Reinventing everything from dark country ballads and bubblegum psychedelia to atmospheric space rock. As much attention is dedicated to song craft and lyrics as musicianship. Kilroy employs influences from many genres and eras of Rock, Country and Folk music.


In January 2006, Athens Flagpole Magazine published a review of Kilroy's "The Violent Jolt of the Capitol," hailing it as a "near perfect" success. This past january, a full year after the initial studio sessions, and a full decade since the bands birth, marked an unfathamoble leap in the right direction for Kilroy.
Now heading out on the road, selling tee shirts and CDs, they are leaving their make-shift living room reheasal spaces for good, and and are ready to see the world through their tour van windows.
Though the world and musical climate has changed immensley since the mid-nineties, Kilroy's commitment to their art has not. The ten years of anonymity has only allowed Kilroy to flourish musically, gaining comparisons to Tom Petty, Galaxie 500, and The Magnolia Electric Company, as well as an avid south eastern fanbase.



Written By: Rupp/Gilbert

Hey Tenderfoot
Can you guess which way
the wind blows

It rolls through the yard
Knocking out all the windows
Fell, all of our trees.
And robbed us of our speech.

I won't say it again
It pales in comparison
How slow you can move
How slow you can move
How slow you can move
As you watch the walls
closing In.

Hey Tenderfoot,
Did you see who kicked up a fuss
Shut all the doors and stirred up the dust.
Played to all our fears
and left us lying here

Now I won't say it again
It pales in comparison to

How slow you can move
How slow you can move
How slow you can move
As you watch the walls closing

Mountain Building

Written By: Rupp/Gilbert

After the water went down,
we took the ones who couldn't swim, and helped them to a place where they could rest.

Feeling more than confident, we mixed the mortar and cement and cleared a place for the mountains to begin.

Nothing could be futher from the truth: All I know is what concerns me and you.

We move the earth in shopping carts, and cleared the trees to see the stars and left our homes to be overcome.

Feeling less than dignified we put our fingers to the dirt as instrument that we could use to pry.

And it never hit me quite like this: Persistent contradictions of a life led in innocence.

What else could we do?


October 2005- "The Free EP"

January 2006- "The Violent Jolt of the Capitol"

Set List

A revolving set of songs from the EP and album, and new additons constantly, including new material
--and the occasional cover: The Kinks, Neil Young, Cash, Queen , Cheap Trick, etc.

Sets can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours if need be.