Kim Cummings

Kim Cummings

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Soft but driven chill-out Nujazz electronic based sound with unique female vocal. Blues and Jazz influences with a touch of folk sensibilities.


Kim Cummings began writing songs at the age of 13 - "I remember listening to all types of artists. Anita O’Day, Gene Krupa, The Beatles, Sarah Vaughn, The Faces, Zappa. Today, Massive Attack, Beck, Civil Twilight, Arcade Fire, Herbalsaier, the list goes on. I love it. All of it.”
"But I have to say years ago, when I first heard Laura Nyro, my life changed. I knew I could tap into songwriting myself.”
Kim's wide range of musical influences helped her experiment, pairing her voice with lyrics and music. Her first collaborating experience involved writing and recording with Chris Robison, formally of the New York Dolls. In the following years Kim played in bands and exploring her song writing abilities in Boston and eventually in L.A.
And the writing continues. Kim's writing stems from her expansive influences, vocal sensibilities and her love of melody and words. "I want to make my sound as precise and as honest as I can,” she says. “I hope people find that it resonates with them, that my experiences and feelings are somewhat compatible to theirs. I believe my recent work is the best I’ve ever done because I am clearer and more confident about the work. After all these years, it really feels good to know myself and trust myself creatively.” “I just love what I do.”

Dan Faltz


On The Dole

Written By: Kim Cummings

On The Dole
(K. Cummings)

I like your eyes they make me happy
like the roving deep blue sea
I kinda like the way you take me
to a place of what will be will be-

There aren’t too many people- who borrow my bleeding soul

I make my money makin money
I make my time watchin you,
I’d never be too much a burden
I got better things to do,

There aren’t too many people- who borrow my bleeding soul
I think the cravings that I feel for you- have got me living on the dole,

I kinda like to watch you breathing,
I also like to watch TV,
Life’s full of so many toys and things
would you like to come and play with me?

Tell me where I can find the shoes I need to wear-
Anybody got a dime for my fabricated despair?
I’m pretty good at taking orders…round and round around –saddle on up to me,
Blossoming Welfare and wounded but here for you. I am-cha cha cha

© 2010
I’m Just Sayin Music

Sugar Moon

Written By: Kim Cummings

Sugar Moon
(K. Cummings)

You were in my mind baby,
saw you on my lips too,
No we weren’t on earth baby
we was on sugar moon,

What’s that you are askin?
How’d I get all soft and blue?
getting all sentimental while
ridin that sugar moon,


I got a one- way ticket baby
I’m off to realize my dues,
I’m not inclined to reject you
I’m off to Sugar Moon,

I’m on fire for you honey
I’m waiting for you-
Give me lots of lovin and
I’ll wear it on Sugar Moon

Tumbling tumbling down that crowded avenue
Something about your touch and I shuffle for you
Maybe life could be a little sweeter too
If we shared that mighty lovely tasty sugar moon,


Oooh you move me…..
Oooh you move me……..

to Sugar Moon

© 2010
I’m Just Sayin Music


"Last Rites and The Warrior Pull." Adult Alternative acoustic driven CD. Co-written w/ Miguelli. Produced by Miguelli.
Tracks available on several sites for download including iTunes & Amazon.
Newly completed demo entitled " Don't Move" available for listening and download on my Myspace page and Reverbnation.
EP of 2 to 3 tracks entitled " Move" being re-mixed for chill out/ dance extended mixes will soon be available on those sites as well.
Some material available on Free FM & Jango internet radio.