast Indiana’s most storied and popular rock bands: vocalist Jason Miller formerly of FYI and currently signed to Akon’s Konvict Music Label as an R&B artist, guitarist Michael Archbold and drummer John Tingley of Rosemary Gates, guitarist Greg Titzer formerly of The Migraines and Scream Machine, and bassist Scott "Fish" Jackson formerly of Rosemary Gates, Moodswing, and the Sorry Losers Freak Club.

KillNancy plays your favorite pop/rock-radio hits of the 80s, 90s, and today. All members of KillNancy are former recording/touring professionals with combined decades experience in the music business. KillNancy is currently booking shows for our 2012 tour. We hope to work with you soon!

The venues we’ve played include but are not limited to: Clancy’s Pub (Indianapolis), Columbia Street West (Fort Wayne), Skip’s Party Place (Angola), Martin’s Tavern (Garrett), The Frog Tavern (Syracuse), Duty’s Uptown Bar & Grill (Fort Wayne), The Gin Mill Lounge (Fort Wayne), Piere’s Entertainment Complex (Fort Wayne) ,& Wrigley Field (Fort Wayne) among others.

Thank You:
We sincerely appreciate you considering KillNancy for your venue. We aim to provide the most high energy and relevant variety rock show available today... the biggest bang for your dollar. We hope to be working with you very soon.

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Michael Archbold – c. 260-579-1516 / e.
Greg Titzer – c. 260-740-6460 / e.
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