Kimberly Ess

Kimberly Ess


Kimberly Ess/The New Feelings - Lucid pop dreams for 21st Century living


"The New Feelings" - Kimberly Ess, Blair Douglas and Nigel Harsch - weave indie-pop stylings with a broad underscore of esoteric influences, from Talking Heads to Felt to the Cocteau Twins. Kimberly has toured with the March Records band "Le Concorde" and was in the Chicago band "Canteen" and Blair moonlights all across America as Adam Clayton in "Vertigo," a U2 tribute band (however there's no physical resemblance between the two, unfortunately for Adam).

Set List

Set is 30-45 min.
1. Oh, So Easy
2. Burning Secret
3. Maybe Later
4. Going Around
5. Rescue in Tokyo
6. Hand It Over
7. Ahem
8. I'll Tell You When It's Over