Kimi Blazin

Kimi Blazin


Pop for all generations. Heavy Electric guitars, stereo Thumping bass, Tripped out electronic melodies,old school Funk with a new skool contemporary Flare. A cross between Pink, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Ciara. "Blink182 meets Pink in an underground club to jam n rock the house


Determined to succeed as a musicology major, Kimi is as real as it gets. True to its title, Kimi Blazin Singles Release, Kimi inventively blazes a lyrically amusing, funky, fresh, new sound that delivers intense, high energy rhythms, and super catchy hooks. Optimistically, Kimi describes the singles as " Outrageously fun!!! Our team work proved to be a dream work!"
Born in America, this multi talented, trilingual, 21-year-old songs tress and song writer always stays true to her Brazilian roots. Dedicating most of her time, making her dream of a music career come true. " I've never had anything handed to me and i'm not afraid of hard work to attaining things I really want, the good old fashion way. I certainly appreciate and value the rewards as a result of achieving my goals," says Kimi.
Starting to realize that dream as an unsigned, Pop solo artist, with her first Singles Release. Kimi quotes with a smile,"This is just the beginning!" Kimi acknowledges J.T.PRODUCTIONS, her two time Grammy award winning production team: John D. Thomas - owner of J.T.PRODUCTIONS (Producer, song writer, arrangement, musician, and sound engineer) and (Co-producer, musician, sound engineer) Rene Ogando, for their work on the Kimi Blazin Singles Release. "

Kimi's already sold over 15 copies of KIMI BLAZIN SINGLES RELEASE as an unsigned artist.



RIP IT- streaming and also available on Itunes, cdbaby, isound, and MP3

Set List

I perform Original songs as well as cover songs. It truly depends on the event and audience. The best song fitting the vibe for the moment is usually what i'll perform. I have Supersonic pop/rock/ r&b songs and then I also have more of an organic, rock, ambient, kind of :Jewel, Nora Jones, genre of originals.

Rip It
I Like It
Bump It
Get Funky
Bling It
Bring It All Together

50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and today.
Pop Rock RnB Punk Alternative Classic Rock Soul