Kimberly is an indie singer/songwriter of acoustic contemporary folk music. Her rich, deep voice and the songs she writes display a woman in tune with the love and pain of the times and an understanding of the world and people around her.


Kimberly (who prefers not to use her last name) has been singing since she was three and playing guitar since age 8. Growing up in the Mid-Hudson Valley area of New York State, she began playing at open mics when she was 14. She began writing her own songs at 15 but was very shy about playing them in public. In a recent interview, she said, "My songs were intensley personal to me at 15, and I was afraid to play them for anyone."
Her music is often quiet and reflective, sometimes giving one a tug at the heart-strings. Her voice is clear and strong, filled with deep emotion. Her musical influences have been Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt, Rosalie Sorrels, Mary McCaslin to name just a few.
Due to extreme stage fright, Kimberly stopped playing music publicaly for many years. She returned to the music world in 1999 and has been wowing crowds in the Hudson Valley with her music ever since.


Portland Gale

Written By: Kimberly Geiger

November 26th, 1898
Carrying a holiday crowd,
The Portland embarked from a
Boston wharf
In spite of the gathering clouds.
Oh, the spirit was light, there was
food and drink,
There was merriment, there was
Passengers not knowing their fate
that night
At the hands of the cold ,rising sea,

They sang: La, da, la da la lie la ,
La la lie, la la la la la la lie la lie,
La la lie, la la lie.
Li li le lili la lie, la da lie, la la lie.

Oh, the Captain, one Hollis H.
Having been warned of the storm
Was asked not to leave until 9pm
Better yet to wait until morn.
But the captain being a stubborn
Saw no storm at hand, no delay
So they left at 7 that winter's night
To the crowd's delight
As they sang
(Chorus: They sang...)

Heavy snows began around 8pm,
Off Glouster Coast, Portland sailed.
And the holiday crowd soon
became concerned
As the Portland leaned into the gale
But the Captain cried, "Folks we can
still go on,
We will make it on up to Maine."
But she sank off the coast south of
Truro Light
With no help in sight as they sang
(Chorus: And they sang...)

Now a paddle-wheel steamer's
ideal for
The soft, rolling rivers of Maine.
But she's no match for the open
Heavy snows, nor gales of rain.
There've been times I've thought
I heard singing
From her wat'ry grave down below
One-fifty and more singing harmony
From the deep sea, long ago
(chorus: And they sing...)
repeat chorus twice


Three of her songs are currently receiving airplay on Recovery Coast To Coast Radio show hosted by Neil Scott on 1590 AM K-Life in Seattle, Washington

Set List

Typical set list is 45 minutes of playing. I do 2 sets of mostly my songs. I will also do 3 sets with some covers mixed in.
Some of my songs I include in my sets will be:
Just Friends
The Eagle
Yonder Field
Portland Gale
Mask Of Perfection