Kim Angelis

Kim Angelis


Gypsy Chamber Music! World-class violin virtuoso Kim Angelis dazzles with astounding technique, pouring out Gypsy-inspired music with pathos and passion. Accompanied by the fiery flamenco flourishes of guitarist Josef.


"...some of the most beautiful, moving music I've ever heard..." -Marilyn O'Malley, Victory Review
"...born in the tradition of Romany and churned by the legacy of Paganini." -Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune
“...Kim first charmed us, quite intentionally with her stunning virtuosity and incredible music; quite unintentionally with her sincere and heartwarming of our all time favorites!” - Bob Slater, Series Coordinator, San Juan Capistrano Multicultural Arts (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
"Kim transforms herself from a soft-spoken, modest and spiritual person into a wild creature of the violin with flying skirts and hair, a few broken bowstrings and stomping heals. She is the composer and the performer with an international range of pieces written for specific stories and, like Vivaldi; paints the story with surprising color and detail. While her roots are from the University of California, Irvine, her violin plays like Paganini." - Clancy Hughes, Inflection Point

Kim Angelis
Welcome to a musical adventure, guided by Kim Angelis. She is an internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso and composer who has successfully transcended artistic boundaries - a free spirit blazing a melodic trail through the territories of classical, world, and multi-cultural music. Kim’s vision of a “Gypsy chamber music”, liberally flavored with passion, is exciting and inspirational. Kim Angelis has enthralled concert audiences from Ancud, Chile, to Alaska and over the seas to Asia with her dazzling virtuosity, romantic writing, and exuberant stage presence.
Kim Angelis majored in music at the University of California, Irvine, where she studied with the best violinists in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, including concertmaster Sidney Harth and Ivan Galamian protegee Lori Ulanova. She won every available scholarship, and was featured soloist with the UCI Symphony, performing major works by Vivaldi and Saint-Saens. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, the violinist met and later married guitarist Josef Gault, who introduced her to World Music. “Josef really broadened my outlook,” she enthuses. “One hundred years ago music was confined to the areas in which it developed. But today, with modern recording and the internet, we are able to listen to music from every different culture. I like to collect the sonic images evoked, and write a new ‘Gypsy chamber music’.”
The music of Kim Angelis has been heard on Network TV, PBS, NPR, and in the award-winning documentary film, Saviors of the Forest. The independent film, Sweet Nothings, exclusively features music by Kim Angelis, which was nominated for Best Original Score by the California Independent Film Society; the same film was also nominated for Best Score by the International Independent Film Tour. Recently, Angelis signed an exclusive publishing agreement with DSM Producers, one of the entertainment industry’s top placers of music in major films and network television. Her 1996 CD, Esperanza, was selected as a “Choice Recording” by prestigious Strings magazine, and was nominated by Just Plain Folks for Best Instrumental Album. Kim’s most recent CD, Gypsy’s Odyssey (2005), has made “Top Ten” lists in places as diverse as Santa Cruz, CA, and Herford, Germany!
Some of the violinist’s most memorable experiences took place on foreign soil; Kim treasures her two concert tours of Taiwan - replete with humorous situations - which culminated in multiple-encore appearances at Taipei’s prestigious National Concert Hall. A pair of extended concert engagements in Chile, which included performances at Universities, Galleries, and the spectacular Palacio Vergado, provided fertile ground for the composer’s imagination. One of the most exciting “performances” of Kim’s music was at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, when world champion gymnast Kui Yuanyuan of China used music by Kim Angelis for her floor exercise. NBC gave Kui Yuanyuan’s performance prime-time coverage, thus exposing Kim’s music to the “world’s largest audience”.
Beautiful, historic Astoria, OR, is the place Kim Angelis calls home - it is the rich source of her serenity and inspiration. Here she and Josef are restoring a classic 1918 Craftsman bungalow, which they share with their beloved Collie,“Holly”. Kim’s Christian faith plays the primary role in her life.
To quote Marilyn O’Malley of the Victory Review, “Kim’s classical training, folk influence...and deep spirituality have blended together and burgeoned into some of the most beautiful, moving music I’ve ever heard.”

Josef Gault
"...Josef Gault, the guitarist, enhanced it all. He was very steady and skilled in following every change of style, tempo, and accompanist who can do this is beyond value, and he was very sincerely appreciated." - Judy Wales, The Siuslaw News, Florence, OR

Josef, "The Wild Hungarian", is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Eastern Michigan Universit


Eastern Serenade

Written By: Kim Angelis



CDs by Kim Angelis have been distributed throughout the world. For over ten years, "Violin Voyager" (1989) remained a consistent top-seller in Asia, with Chinese world champion gymnast Kui Yuanyuan selecting a composition from this recording as the music for her floor exercise at the Sydney Olympics. "The Messenger" frequently resided on "Top Ten" lists for 1992, and Kim's 1996 recording, "Esperanza", elicited highest critical praise. It seems to have an extended life, being recently nominated for Best Instrumental Album at the Nov. 2001 JPF Independent Music Awards! "Spirit of Adventure" (released in 2000), includes music used in the award-winning independent film, Sweet Nothings. The adventure continues with Kim's newest recording, "Gypsy's Odyssey" (2005), which has made “Top Ten” lists in places as diverse as Santa Cruz, CA, and Herford, Germany..

Set List

A Typical Festival Set List, which is 1 hr. 15 min. long:
1) Zingaro!
2) Mad Maiden Tango
3) The Legend of Joaquin
4) Eastern Serenade
5) Fig Frenzy
6) Black Bart Rides Again!
7) Amanda's Waltz
8) Caprice 20 by Nicolo Paganini
9) Vallejo's Vision
10) The Triumph

A Typical Concert Program, which is 2 hours long, including a 15 to 20 minute intermission:
1) The Legend of Joaquin Murieta
2) Eastern Serenade
3) Mad Maiden Tango
4) The Astoria Waltz
Excerpts from “The Joseph Partita in B Minor”
5) The Triumph
6) Shadows of Dreams
7) Prelude... Father’s Favorite


Excerpts from “Fort Ross Fantasy”
1) Vallejo’s Vision
2) Aleutian Prayer
3) Far From Home
4) Caprice 20 (by Niccolo Paganini, Op. 1)
5) Ramona
6) Esperanza
Encore: The Sequoias

All music composed by Kim Angelis, except as otherwise noted.