Kimberly Ann

Kimberly Ann

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA


Kimberly Ann was born in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. This former steeltown girl began singing as far back as she can remember. At four years old she would entertain her neighbors in the Whitaker, PA projects with renditions of Chaka Khan's "Tell Me Something Good." Growing up with very little, she found entertainment and comfort through various styles of music including R&B, Country, Acoustic, Disco, hard rock, etc. You can hear all of these styles come together in the music that she writes and sings.

After giving the modeling industry a try, she discovered her true passion in songwriting and performing.
She later married her high school sweetheart and left the steeltown. Since then, she has lived in several states in the southeast and the west while raising three wonderful children and pursuing her dream.

Currently, Kimberly Ann is touring the country, singing and dancing with The O'Kaysions, a popular Southeastern showband with a hit record "Girl Watcher." This band performs all genres including country, beach music, disco, and R&B. Check out her website at for more information.

Kimberly Ann has recently signed on with RhonBob promotions of Tennessee and will be performing at the CCMA Convention in the fall. Her first single release “Got To Get Up” is on the Top 50 Indie Country Music Charts! "Every Highway" will be released with Stardust of Nashville on their July, 2004 Compilation CD.

Kimberly Ann has been nominated as Best Songwriter & Best Female Artist by the Texas River Music Awards to be held August 21 & 22 in Wichita Falls, TX.


Got To Get Up

Written By: Kimberly Ann Klasnic

Got To Get Up
(K. Klasnic)

Well, I'm tired of people
Always trying to tell me what to do
My friends say I'm crazy
Cause I'm still in love with you
But, I'm tired of spending lonely nights
Crying by the phone
Cause baby, if we're in love
Then why you leaving me here alone?

They said I've got to get up - cause I'm down
Tell me why you messing me around?
They said I've got to get on - with m life
I know I'm never gonna be your wife
They said I've got to look back - recognize
You've been telling me all lies
Well, baby if we're in love,
Then it's the kind that ain't true
I've gotta get away from you
Cause Momma didn't raise no fool

Without you, and I'll do, without you, without you

Well, I'm tired of you bragging
About your run-ins with the law
And baby, why am I always driving
When you say you got a car?
Well, I think I've learned a lesson
Maybe this is my wake-up call
Cause now I know....

Repeat chorus

Every Highway

Written By: Kimberly Ann Klasnic

Every Highway
(K. Klasnic)

Well I'll just give you
Baby - one more chance
You don't deserve it baby
Under no circumstance
But I'll forgive you - once again
I'll take you back now
Even though I don't know when
You will leave me, all alone
You've taken my heart
You've taken my mind
You've taken everything I am

But every highway has an exit
You've got to get off while you can
Or you'll keep on rolling
You'll just keep on rolling

I didn't really want to let you go
But you told me that
You couldn't stay with me no longer
I'm gonna tell you baby,
So you know
This feeling that I have for you
Is just getting stronger
Boy, you keep on chasing my heart away
Don't know how much more of this I can take

Repeat Verse 2

You're Leavin' Me

Written By: Kimberly Ann Klasnic

You're Leavin' Me
(K. Klasnic)

Well I heard you talking
Talking with your friends
Oh, you said you're leaving
That maybe this is the end
Well I'll tell you something
I was afraid to say before
When you are going
Don't let your back hit the door

You're leavin' me
So just get on out
Just walk right out that door
You're leavin' me
So just let me go
Give me what I've waited for
Just give me something
Give me the freedom
That I've never had before

You said you loved her
When I picked up the phone
You said you'd see her
That's where you go
When you're not home?

Well, just pack your bags
Cause I can't take this kind of
Troubled life no more
Get out of my life
Well don't waste my time
Don't you keep me hanging on
And when I get back there
Make sure your bags are packed
And you're already gone



All four tracks are being played around the world. Got To Get Up is #33 on the June Indie Country Music Charts. DJ's are beginning to also embrace and play Every Highway.