Kim Fox

Kim Fox


Kim is an energetic vocalist with a huge stage presence and aggressive attitude that captivates her audiences with her in-your-face sound and melodies. Her theatrical show will take you on a musical journey and leave you with her genuine emotion and passion.


Kimberly Fox, Vocalist

Kimberly Fox also known as Bootcie, (born June 10, 1985) is an African American actress, Pop, R&B singer, dancer and musical theater performer. Vocal performer and native of Hanover Virginia, Fox received her Bachelor Degree in Vocal Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her principal teachers include Jim Smith Parham, Melody Kohnday and Laura Chandler-White. Fox started singing in church at the age of three and through- out the years has perfected her talents to different venues such as Rainmaker Studios, Riverside Dinner Theater, and Seven Cities Media. In 2013 Mrs. Knight debut her first album “Second Chances” showcasing her talents as a singer/songwriter and collaborating with Brett Cypress Inspirit Productions, a group that includes traditional as well as contemporary alternative music. In addition to an active performing schedule, Mrs. Fox performs at Riverside Dinner Theater as an actress and singer in various off Broadway musicals. Beyond her musical activities Mrs. Fox enjoys spending time with her husband Ryan and daughter Olivia the loves of her life.