Kim Cole

Kim Cole


Kim Cole is Kooky Cool Country, acoustic driven singer songwriter who is pure Canadiana !



It all started at a thousand-watt radio station. No wait, that’s someone else’s story. It all started with being dragged on vacation to Nashville in 1996 by a star-struck friend. Coincidentally it was right around the time I got my first guitar and started teaching myself to play. Serendipity. I came home with a drive to write songs of my own. I completed my first song a month later, had my first solo gig a month after that and I haven’t looked back. Having graduated a few years earlier from Toronto’s well-known music production and management school, Harris Institute for the Arts, I had struggled to find a “back stage” place for myself within the music industry. I didn’t suspect my place would be “on stage” as a singer/songwriter. One year after writing that first song I won grand prize at a local singer/songwriter contest at Toronto’s Whammy Bar. Immediately after that I received a publishing demo grant from FACTOR and then garnered a live cover by Toronto country music sweethearts The Cameron Family Singers. I had always wanted to work in the music business and it seemed apparent I was launching a career as a musician and songwriter.

In early 1999 I began hosting a weekly songwriter night at a downtown tourist area bistro called 43o below. My reputation as an up-and-coming writer and performer was growing, leading to invitations to play outside of the city. I showcased at Canadian Country Music Week, which led to invitations to several Nashville “in the round” songwriter showcases. Three years after that fateful visit, I returned to Nashville as a songwriter.

My second Canadian Country Music Week songwriter showcase placed me before Calgary based music publishing company and independent record label, Blue Leaf Music. In January of 2001 I signed a publishing contract with Blue Leaf Music.

In 2005 I released my debut CD " i'll take the cowboy" at Kensington Sound Studios. I am proud to say that I co-produced the project and had a hand in every aspect of the process. Of course, I have already begun writing for the next project.

Recently I performed and interviewed as a featured artists by Insight Productions for a TV doc called "Toronto Sings" which premiered in 2006 and continues to play in regular rotation today.


Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Written By: Kim Cole, Mimi Balkey

Just off of Danforth Avenue
Unpacking the dreams they felt born to pursue
Found ‘em a beat up old washing machine
Sweet bit of luck in avocado green
And so like their lovin’ that old Kenmore worked like a charm

They agreed he’d finish his degree
Working two jobs she believed she’d still sing
She was doing washin’ when he said goodbye
Leaving his blue jeans and her heart behind
While she was crying that old Kenmore worked like a charm

Chorus 1

They don’t make ‘em like they used to
Cars might go faster but they don’t last as long
How he talked about their future
Made her a promise that was anything but true
They don’t make ‘em like they used to

Pulled up her socks and left the floor
Alive to the buzz of the bright lights she’d explore
Got her a guitar at a second-hand store
Proceeded to teach herself a couple of chords
And like her ambition that old Gibson worked like a charm

Repeat Chorus 1


Kenmore spinning, Gibson strumming, the muse is joining in
Her happy ending, the best revenging, just be the best you can

Chorus 2

Cuz they don’t make ‘em
No they don’t make ‘em
Don’t make ‘em like they used to
Cars might go faster but they don’t last as long
Now she talks about her future
And speaks in heroes like Loretta and Emmylou
Yeah they don’t make ‘em like they used to
They don’t make ‘em like they used to
Don’t make ‘em like they used to

This Time Last Year

Written By: Kim Cole

Smoking and drinking
Won't keep me from thinking
About you and what we used to be
Spilling and wishing
Won't bring what I'm missing

But your messed up heart
Keeps us apart
So different from this time last year

Can't find a reason
So I blame the season
Where I'm steeping in questions and this wine
Still autumn and demons
Just keep me dreaming
The same as when your love was mine

But your messed up heart
Keeps us apart
So different from this time last year

This time last year
When you loved everything about me
When you crossed your heart
You crossed a country full of borders and lines for me

And now that very same heart
Keeps us apart
And I wrack my brain
Still I can't figure out
What messed up your heart
Must it keep us apart
What's different from this time last year
Your different

Smoking and drinking
Won't keep me from thinking about you
And this time last year


Debut CD
"i'll take the cowboy"

Set List

99% Originals