Kim Dean

Kim Dean

 Bowie, Maryland, USA

Kim Dean's music is a combination of today's Pop/Country and Alternative/Rock. The band is made up of 2 acoustic guitarists, electric bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Although the songs can be performed with the full band, when songs are performed with an acoustic guitar, this is a great sound.


Kim Dean has been singing and writing music since the age of 12. Influences are Journey, U2, Sting and the Police, Jason Mraz, Alanis Morrisette, and Uncle Kracker,

Acoustic guitarist, Dave Hanbury is instrumental in working together with Kim to get the music that's playing around in Kim's head out to the listening ear. We've worked together for years to fine-tune the sound and get the music produced that Kim has written over the years.


Single: I'll Be There 4 You
Single: In This Moment
Single: When the Love Starts Growin' Old
Single: That's How It Is
Single: Now Do you Believe