Kimberly Parks

Kimberly Parks

 Springboro, Ohio, USA

Kimberly Parks is a true country singer-songwriter who refreshingly sticks to the roots of the great legends before her.


Kimberly Parks started leading worship in the Dayton, OH area and stepped out to record her first CD of original music which was completed in the fall of 2008. After the unexpected death of her father, she wrote the entire album. After deciding to tour she formed the band of friends she'd met along the way. In 2014, Kimberly decided to return to her Country roots and started writing country music. Most of the songs were inspired by the "characters" in her life she has come to call family.. 


The Chase

Written By: Kimberly Parks,Matthew Goodloe,Donnie Reis

Well, I left my heart in Memphis
when he called out another girl's name
and Mama warned me about bad boys
so now I'm only in it for the chase
I got my revenge, and stole his brand new car
wrote loser on his garage door, like it was a work of art
he said that i was crazy, but he just don't understand
I'm only in it for the chase, just try to catch me if you can
He said,"I know you love me baby&I've loved you a long time now
I've been watching all your running, and I want to slow you down"
so I looked into the eyes and read the soul of this good man
and said, the answer's still a maybe, try to catch me if you can

Whiskey Widow

Written By: Kimberly Parks,Matthew Goodloe,Donnie Reis

You stumbled in late one night
A quarter past 3
I didn't put up a fight
I pretended to sleep
I could tell you'd been with her
you're not fooling me
So I prayed God make a way
I'd be strong enough to leave

You say she never lets you down
and you won't ever give her up
you drink her in
like you can't get enough....
So when they ask me
what happened?
I'll say she is to blame
For making me a widow
and whiskey was her name

Last night was the last time
I looked the other way
from all the broken promises
that convinced me to stay
I can't do what she does for you
i can't ease your pain so
I won't stand here watching you
let her take you to the grave

Next Mistake

Written By: Kimberly Parks,Matthew Goodloe,Donnie Reis

It didn't take me much to find out what you're all about
I'm getting off another shift and you're still on my couch
I've put up with your good for nothing self for way to long
the next time i walk through that door you best be up and gone
oooooh up and gone
I've called up all my girlfriends told them that I'm moving on
i walked into the bar and they were playing my favorite song
i looked across the room and something pretty caught my eye
the next thing that i knew all of my drinks were from that guy
oooooh that poor guy

You look like everything i need
and everything i don't
I know i should turn down tho drink
but we both know i won't
after every beer i have and every shot i take
the more you look like my next mistake

we're dancing and drinking having us a good ol time
Hes tall dark and handsome, oh this boy is just my type
its almost 2 am and i still haven't spent a dime
He's saying the right things for me to take him home tonight
ooooh he thinks i might

Bartender says last call and furs on all the lights
This poor guy don't know he's going home alone tonight
I know what he's thinking but this isn't what it seems
He can't even have my number but I'll let him watch me leave
ooooh watch me leave
ooooh watch me leave

Set List

Praise You Forever Reign Over Me
You Won't Forsake Me Name Above Names
I Believe, This Love I am Here
Let Me See You *updated Hymn
-break- Usually start with 35 min
No Rock break,then 35-40min