kim churchill

kim churchill


I play experimental acoustic guitar with a heavy blues and roots influence. I sing, play harmonic, and have stomp box under one foot and tambourine under the other. I like to consider myself a performer rather than musician, as the stage is the place i feel most confortable playing music.


I have been very influenced by the likes of guitarist like Andy Ackee, michael Hedges and Thomas Leeb. On the other had, my passion is blues and roots and i encorprate my love of John Butler, Xavier, the Beautiful girls........Lloyd Speigel and Juzzie smith heavily into my performance.

"this kid is a bloody freak! You guys better watch carefully, you wont believe this!"
Frankie J Holden to crowd at Sapphire Rock 08


"Kim's a great young guitarist, and in a country with so many great young guitarists, it's his ability to create new techniques and sounds from the instrument that stands out and will ultimately carry him to leaving his stamp on the Australia guitar scene."
Lloyd Spiegel
Former Australian Ambassador of Blues
Premier Endorsee - Cole Clark guitars

“his guitar technique is gob-smacking, and his style, reminiscent of Xavier Rudd/ John Butler, with blistering licks and very groovy melodies, he really must be seen to be believed.”
Merimbula News Weekly

Kim Churchill is an experimental acoustic guitarist centred around folk and blues music. He combines a unique style of guitar playing with the beat and sound of roots music. A style that combines body percussion with tapping and everything in between, he really shows just how versatile the 20th Century Acoustic guitar can be.
With 7 years of classical training, 13 years of experience and smooth vocal work, he is one of the many promising up and coming young musicians.


Ep, 2006- Independent- "To this Life"- recorded at the SAE institute Melbourne.
Debut Album, 2008, "Offshore Roots", Recorded at Pirate Studios.
Wyndam LLA compilation- "It is what it is"- blues comnpilation recorded under Pirate Rocords.