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"FIRST CD-Kim Arrington's Love Note"

1. Tell us about your title "First Love Note of Kim Arrington."

I wanted to call the CD, “First Love Note of Kim Arrington,” because of its double meaning. For me, it’s important that I honor the sides of me that write the songs, sing the songs, and live the songs. Quite honestly, I tacked on the “first” part because it was going to be the first time that I had the courage to publicly share all those sides. The process of this CD started when I sang for the first time at four year old, and wrote my first song in the second grade. A hundred years from now, I am humbled that someone will blow the dust off my CD and know about my life. The “Love Note” part suggests the instant intimacy you get when you listen to my songs. Imagine you found someone’s love letters in the stall of the girl’s bathroom. You want to read it, but what if it was your love note—and someone found it. That’s “First Love Note of Kim Arrington.”

2. Who are your targeted listeners, and what can they expect?

I remember Lamont Tisdale, the first boy, I liked in kindergarten. Everyone has loved someone. Most of us are always in transit from loving to being loved to loving again. I really played around with genres from rock to ska to soul, so all folks could be invested. I guess I’d describe myself as a musical yard sale. I hope folks see all the different sides of themselves in “First Love Note of Kim Arrington.”

3. Tell us about some of your life experiences and inspirations behind “First Love Note of Kim Arrington.”

Hey, I’ve played the cop and the robber. “Love Note” spans from the times boys have made me cry, to when I made them cry. And, I think my sense of humor about love comes through. “Bargaining” and “Sight Unseen” are about my hope to find the right kind of love for me. “White Dress” is about my belief in marriage when it’s between two folks that get it. “Rollin Stone” talks about a man who wanted nothing more to love me, but I wasn’t ready because I needed to make my dreams come true first, like in The Alchemist. “28 Days Late” is about thinking you’re pregnant by someone that you don’t have a real, love connection with. “Hurry On, Silly Boy” is about not settling for second-class love from a man who’s already involved. I write about real life. Getting caught up and forgetting common sense is a human thing—and so are big ass u-turns!

4. What challenges, if any did you face during the making of your first music CD?

I never really look at things as challenges. I suppose I look at them like truths. So, I started out with one partner, Charles Newkirk, who helped me co-write the music, and he took me as far as he could go. Then, the universe sent me another writing partner, JC Martin, who took me the rest of the way. I’m thankful for both those men and all the wonderful people that worked on the project. I think “Love Note” taught me that my dream isn’t contingent on another person. The dream is mine, so it’s up to me to water it and guard it.

5. Who are some of your musical influences? How did their influence impact “First Love Note of Kim Arrington”?

We sang at our kitchen table growing up. My mom can do anything from singing opera to spirituals. We listened to everything from Mahalia Jackson to Bach to Marvin Gaye. My sister gave me Dana Dane and Doug E. Fresh. My writing style has been heavily influenced by the cadence and wordplay of good hip hop like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. I learned through the poetry of Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder, and Jimi Hendrix. I think my crazy, poet mind spits out stuff in a unique way that strangely people just get. I believe in voices, words, and imperfection.

6. You’re an accomplished poet/spoken word artist, a publisher/author…and now a rising soul music artist. What’s next on Kim Arrington’s journey?

You wanna make me happy, buy me a plane ticket anywhere. I’ll go, no questions asked. I plan to play my songs all over this world from Fuji to Istanbul. When you buy me off iTunes or, you’re buying me that plane ticket. We’re planning a European tour in early 2009. I really just want to sing. We are starting on another CD in August because I have new stories to tell. It’s funny, I’m okay with juggling my multiple personalities as a poet, playwright, singer, woman, etc. I think it’s hard for other folks to keep them straight. I’ve known my bass player, John Orlando, since I was in elementary school. He gave me the best compliment I’ve every received. He told me that I was exactly the same little girl he met in the 4th grade. The easiest way for people to understand me is, I’m a kid that likes to play with lots of toys. Occasionally, I stay out after the


First Love Note of Kim Arrington (2008)



Kim Arrington sang publicly before she started kindergarten. By second grade, she was writing her own songs.

Kim has performed for tens of thousands all over the United States and Europe. Reared by a classically-trained soprano mother, Kim was exposed to music from Leontyne Price to Doug E. Fresh to Liberace. Kim opens her love letters to you with the release of her debut CD,“First Love Note of Kim Arrington.”