Kim Anthony Gentes

Kim Anthony Gentes


Kim is a worship leader/artist/songwriter who's passion for God's unbelieveable love bleeds out in everything. He integrates a modern acoustic sound with some pop sound and ethereal/electronica undercurrent. Kim often encourages spontaneous expressions of art, poetic, and music in events he leads.


Kim is a regular guy, who has been captivated by the unbelievable love of God. His passion to see the reality of God's presence and Kingdom demonstrated in real lives is what fuels most of what he does. The foundation of his identity is based on his belief that he is loved through and through by the Living Creator of the Universe (His name is Jesus). Kim believes his value comes from being a child of God, not from what he can do, or what he has accomplished. In the journey, Kim has been amazingly blessed to be with his sweetheart of 17 years of marriage, Carol, and to have the wonderful opportunity to grow up with his 3 young boys (he's a kid at heart himself).

Kim is a local church guy, serving as a worship leader in his church, Vineyard Community Church in Gilbert, AZ. He is very committed to training and encouraging the Body of Christ, and out of that passion, Kim started, now one of the premier destinations for worship resources. In 2001, Kim pioneered (and continues to lead) an integrated worship, arts, community gathering that has become known as "the Worship Gathering".

Kim is involved in songwriting and worship leading both in his local church and beyond. He has led worship in various events mostly in southwest US, and has spoken in conferences and seminars throughout the US and Canada. Kim has spoken on some focused topics dealing with music, worship, ministry and passionate living in Christ. He has done seminars and workshops on such topics as worship, worship leading, expanding into arts in worship, working in the music industry, and pursuing God through transforming times. Kim would not describe himself as a "recording artist", though he has recorded music independently and with a major worship label. Kim is primarily a worship leader and equiper to the Body of Christ.


I Will Remember (2005) - Newly released Christmas single.

Lord Of Mercy - independent album, including 7 original songs by Kim Anthony Gentes.

I Love You Alone (1992) - single release on Vineyard Music's "Bring Your Kingdom" album.

Set List

We love to use the songs the church are using, incorporating many of today's anthems that local churches love to worship God with. Songs like "Dwell", "Blessed Be Your Name", "Here I Am To Worship", "Facedown", "Holy Is the Lord" and other popular songs of worship are common when Kim leads worship.

We also use a selection of original songs that God has given us as our flavoring to be added to the Body of Christ. Songs like "I Love You Alone", "Holy Holy Is the Lord Almighty" and "Whispers Like Thunder" are included in many of Kim's worship set lists.