Kimberly Trapp

Kimberly Trapp


ROCK and ROLL, baby! :-)


Kimberly Trapp is both an original and a cover pop rock artist based in South Florida. She has performed in various venues ranging from night clubs such as The Clevelander, O'Hara's, Blue Martini and Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Pro Player Stadium for the Miami Dolphin's home games. She also has performed at NASCAR events in Homestead, FL and at the WORLD SERIES for the MARLIN'S FAMOUS WINNING SEASON. Kimberly has been singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM for the MIAMI HEAT at least twice a season since 2002 (what an honor!). She recently released her first ORIGINAL EP entitled "Disruption". The songs are a unique mix of classic, folk, and alternative rock. Her lyrics are poetic and evocative, and her vocal performances are simply seductive. By alternately revealing vulnerability with a sultry sound and rocking out with determination and strength, Kimberly adds a soulful slant to pop rock. Her live performances are filled with an infectious energy and she has an apparent desire to create a connection with her audience.


Not Pretty

Written By: Trapp/Winokur

She's falling short of a dream
living lies in magazines
shadows all around
with noone there to hold her hand
and precious few who understand
she bends her knees to the ground
"Oh God won't you listen to me
all I wanted was someone who'd love me"

But they ran like the wind away
blowing from city to city
love isn't like we believe
no it's not pretty

The smiling soldier's armor breaks
says love's a child's mistake
girl, you'll be fine
the truth always seems to blow
he adores her she knows
but he couldn't bear to tow the line
Her love is an endless story
braving fire without any glory


And they lie, and they lie, and they lie...


And they ran like the wind away
'cause holding her isn't easy
and love isn't like we believe
no it's not pretty

Let Love In

Written By: Trapp/Winokur/Rose

How many times have you tried to love before
just to find they're not who you're looking for
when hope seems like a helpless jaded melody
and hunger is an ill-fated memory
You close your eyes and I know
there's so much more to find

And if you want to take my energy
you could have everything inside of me
come on, tell me
are you gonna let love in

How many lives have you lived before me
never able to find who you really want to be
you're clinging to something that seemed right then
and secretly know that if you could you'd change it all again
You close your eyes and I know
it's love we're gonna find
No more lonely nights
no more tear-laden eyes
my love will be the sunlight
no more living lies
oh baby it's alright


Written By: Trapp, Winokur


He was standing there
his hands dancing down a mirror
working his pale eyes pretty
infecting my purity
He takes my hand
'cause he wants to fly away
from the disaster
left in the wake of his mistakes

Crying in his corruption
Dying in his disruption
Rolling the rocks of everlasting

Lying in his lair
he paints a pentagram on his finger
he doesn't have a faith
just a flask and a rusty razor blade
and I am burning
like the flame from his matches
I'm love's laceration
just a sucker holding onto the ashes


Disruption EP, 2007

Set List

Covers and originals. Covers range from pop rock and alternative rock to jazz, soul, and high-energy dance music. Oh, and classic rock! Kimberly loves to sing songs originally performed by male artists such as Led Zeppelin and Nickelback! :-)