Kill The Academy

Kill The Academy

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Kill The Academy exists to challenge their own artistic agenda. Anyone with an open mind, and an agenda of their own are welcome to join along for the ride. For Guitarist Kyle Peters drummer Michael Thomas... KILL THE ACADEMY is the blank canvas that begs for fresh paint and accepts obscure colors in abstract places.


In order to avoid being a product of your own environment, you must do what is necessary to stand out. For a Los Angeles rock band, this proves to be a task nothing short of Impossible. Kill the Academy has made the exception, and is raising the bar musically and interactively with their new EP 'The Taking'. The EP will be available Winter 2011 which is currently being supported by heavy live appearances around the Los Angeles area, with Nation touring soon to follow.

For Guitarist [Kyle Peters] Drummer [Michael Thomas] Singer/songwriter [David "Mao" McInnes] Guitarist/Vocalist [Sean De La Tour]and Bassist [Zac Edwards]... KILL THE ACADEMY is excited to have already ventured into the next stage of songwriting. Plans to showcase live, tour and record an LP follow up to 'The Taking' have already commenced, and live dates will be posted frequently.

- Kill The Academy '11


The Taking EP coming soon