Kill the Reflection

Kill the Reflection

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Kill the Reflection = Music for broken people

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We hail from Oklahoma City with razor sharp teeth and broken beats...

Alternative/Post-Punk/Rock. Oklahoma City's own, Music for broken people. KTR is singer/guitarist, Morgan Routt, bassist, Mark Martinez and drummer, Christopher Stevens. Haunting, devilish, sexy, dark & brooding music that rips your lovers heart out & explains your pain in a whirlwind of emotion. We have created a cure, a type of... Music for broken people. A precise depiction of what it means to dwell within our emotions. A tragic reminder for love of the obscure, and the maniac within. KTR is dirt, sex and necessary roughness...

A hum rattles inside our brain's like a dripping faucet, broken beats and rhythmatic tones echo about and seem to hypnotize our bleeding mind's. It's a sound that never sleeps and screams to be written down.

KTR is in rotation on local radio stations Rock 100.5 FM the KATT, theSPY FM, KHOWL 98.7 FM & Z104 The Edge (Tulsa). They have shared the stage with bands like: Neon Trees, Carolina Liar, Standing Shadows, mr.Gnome. They have been a featured artist on Oklavision.TV (presented by the Chickasaw Nation) Rock 100.5fm the KATT Local Talent Show & TheSPY FM Nightshift Show. Director Patrick George (Dead Film Festival award winner) is doing a documentary on the band, and music video work from director Jonathan Shahan is in the works.

Kill the Reflection's latest album "Together... Apart..." can be found on,, as well as the Kill the Reflection website.


- Fleeting Melodies Vol.1 (2010 EP)
- 3 EP (2011 EP)
- Together,,, Apart... (2011 LP)

(currently writing for a new EP for 2013)

"Fields in Springtime" (1st single aired on Rock 100.5fm KATT, also put on rotation on the Nightshift show)

"Hold Captive" (2nd single aired on Rock 100.5fm KATT)

Set List

Sets usually run 45 mins to 1 hour.