Kilo Bravo

Kilo Bravo


Kilo Bravo's music is a mix of rock, jazz and reggae. The piano bars of California have developed the sound into a fusion of genres supported by strong, raw vocals and an array of ever-changing instruments to accompany. It's like California's beach music, just a little more sophisticated.


As the sun sets over the Pacific yet again, the sounds of a piano can be heard playing with the waves. The beach has worked its way into the music of a man whose emotions roll in and out with the tide, songs about a love that couldn’t last. It is here, in that space where the waves crash onto the beach that you find Kilo Bravo’s jazz and reggae vibe, a rarity developed in the piano bars of Los Angeles.
Kilo Bravo's California flavor and wide range of influences are easily recognizable, but it is frontman Mike Oristian's comfort on stage and entertaining character that truly set the band apart. As a talented musician, and after spending countless nights playing piano man, it takes only moments for Oristian to draw the crowd exactly where he wants them - a place where rock and jazz and reggae meet and play and take on all forms to connect and engage. The music takes form as the accompanying instruments change, but the transforming result never disappoints.
The sound of beach music is constantly evolving in Oristian’s writing; his experience has led him to a place where rock, jazz, and reggae can mingle and be understood simultaneously. Something like Joe Jackson in the 70s, mixed with the raw vocals of John Mayer or Gavin DeGraw


Kluverbucy 2006
1. Mimetic
2. Everything 2 U
3. Nothing's Happening 2 Me
4. 4 Letter Love
5. Lemonade Saturday
6. The Hardest Part
7. Holiday
8. Talk About U
9. 4 U My Friend
10. Fire
11. Blue
12. See The Sea