We play a sort of indie rock influenced by Rhcp Incubus Rage Against The Machine, Jane's Addiction with Italian lyrics.


After two years from its birth, Kilt’s project brings the fulfilment of its work “Tra serpi e favole”. "Well-supported by a large and aim work on the part of Lady Music Records, this CD presents itself as one of the most interesting productions offered by the Italian market." ROCKSOUND ITALY

"Sometimes it’s really true that “Italian do it better!” HARDSOUND

"Kilt (now with Lady Music Records) debuts with a work which sounds as pure Italian rock, in the most part of it tainted by the funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers and by the groove of Rage Against the Machine" METAL HAMMER

"A funk rock definitely influenced by Rage Against The Machine, Incubus e Red Hot Chili Peppers, sung in Italian, produced and played with heart, this 'Tra Serpi E Favole" DAGEISHA.COM

"Just phenomenal." GENOVATUNE.IT


"Tra Serpi e Favole" 2007 LadyMusicRecords

Set List

Geisha Party
Un Giorno può Arrivare
Tra Serpi e Favole
Calma Lineare
Ricomincio a Stento
Contatti Zero
Give It Away (Rhcp)
Decadenza Quotidiana
Nicola Dorme Poco La Sera
Search & Destroy (Iggy Pop)
L'uomo in Equilibrio