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"Article in The Stage"

Kimberley Dayle

Like Kylie, and Britney Spears before her, Christina Aguilera is well represented on the tribute circuit - and, like the aforementioned performers, there is a great diversity in the quality of these tributes. It is perhaps the best indication of Kimberley's level of commitment that, having been a successful Britney tribute, she has now developed her Christina-based act to a level where even those who are not natural fans of the original, acknowledge the high quality of presentation and vocals, resulting in invitations to perform increasingly larger scale venues, both at home and abroad.

"Whether you do it as your full-time act, or as a means to develop your own career in the future, doing a tribute act properly is by no means an easy route to success. I've worked hard to develop my Christina act to the point where I can comfortably handle big corporate stages, as well as smaller venues. It has taken a lot of hard work to do so, and a lot of investment too, because I also work with a team of dancers.

"As well as studying the original artist's videos in minute detail, we rehearse weekly - or more when we have a big gig coming up.

"Because I have chosen to be Christina, though, this dedictation isn't just about delivering the best quality act I can, it's also because Christina herself is a stadium act, and part of duplicating that aspect of what she does is recreating that 'stadium' quality as much as I can. This wouldn't be such an issue if she was primarly a cabaret-style Vegas act, no matter how famous - and what a lot of people miss when they try to do Christina, is take away the glamour and full on presentation style, and you still have to reproduce an incredibly powerful voice.

"My own voice has a four octave range so I enjoy the challenge of stretching myself, but I would advise anyone embarking on the tribute route to think carefully about the artist they are choosing. It needs to be someone whose songs are in your own vocal range and the scale of whose shows is something you can comfortably reproduce within the market you are aiming to reach. Success in this area comes from being as close to the original as you can, not from being a cut price version of the original."

- The Stage

"Short Interview in The Stage"

The only Britney Spears tribute (or Christina Aguilera for that matter!!) to be featured in this years Tribute Bands supplement, here is the short interview from Mark Richie:

MR: Do you have to be a fan to make a success as a tribute?
KD: Yes. I don't think you can do it properly is you are not. It's sort of an acting role, really.
MR: How long have you been doing this act?
KD: For two years as Britney Spears, but I also perform a Christina Aguilera tribute.
MR: Do you model the costumes you have made from Britney pop videos?
KD: No. I've seen a few other Britney tributes who do, but I model them more on what she wears in concert tours.
MR: Are you ever asked to perform both tributes during the same evening?
KD: Yes. This happens frequently and it is a fantastic selling point for those on a budget who get two shows during the same evening. - The Stage

"Article in The Stage - Interview"

(Article about Holiday Park shows featuring Kimberley Dayle and Phil Beck)

Kimberley Dayle

Kimberley's Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears tributes are increasingly being acknowledged as among the highest quality in this market. A powerful and experienced performer in her own right, she has been a very popular choice for holiday centre bookers in addition to the many other prestige engagements.

"I agree with Phil about the need to be able to adapt your act to the particular environment you are performing in. I'm very serious about reproducing Christina and Britney as accurately as I can - but I also know that the holiday camp market is a family one.

"Although Christina may be the singer with the raunchiest reputation, I've found it's actually Britney who has more material that can be a little adult for family shows. I know how to set pulses racing for my grown-up show, but I make a point of keeping my holiday centre shows family-friendly, both in terms of lyrics and dance moves, so that bookers and parents can relax and know there won't be any embarrassing questions from kids after the show. Make the kids happy and you make the parents happy too - I make a point of getting kids up on stage to sing along and learn easy dance steps, such as the marching moves for Candyman.

"Again I agree with Phil, it is being confident in what you do that allows you to bring the all-important "fun" element to your work without compromising on quality."

- The Stage


DETERMINATION - 10 track album released when Kimberley was 17.




A versatile performer from an early age, Kimberley has been performing her show stopping tributes to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera since 2006. A remarkable visual and vocal likeness to both artists has to be seen to believed, but one glance at the photographs and you won't believe you're looking at the same person!

