Kill the City

Kill the City


Think 70's punk, 80's post-punk, and 90's grunge. Three rock-saturated minutes per song.


Kill the City has been described as a “rootsy punk power trio that revels in loose rough and tumble rock”. That’s a pretty fair description. The three members; Jeff Kneeland, Jason Moore and Phil Ko have been steadily honing their post punk, garage rock influenced sound for the last couple years, although it wasn’t until recently that you could say they really hit their stride. “We’re at a point where we really know what kind of music we want to make as a group.” Strangely, they will tell you that it was no easy achievement, but after a solid year of constant songwriting and incessant touring, they’ve found a sound they can call their own.

“The band went through a lot of personnel in its infancy and so the sound was always changing, it was entirely put together through Craigslist, so we were all total strangers!” However, through out all the change, Jeff, Jason and Phil remained the constant, and after witnessing the experimental jangle/pop of the influential 90’s band Sebadoh, they realized their own potential. “The decision to become a trio was probably the best decision we’ve ever made, Jeff and I just looked at each other, and were like we can do that!”

A good decision, but it meant starting from scratch: trashing their old songs and learning to adapt. “The weirdest thing about the band now, is that none of us are playing the instruments we originally started out playing”. Jeff, who at one point quit playing guitar, now handles all the guitar-ing on top of his vocal responsibilities. Jason, originally the guitar player, now supplies the bass lines, while Phil, originally the bass player, fills in on drums. As if that’s not enough, they still end up switching on several songs and having to sing backing vocals! “In a way it was a real blessing in disguise because it’s allowed us to create a sound that we trusted and believed in, but it also has forced us to become better musicians and songwriters.”

So what is that sound? You could almost describe it as a touch of 90’s alt-rock and grunge, mixed up in a love affair with a 70’s punk bands from Britain. The crunchy power chord songs have angst, but they’re subtle and tingly. They have the skills to make hits that adhere to their own aesthetic, but could accidentally end up pleasing the masses.

“We’re not the next big thing from Starbucks. We probably won’t play a perfect set tonight…or ever….but we’ll play hard and loud….we’d like to drink a beer with you and sleep on your couch…we hope you enjoy our songs”


Kill The City (self-released 5-song EP)
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Set List

A typical set length is 8 - 10 songs (30-40 minutes) of all originals (maybe 1 cover). A typical set list:
1. Sonica Harmonia
2. Whatever You Want
3. A Song in Stereo
4. Nice to Meet You
5. It's You
6. We're Screwed, I'm Happy
7. Hostage
8. (a tasty cover)
9. Hello to the Newborns
10. No Damage