Kill the Ego

Kill the Ego


Sounds like the Pixies, Stooges, Minutemen, Husker Du, and Mission of Burma ridding Earth of hypocrisy, famine, war, and inequality, grabbing each one by his prosthetic testicles and slinging him into the sun.


Heavy metal band refugees Max Hipp and Beau Bourgeois formed Kill the Ego, a two-piece band of drums and guitar meant to sound decidedly un-metal, in Spring 2005. They wrote songs with the edge they were used to but without the grinding mechanical sputter they had grown tired of.

They decided to write songs that were "more accessible" to "normal" people. Songs with sounds familiar to those who listen to bands like Fugazi, Mission of Burma, Dead Kennedys, Wire and even Suicide, PiL, Pere Ubu or DNA. They were wrong about the “more accessible” and “normal” part of it but kept writing because they liked the music.

As the song list grew, they began to miss the bass guitar and asked local bread baker and friend Chris Lowery to play. Lowery played bass with Kill the Ego for 2 years and is featured on first album "Slaves Love Masters" (2006), which received a small but glowing review in the area's independent newspaper The Local Voice. After Lowery's departure they continued to play shows around the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana area as a two-piece while searching for a replacement.

John Sonnett, who had recently moved to the area from Phoenix AZ, joined the band in 2007 and was featured on their 2nd full length CD "Bomb Factory Rock"(2008).

Since 2005 Kill the Ego have written a gargantuan amount of catchy, anthemic, butt-pumping, knob-slobbing rock songs. They have toured the South on different occasions, playing shows in New Orleans, Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Atlanta and Baton Rouge, among others, opening for everyone from Blowfly to Bones. They have been asked the last two years to play their hometown’s own Oxford Music Festival, sharing the stage with local-turned-national talents such as Colour Revolt, Blue Mountain and the Kudzu Kings. Kill the Ego are currently in the process of releasing their first 7-inch single and another full-length CD as well as a separate collaboration with local hip-hop artists Stork and Nick B; all of which they have recorded and produced themselves in Bourgeois' home studio. Kill the Ego shows are sweaty, loud and a requirement for anyone looking to see real rock music in Oxford, Mississippi, or anywhere else.


Bomb Factory Rock

Written By: Max Hipp

We got freedom and liberty
We live in a bomb factory
We believe what we see
Everything we know from TV
Love working so much we don’t want to go home

Bombs to the left, bombs to the right
Stay up making bombs all night
Blowing all our cares away
Have fun making bombs all day
No quitting time cause we don’t want to go home

We got bombs that blow up trees
We got bombs to spread disease
And when I see a mushroom cloud
I know that there’s a god
I sometimes lie awake at night
I hope my bombs will blow up right
And when I finally fall asleep
I dream about my job

Won’t let you lace your fingers through my heart again
Never be the leader of your marching band
If all you love is you, you never were my friend
Won’t let you lace your fingers through my heart again

We live in a bomb factory (x infinity)


Slaves Love Masters 2006
Bomb Factory Rock 2008

Set List

Die on the Vine
Black Site Party (yeah!)
No Peace in the Valley
Owner Operator
Wolves Have Fangs
Lemon Star
Down On The Street (Stooges)
Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Minutemen)

40-45 min set.