With eye popping costumes, staggeringly accurate choreography and incredible attention to detail, Kimberley has recieved rave reviews for her recreation of the two pop superstars.

She has performed in many top venues for high profile clients including Imperial Tobacco, Citroen, British Gas, Unilever, MTV, Syco TV, KoKo Club London, Brittany Ferries to name a few. She has toured across Europe and the Middle East, including UAE (Dubai), Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain and Ireland to name a few.


Kimberley Dayle IS Christina Aguilera! With diva vocals to match Xtina’s four octave range, Kimberley is Europe's top tribute to the Dirrty pop princess. A fast paced, high energy show, she belts out favourites such as “Lady Marmalade”, “Fighter”, “Candyman” and of course “Dirrty”, she mixes tightly choreographed moves with power vocals, and wows the audience on ballads such as “The Voice Within" and "Beautiful". The show has become so successful that it was the subject of a lengthy column in the national newspaper "The Stage" and has received rave reviews around the country and abroad for its attention to detail and Kimberley's uncanny recreation of the diva superstar.

The one hour show takes you from the Stripped days with dreadlocks and naughty lyrics to the naughty but nice jazz babe from the Back to Basics album. Including all the hits, from Genie In a Bottle to Candyman and beyond, you feel like you are watching an exclusive concert from the diva herself. With surprise songs from her tours like "At Last", "Car Wash" and don't forget "Lady Marmalade", you never know what will happen next!

Watch when she comes out in suspenders and a bright purple corset to pluck an unsuspecting member of the audience out for "Nasty Naughty Boy"!

Rock out to "Fighter", sing along to a sexed up version of "Genie in a Bottle" and don't forget to wave your hands in the air for the anthemic "Beautiful"!

You can have either a live band backing, or amazing audio backing tracks that have been mixed especially to give that "on tour" feeling. With costumes from one of London’s leading designers (among other things, responsible for the (real!) Michael Jackson show on the World Music Awards) and astounding attention to details means that you truly won’t believe your eyes.


Kimberley Dayle IS Britney Spears! This is the NUMBER ONE tribute to the princess of pop, with eye popping costumes, choreography and LIVE vocals and an uncanny likeness leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is the show to book if you want the best. But, don’t take our word for it, just one look and listen to what’s on offer here and you’ll see that other Britney tributes pale in comparism.

With Britney always in the headlines, and her brand new album “Blackout” going straight to number 1 – this is one tribute you simply can’t afford to miss. As entertainment agents know, to stay on top you need to be up-to-date, which is why if Britney’s doing it, then you’ll see it in the show!

All the shows feature top choreographed moves, an uncanny vocal and visual likeness, electric stage presence and show stopping songs – you need look no further for a show guaranteed to leave them shouting “Baby...One More Time!”

Watch when Britney appears in a dazzling bikini to recreate that famous VMA’s performance of I’m A Slave 4 U...complete with live snake (on request)

Be amazed as she gets the audience singing along to Baby one more Time...accapella...then rips off her suit and rocks out to Oops I Did It Again...

With a breath-taking light show that involves 6 foot silk flames, banners, pyrotechnics, amazing re-mixed backing tracks and with up to 6 incredible’s fast paced, it’s high energy– if you want Britney – here she is.

With sets for all ages – two different shows are available:

ONYX HOTEL TOUR – This electric show recreates in detail the stunning tour from Britney’s “In The Zone” album – finishing off with the famous VMA’s concert appearance where Britney rips off her black suit to reveal a skin tight diamante outfit that brings the house down! A sexy and fun show – this has been extremely successful in nightclubs, theatres and festivals across the country. Currently also with her new singles “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me”!!!

DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – This top show mixes Britney’s popular video appearances with her tour from the “Britney” album – from Baby One More Time to I Love Rock and Roll – and a few favourites – this is a popular and fun choice for holiday parks and family shows.


- comes sol