Kill Van Kull

Kill Van Kull

 Staten Island, New York, USA

Kill Van Kull- There are bands, you know a handful of them, that prevail despite obstacles; reforming years after their launch (sometimes more than once) and emerge with a creative spirit and sound that’s as pure as the day they started. Well, add another band to your list: New York City’s Kill Van Kull is back with a vengeance, and their rapidly-growing audience, new fans, critics & the dedicated from the beginning , loves every minute of it.


Kill Van Kull:
When you hear musical veterans, no matter what the style, you can tell right away there is a depth of feeling and confidence in their playing. There's no way around experience but to have experience.That's why it's good to hear some old school kick ass rock and roll played by a working class band that is tight, inspired and clearly having a damn good time doing it.

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Kill Van Kull- EYE OF THE STORM Vinyl EP 1987
Kill Van Kull- Edge Of Sunrise 12 song cd 2007
Kill Van Kull- Angels on High 2011
Kill Van Kull - Monster 2011
Kill Van Kull - BackStabber 2011