Kimberly Gordon

Kimberly Gordon

 Barrington, Illinois, USA

Kimberly Gordon is truly a musicians singer, a singers singer, and the Jazz lovers singer. Her dedication to the Jazz Masters, Composers, Lyricists and and their melodies as written elevates her above the rest. A consummate entertainer she has a magical way of engaging her audience...


"Kimberly Gordon is the real deal. The ultimate swing-lovers singer!"--Kurt Elling

"If sapphires could sing I imagine they would have a similar sound"--Neil Tesser, Grammy winner, 2014"Gordon's range and scatting skills are in a higher echelon of musicianship"--Jenifer Odell, Downbeat Magazine

Kimberly's sound reflects the old school style of delivering standards. She is deeply rooted in the ways of the masters always true to the melody as written; this separates her from the rest.

From Duo to big band Kimberly can be yours....

Chicago native Kimberly Gordon has been a part of the national Jazz scene for twenty-five years, playing top venues and receiving high acclaim from critics and musicians alike. During her five year stint in New York City, she was Artist in Residence at Smalls and Cleopatra's Needle also singing at The Village Vanguard, Bradley's, Sweet Basil and other top venues. Kimberly has shared the stage with Jazz legends such as Wynton Marsalis and The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Betty Carter, Roy Hargrove, Harry"Sweets" Edison, Marcus Roberts, Frank Hewitt, Barry Harris, Captain Jack McDuff, John Hicks, Von Freeman, and countless others.

In her hometown, Chicago, Kimberly just finished up a 10 year run as Artist in Residence at the world renowned Green Mill Jazz Club (Kurt Elling's home base), where she held court on Sunday nights, a highly coveted spot. Kimberly was also the original singer there as well with the Swing Shift Orchestra every Thursday for 15 years, garnering her the title "The Nightingale of The Green Mill Lounge".
Whenever Kimberly Gordon performs, she can literally hold a Jazz clinic: she has a unique talent that allows her to sing and tutor her audience simultaneously. Alternating her singing with rich explanations of each song's origin, its context within a particular film, or its relevance within Jazz history.Most importantly,she swings hard, very hard!
Kimberly is also a multi-columnist and features writer for Chicago Jazz Magazine to a dedicated 5K following.

Kimberly will be premiering her show "In a Man's World: The life and times of Irene Kitchings" at The Open Door Theater. This will be a musical journey featuring the music of Irene and her relationship with Billie Holiday and Carmen McRae.

Kimberly performed with Atlanta Braves Organist Matthew Kaminski at Steinway Galleries receiving a standing ovation, April, 2014

Kimberly performed with Atlanta Braves Organist Matthew Kaminski and his trio at the Churchhill Grounds Jazz Club in the historic Fox Theater, April, 2014

Kimberly Gordon Organ trio conquered the newly opened SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco sharing the night with Wayne Shorter, March, 2014

Kimberly performed with Carmen McRae's longtime pianist Marshall Otwell and his trio at the legendary Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz, California. Reprising all the wonderful charts they did together, March, 2014

Kimberly was featured in Chicago's super hip "Dinner Party". An event run by Elysabeth Alfano and" Fear No Art Chicago", this live streaming broadcast features Chicago celebs around a dinner table talking about food, the fine arts, and politics, October, 2013.

Kimberly recently serenaded Tom Brokaw and General Colin Powell for a military event "Ideas Chicago" at the Goodman Theater, September, 2013

Kimberly was chosen to be part of the prestigious JAZZVOX vocal series in Seattle, Washington, October, 2012

Kimberly is prominently featured in the movie "Chicago Overcoat", where her character "Jazz Singer" serenades the main characters. Kimberly penned an original song for the film titled "You're Sweet, You're Mine", 2011. Starring Armand Assante, Stacy Keach, Katherine Narducci and Frank Vincent.

Kimberly's recording of "Mr. Sandman", Melancholy Serenade, has been prominently featured in Season 8 of NIP/TUCK titled "LOLA". It is used as anintegral part of the script theme and closes the episode.


Melancholy Serenade

Written By: Kimberly Gordon

Music Jackie Gleason
Lyric Kimberly Gordon


As I look up to the trees, I'm so blue and melancholy
I cry all day I sigh all night for you
And the stars up in the sky dance their sleepy lullabye, they know it too you can't be true to me
In this wicked world only a few will find, In this cruel world only my heart can define
All the love I feel for you tell my heart what it should do leave you alone? Don't ever phone.... we're through
alt. A outro
Oh look what you have made, a
Melancholy Serenade, please rest my soul, it's lost control for good.

You're Sweet, You're Mine

Written By: Kimberly Gordon

Music: Kimberly Gordon, Demos Petropoulos
Lyrics: Kimberly Gordon

Form: AABA

You're Sweet, lips just like honey wine, you're sweet, please bring them close to mine, our kiss says time has passed my dear, still divine
You're touch, I need you're warm embrace so much, lets find a lonely place that we can be forever lost without trace
My Heart can't take another break, within your loves control, with you I know our love will grow and you will always , always be mine
you're mine we've stood the test of time, you're mine and you will always be so sweet, so sweet, you're mine


Itunes Links to CD's:
Kimberly Gordon Organ Trio, "SUNDAY", Sirens Records(

I Sold My Heart To The Junkman, Robbin's Nest, and It's Not Easy bein' Green get the most radio play.

Kimberly Gordon Trio, "Melancholy Serenade", Sirens Records (

Mr. Sandman, I Got it Bad And That Ain't Good, Alfie get the most radio play.

"Mr. Sandman', Melancholy Serenade, Sirens, 2004, is prominantly featured in NIP/TUCK, 2010, Episode 8, "LOLA".

Kimberly's original song "You're Sweet, You're Mine", is featured and performed by Kimberly in the movie, "Chicago Overcoat", Beverly Ridge Productions, 2009

I Sold My Heart To The Junkman, I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good), Alfie, and Too Close For Comfort get the most radio play.

Set List

Kimberly has been featuring her AMERICAN COMPOSER and LYRICIST SERIES and AMERICAN JAZZ MASTERS SERIES, covering all of the American Songbooks including the libretto Porgy and Bess. Kimberly tailors her sets to the crowd, venue and room. Pulling from her cache of over 2,000 tunes, compositions range from the obscure to the well known classics.