Kill Privilege
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Kill Privilege

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tha Woodz Metal Night"

If you haven't seen these guys in person then you're really missing a show. With the stage antics of "The Ghost of B-LO" ,crazy metal riffs from Chris, insanely solid double kicks from "CiD LoCo", and psychotic growls with soft singing make the show worth every penny. The presence of these guys make you feel ready to jump in and join the moshpit. The stage theatrics are simple but add that little umph that's needed nowadays. If you're a metal head in this city of Charlotte then you should make it a plan to see these guys in action. - UndergroundMetal


Kill Privilege EP

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The days go on and life keeps passing us. Our big brother keeps watching over us and the lines in the sky seem to never lie. The days feel great. But for three members, witnesses to one of the most heinous crimes ever committed, life could be better.
It all started on a typical practice night when the drummer noticed Lucious The Dog focused on something in the woods. Paying no attention to it he went about his business. Startled by the barking, C(minor) went to investigate what was happening. Little did he know, Lucious was barking at The Ghost of B-LO. People had never seen The Ghost of B-LO, only campfire stories were ever told of him.
Legend has it that B-LO was a young paranoid schizophrenic genius that lived with his wife traveling the cities and living off of nature. One day his wife decided she couldn't handle his mental illness so she tried to burn him in his sleep. While her attempt slowly took over, B-LO awoke and went after her. He managed to make it to his feet, if only he had known his next words would be his last. His vow for revenge consumed him as did the flames.
So now, 90 years later, C(minor) walks out to discover a horrific scene. The corpse of B-LO's wife was hanging by her hair on the limb of a tree. The body had been dismembered in a fashion that appeared to be like torn plastic bags. The expression on her face was that of guilty freight. Poor old woman never had a chance.
Three witnesses standing on edge as what to do with this body slowly started to think. As the shocked nerves slowly calmed and the look of terror faded from their face, The Ghost of B-LO emerged from the shadows. His presence was enough to strike you full of all your worst fears but with the confidence to overcome them. His strength was that of an ingenious mastermind.
The introduction of The Ghost of B-LO came with an ora of justice and a message that brought all four of them together. Taking on his physical being, The Ghost of B-LO said "Everyone has the privilege to kill, it's all on how you utilize it. You have from now until the time you set to move though time, it's all on how you get there. Consumption is destruction and it's perfectly natural, moderation has always been the key."
So with that philosophy, the music came naturally. The Ghost of B-LO was given a bass and a second chance at physical life. Granted by the powers that be and forces of energy that cannot be explained, I present Kill Privilege.