Kill The Vultures

Kill The Vultures

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We escaped and changed our names but the vultures were never far behind. Our saving grace was that we discovered ways to hypnotize them with patterns and to amuse them with absurd acts of self-inflicted violence. We fought to stay awake and made noise to signify that we hadn't died yet...


"Children point at broken men while parents' venom eyes watch/ Mayors pick the pockets of the garbage on the sidewalk/ The sidewalk leads to dirtroad, leads to rings of smoke that circle/ All the Redwood petrified of being fed to the inferno...of your smile"

After three years of continuously relocating themselves between different coasts and zip codes, embarking on multiple cross-country tours, and experimenting with diverse artistic philosophies and methods, former Oddjobs members, Anatomy (Stephen Lewis), Crescent Moon (Alexei Casselle), Nomi (Mario De Mira), and Advizer (Adam Waytz), have emerged as a new outfit, Kill The Vultures. Re-established in their original habitat of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, where Oddjobs formed in 1996, Kill The Vultures marks a new musical direction for the quartet, although it is one deeply rooted in underground hip-hop.

Stripping themselves naked of past musical constraints and values, their self-titled debut, released in April 2005 on Jib Door/Locust Music, presents an organically and spontaneously formed collection of songs united by barebones pulp production provided by Anatomy, darkly comic lyrics from Nomi, Crescent Moon, and Advizer, and an overall urban noir sensibility.

The group achieved major success as Oddjobs, selling over 10,000 copies of self-released projects via Caroline Distribution, touring the country multiple times with artists such as DJ Shadow, De La Soul, and Atmosphere, receiving a slew of national press, and reaching as high as #6 on the CMJ hip-hop radio charts. After a three-month tour in late 2003, however, the members of Oddjobs realized that their creative visions were much broader and their artistic standards were much higher. Forgetting everything they ever knew for the purposes of musically reinventing themselves was in order.

Moving back to Minnesota, the group engaged in months of foot-stomping, in-fighting, freestyle sessions, fascinations with pornographic saxophones and broken down drums, drinking milkshakes, and spiritual awakenings. What resulted was the Kill The Vultures album, a disgusting and introspective commentary on the art of wasting away in one's room, constructed using spare parts, hearts and bolts, ghouls and old lovers. The group's live performances, focusing on raising the dead while giving each audience member a cathartic experience, are a howlingly good time. Kill the vultures, before they dine on all of us.


Oddjobs - blue collar holler 12" (3EM003/CMI007)
Oddjobs - dry bones 12" (3EM009/CMI008)
Oddjobs - drums cd/lp (3EM010/CMI009)
Oddjobs - fun boy bootleg cd (FB001)
Oddjobs - the shopkeeper's wife cd/lp (3EM014/CMI010)
Kill The Vultures - kill the vultures cd (JIB101)

Set List

Our typical set list is listed below and generally runs 40 minutes. We can adjust, however, to meet time specifications:

Lovin You Dangerous
Hidden Signals
The Vultures
Good Intentions
Sick Days are Upon Us
Beasts of Burden
Howl n' Heal
Behind These Eyes