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Kim Acuna

Valencia, California, United States | SELF

Valencia, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Kim Acuna"

“… pop-rock, bluesy, jazzy kind of music sounds like Dave Mathews, k.d. lang, and Tracy Chapman”
“Kim’s writing is incisive and thought provoking, her guitar playing grooving and rhythmic”
“Top-notch musicianship “
“Organic live performance”
“CD Shadows scores a high 9 out of 10”
“There is talent here. Lots of it. “
“Her voice is beautiful”
“The music is edgy “
“Energetic and powerful.”
“Beautifully written and delicately delivered songs.”
“Delivers an energetic show”
“Expressive, expert guitar player”
“Astonishing guitar skills”
“Gorgeous voice”

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"Kim Acuna"

".... So this is what acoustic pop is supposed to sound like in Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter. Kim's writing is incisive and thought provoking, her guitar playing grooving and rhythmic, and her singing is all at once dead-on and goes for broke. Pack a dress and a toothbrush, Kim, as you won't be home much once this album gets heard…" - Vance Gilbert - Philo Records

"Kim Acuna - "Shadows""

“This pop-rock, bluesy, jazzy kind of music sounds like Dave Mathews, k.d. lang, and Tracy Chapman.
Top-notch musicianship, high production value, and an organic live performance feel, the CD Shadows scores a high 9 out of 10. There is talent here. Lots of it. “
- Gian Fiero - Music Reviewer, Muses Muse

"Kim Acuna - "Shadows"CD Review"

“Shadows” is packed with creative guitar lines and upbeat inspirational music. Acuna’s music has the feel of Melissa Etheridge and Natalie Merchant, her voice is beautiful and the music is edgy. Acuna’s songs have lots of energy and the album is upbeat and powerful.

- Justin Braxton-Brown - Anchorage Daily News

"Kim Acuna"

You can hear the passion in good music... the CD 'Shadows' has it!

- Loren Dixon - Program Director KNBA 90.3fm

"Kim Acuna"

"An accomplished, rhythmic player with a voice like fine cashmere, the songs from Kim Acuna's newest release showcase a rare talent. The lyrics settle into t¬he heart as easily as the beat trickles down to your dancing shoes."
- Peggy Monaghan - Arctic Siren Records

"Kim Acuna"

"I am really hooked on the song "Someone you Love". I play that often and have directed others to it. I have been enjoying listening to Shadows and have been playing it on the radio. Other broadcasters have been airing your CD as well and there have been a lot of calls about your CD. The ears are opening up!"

- Cheri Snook - Broadcaster KVMR Radio Nevada City, CA

"Kim Acuna -"Shadows" CD Review"

“The voice grabbed me right away. Gutsy and sweet at the same time. Kim Acuna can growl on one breath and sigh on the next.
Her lyrics are real and unpretentious, simply talking to people, facing them head-on, saying bluntly what needs to be said to clear the air.
Shadows is an appropriate title for a CD that explores feelings, moods, fears, and relationships in all shades of gray while using all the nuances possible in music. And of course, some really cool guitar sounds. Guitarists should definitely check this out.”

- Jennifer Layton - Reviewer

"Acuna makes guitar sing!"

“Whether heard in concert or on the radio, Acuna’s sound is unique. While she is often compared to k.d. lang, Tracy Chapman, and Shawn Colvin, Acuna has moved beyond these influences and developed her own voice. Her voice has a full, warm duskiness that is sometimes full of sweetness, sometimes full of longing and sometimes full of anger. Using her instrument so creatively, Acuna’s guitar playing becomes not merely accompaniment, but a complimentary voice. All of which makes Acuna’s sound unique.”

- Shawn Lyons - Anchorage Press/Art Matters

"Kim Acuna"

“I was instantly impressed with the diversity and adeptness of her guitar playing… and the beautifully written and delicately delivered songs.”

- Aaron Selbig - Anchorage Chronicle

"Kim Acuna delivers an energetic show!"

“Taking control the minute she began to sing her breathy voice filled the theater, rising and falling in earthy rhythms. At her best, deep-throated and sexy and almost growling with desire, Acuna adds a confidence that makes her shine. She is a woman with a better-than-average ear for blending music and performing songs.”

- Cynthia Ritchie - Anchorage Daily News Music Reviewer


Kim Acuna - Shadows c2004



Kim Acuna’s music is rich. . . a complex blend of original alternative pop-rock, blues, and jazz with an occasional splash of Latin.
Her deep, rich vocals and insightful lyrics combine with an articulate, rhythmic guitar style to produce a unique, full bodied sound - a seductive musical experience that resonates with audiences long after the performance.

Kim’s charismatic talent captures audiences everywhere she plays, with a voice said to be reminiscent of k.d. lang and a unique guitar style that brings other guitarists to the front row for a closer look.

Whether performing solo with an acoustic guitar, or backed by a band, her music is injected with an energy and spirit that transcends categorization. Kim can easily be considered a “crossover” performer, appealing to the Adult Contemporary, Triple A, Rock, Pop, and Blues listeners, ranging in age from late teens to “late in life.”

How does she get that sound? One of the most unique aspects about Kim’s music is her ability to create the depth and range of a piano on her guitar using modified capos and creative tunings. For her audience, this translates into uncommon harmonies, visually engaging performances, and a rich sense of the transaction between performer and listener.

Today, Kim’s performances are about communicating emotion, bringing an idea to life, and sharing it. Audiences can always count on something fresh and powerful.

“I want to bring the listener into that special place where it’s just me and my guitar alone in a room, having a new song pour through me. This is the most vulnerable, most wonderful place; it is an elusive place that can’t be made to happen - it is allowed. My work is not to perform or act, it is to “be” – that is when there are no bounds, no time, no critics; just flowing creativity, free evolving, ever changing, and not about me. This is the gift of music.”

Kim has a faithful following throughout Alaska, the Mid West and West Coast. She has had equal billing shows with Karen Pernick and HBO comedian Georgia Ragsdale, opened for John Gorka, Janis Ian, David Wilcox, Willy Porter, Fruit, written and performed jingles for local media, performed and interviewed on live radio shows, and performed professionally since 1993.

Kim teaches workshops on songwriting, self-promotion, and guitar techniques - featuring the making and using modified capos, and the use of open tunings. Her workshop, The Art of Performance, has been taught in colleges, schools, corporate settings and to musicians and writers groups. This workshop is for Singers, Songwriters, Instrumentalists, Poets, D.J’s, Public Speakers, etc. Anyone whose art/skill will benefit from increased confidence, communication, awareness, honesty, sincerity, and an enhanced relationship with their audience and with their art. Kim produces and records independent artists on their recording projects in her home studio and local studios as well.

“Shadows”, Kim Acuna’s debut CD, was so eagerly anticipated by local DJs that at least one Adult Contemporary station in Anchorage started playing her demo CD … and now airs cuts from Shadows regularly. Local fans were so anxious for the release that 100 signed and numbered, pre-release CDs sold within a week. CD number one of the limited edition run was auctioned off at a fundraiser … for $1,000.00! Now that’s excitement.