Kilon TeK

Kilon TeK


Kilon TeK is a 627 foot rampaging robot. Most mornings after yoga and coffee with the girls, he heads straight for his nearest cities, and shoots disco out of his fists, into your quivering ear drums.


UK based artist and composer Kilon Tek has quickly established himself as a go-to producer and remixer amongst pioneering artists in the electronic and contemporary music scenes. He's worked with great artists including Fink, The Qemists, Eskmo and Emika. His sound falls somewhere between dark and dramatic - artists like DJ Shadow, Depeche Mode and NIN - and dancey, ear popping beats akin to Daft Punk and Soulwax, to create modern infectious tracks.

He has been commissioned to create original tracks and contribute his music for projects by Nissan, Toyota, Mission Impossible: 4 (trailer), Fast & Furious 6 (trailer), Lenovo, Toyota, Lucozade, Channel 4 (UK), Microsoft, Deezer (France) and promotional material for Fuel TV and popular video game series Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Kilon Tek entered the world of music early on, being brought up on a varied diet of musical styles. He was quick to pick up his first instrument, and by his teens played in punk bands on the London circuit. Then, a watershed moment presented itself while witnessing a composition performed entirely on turntables. It was at this point that he saw music being created and shared in a way that defied typical musical conventions, and ultimately the creative freedom that can be found in all corners of the musical arts.

Quick to adopt turntablism, he soon began creating and performing his own compositions, and later lectured music students on his new take on composition. The next step was to take the rule breaking mentality to studio equipment, recording his own samples and continuously finding ways to re-imagine the musical world around him. A thirst to find and exploit cutting edge technologies for composition and performance continues to shape his sound, giving his projects their recognisable stamp.

A new EP from KIlon TeK is imminent, watch this space!


Yppah - "Gumball Machine Weekend" Remix
The Qemists - "S.W.A.G" Remix
Eskmo - "We Got More" Remix
Emika - "3 Hours" Remix
Fink - "Perfect Darkness" Remix