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Kim Desir



Born on January 28, 1983 in Queens, NY, the third of five daughters, Kim was raised in a loving and God-fearing family. Her parents, both of which emigrated from Haiti, recognized and nurtured her gift early on, and she began singing in church at the tender age of four. She wrote her first song at age eight, although “the melody changed about five times,” she knew that music for her was much more than mere entertainment.
Her debut album, “Truth Speaks”, released in January 2005, is a collection of textured songs reflecting her heart and soul. She takes us on a self analyzing journey, stemming from her personal experience, through what she regards as the “tangible word of God in the form of song.” With refreshing melodies and captivating lyrics, she gives a profound insight on life, “penetrating beyond the superficial to the truth.”
Throughout much of her childhood and adolescence, Kim continued her writing and compiled an impressive collection of poems and songs. She was also very active in her church, leading her youth’s choir at age 14. She began considering a career in music after directing and performing in her high school’s music competition, “Sing,” where a young girl asked for her autograph. After graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School in 2000, her family moved to Atlanta, GA. It was then that she began pursuing her music career, but on a secular level, participating in local talent shows, seeking out production deals, and performing in artist showcases at night clubs. When she seemed to have hit a brick wall, she decided to slow down and further develop her writing skills, enrolling at Kennesaw State University as an English major.
Then in 2002 she began attending Faith Christian Center, in Smyrna, GA, and as she received the Word concerning God’s will for her life, her fire and passion for God and music was rekindled and she rearranged her plans to accommodate His plan. Meanwhile she was actively serving in the music ministry as a choir member and in the youth’s department as a youth leader, all the while knowing that as she was obedient and faithful in her service, doors would be opened for her, and she would receive the “desires of her heart.” It was there that she met Christopher and Lisa Green, founders of the independent Christian record label, Time to Live Music. In 2004 Kim began performing at their artist showcases, Coffee Speaks, and later signed onto their label.
With an aim to navigate uncharted waters by assimilating Christian music into mainstream, Kim Desir considers her music as her ministry. “I can’t not sing. If I did, then I’d might as well stop breathing,” says the 21 year- old singer-songwriter, who attributes her passion for music to a single factor- God. “He placed this desire within me to create music for His glory. I was made for this purpose.” An artist in every sense of the word, Kim Desir personifies creativity. Her unique sound and style of music is an innovative blend of gospel, neo-soul, jazz and R&B and introduces an element of realness to Christian music. “Somewhere along the line, God stopped being real to people. I want my music to reflect the intimacy that should be there. He is real.” Musically inspiring and lyrically compelling, she deems herself a vessel by which the Word can reach the world.


Virtuous Woman

Written By: Kim Desir

Who can find a virtuous woman?
For her price is far above rubies,
You could search far and wide,
For that virtuous woman,
But who can find, who can find her?

Charm is deceptive, beauty fades with time,
All that meets the eye are but in vain, yet she's obtained that highest high,
Her spirit is gentle, every virtue evident,
She speaks the law of kindness and is wise, leans not on her intelligence,
And her works they all prosper, she's empowered from on high,
And cultivates the spirit's fruits through prayer and meditation day and night,
No, she's not perfect, all have sinned and fallen short,
But she glorifies Him in her life for with a price she was bought.

Who can find a virtuous woman?
For her price is far above rubies,
You could search far and wide,
For that virtuous woman,
But who can find, who can find her

Now, we've established her essence, that interior design,
But let's not fail to mention that her outer man's on point, oh she is fine,
Clothed to perfection, with strength and honor, she's a queen,
For in His image she was made, so she's maintained her status- royalty,
And her Adam he'll know it, and wear her proudly like a crown,
Daily he'll arise and call her blessed for in her virtue has been found,
But where is this woman? The glory of the Father's plan,
The quest shall go on, but for the moment look no further, here I am.

Who can find a virtuous woman?
For her price is far above rubies,
You could search far and wide,
For that virtuous woman,
But who can find, who can find her?

That Proverbs 31 virtuous woman, so precious and rare,
Illuminating, captivating, to her no one else can compare,
She's the very reflection, of our Father in heaven,
When you see her you'll see Him.

This is God

Written By: Kim Desir

‘Gotta peace from within, words can't describe,
How I feel so unreal, can't help but smile,
Suddenly everything's clear, now that I have cast all my cares,
And received what's been there all along,
It's a peace that runs deep more than the mind,
Comprehends, it extends beyond our time,
Oh what a pleasure to know the voice of my one and only
To hear when He calls and be sure

This peace surpasses all understanding,it’s so amazing, engaging,
At loss for words I can’t seem to find the perfect way to express all He is..
It’s like I’m on a never ending high...
To ease my mind
Without a doubt or worry,
Only love.

This is God, this is God, this is God...

What to do, where to go, which way and why?
Once confused now I do what I do then sigh,
It's such a calming relief to lie in the stillness of trust,
To release faith in love and be fine,
What a blessed assurance now I rest
In green pastures, my soul restored again,
What can I say, I'm in heaven on earth.

His peace, it brings a sense of direction to know His will and be led by His Spirit,
A sweet release to place my very life in his hands,
It’s like I’m on a never ending high...

This is God, this is God, this is God...

Milk & Honey

Written By: Kim Desir

I’ve been walking through this desert for some now,
Just going ‘round and ‘round, still have not found a place to call my own,
I decided, though unconsciously, that I was wise enough to take the lead-
I’ve never been so wrong,
Now, it’s been twenty somewhat years since I first started,
A simple journey what began, now has turned into a long, long, long, long, long way,
This rock looks so familiar, almost as if I’ve passed it before,
What’s going on?

I’m so tired of all this wandering,
Time to get where I’m going,
My land of milk & honey just seems so far away,
I can’t go on any longer complaining and pointing fingers, blaming all but me,
My destiny will be what I make it.

I’d be lying if I said I knew no better,
Because the truth is that I knew the truth but still refused to do all that He said,
And consequently I found myself writing lines that I wrote before,
And singing broken record songs, aimlessly just going on,
To think of all the precious time that I have wasted,
Those countless days and night spent in the dark despite that lamp He’d set unto feet,
Now I can see, it’s so plain now I see,
Out of the wilderness I finally came the moment I let go, and just let God,

Now I’m no longer wandering,
I’m closer to where I’m going,
My land of milk & honey is not that far away,
I could not go on any longer complaining and pointing fingers, blaming all but me,
My destiny will be what I make it.

Out of Egypt into Canaan,
Eleven days it should have been,
But for complaints and steady murmuring,
Forty years were spent in vain…

Now there are some of you who know from where I’m coming,
And maybe others still out wandering in a desert of your own,
And all the rest who have yet to start that journey- what you waitin’ for, huh?
You ‘gotta come through to come out.
Now I don’t profess to know it all, no I’m still learning,
And everyday I shine much brighter than I did the day before,
But I can say that life is a cycle of tests and trials,
But until you make the grade things never change,

Now aren’t you tired of all that wandering?
It’s time to get where you’re going,
Your land of milk & honey is not that far away,
You can’t go on any longer complaining and pointing fingers, blaming all but you,
Your destiny will be what you make it.

Set List

Kim's repertoire consist of both original music and cover songs. Originals: A Song, Virtuous Woman, Just Because, Milk and Honey, Taste and See, Let It Go, This Is God, Dead Sea Fruit, Go Back, Him In You, I Believe, Come With Me, Speak