Kimber Jones

Kimber Jones

 Palm Bay, Florida, USA
BandChristianAdult Contemporary

This seasoned Christian songstress will pull you in and bring you to tears with her Spell - Binding , inspirational ballards, then , take you to the next level with her high energy - "On Your Feet" Urban - Laced Tracks.


Kimber Jones started singing at 9, in her families band .Her mother was one of the first female lead guitarist in Central Florida . Her father has played bass guitar for many Artist including Frankie Avalon.
She formed her own Top 40's band while in High School . She continued to hone this gift , while completing a Degree in Commercial Arts and Film.
She has worked as a songwriter and Demo singer for a local production company/studio.
Kimber has been influenced by various genres and Artist like Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin , Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.
In 2003 she felt the "Call Of God " and started writing Christian songs. She is currently completing her Debut Cd . Her pray is that this music will bring Comfort and Peace and that Souls may be converted, in these uncertain times.



Written By: Milton T. Williams , Kimber Jones , and Rhonda E. Williams

The World has me thirsting and yearning feel my heart burning , got me moving in a direction ,just trying to make a connection to you

Let you know that no one else an take God's place
I'm here to share with you his loving grace...


When I think Of God I Think Of Heaven... Deep Down in my Soul When I Think Of God I Think of
I've been through the fire...I've been through the rain God's saving grace and Mercy will surely sustain
Rescued me from darkness into his Marvelous light
Now I know just what a friend we have in Jesus Christ

Oh...Oh...Oh...You should see what my eyes see ...
Where streets are paved with gold.
When I think of God I think of Heaven
Someday I will go
Some day I will go away to Heaven ,
Try to do what's right & live my life for
so...Don't disrupt my flow no...


It is our goal to help save souls &
I'm gonna live right gonna walk in the light
Gonna make it to that city called Heaven...Lord God's beautiful cit Beautiful city.... Oh... Oh...where we can share eternal life..
You & Me & Jesus Christ


I believe it 's hard for you to understand how just by the wave of God's hand how everything can turn around.
I have seen some pretty bad things go down in this life ,But I believe I'll see a miracle Tonight.

When I think of God , I Think of Heaven ,Heaven, Heaven deep down in my soul,when I think of God I think of Heaven , somrday I will go.
I'm going met in the Great City Of Heaven


2 Blessed Music Group - Best Of The Blessed -(c)(p)2006 -

Set List

Set List + 5 Songs

1. My Father's House

2 . Let God In Your Life

3. Believer

4. Feels So Good

5. Heaven