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Kim Logan

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Blues




""Daily Discovery"" - American Songwriter

"Haus of Kim"

"Conjuring up dirty blues, classic country, and rock ‘n’ roll, the music all lies under an eerie, macabre coating. Kind of a touch-me-if-you-dare sound. The songs make you think of a haunted old Nashville singer, wailing into a microphone, peeking out through a cloud of smoke and seducing you with winking eyes. She’s created an unusual niche that makes you unsure whether or not this LP should be sold at Third Man, Logue’s Black Raven Emporium or Ernest Tubb Record Shop. And that’s probably the way she’d like to keep it." - Marissa Moss, Native Magazine - Native Magazine

"Music City Roots"

"I hit the website of Kim Logan, and suddenly I’m in a swamp. Spanish moss and green alligator skin dominates the theme. Ah, she’s from Florida and somehow between down home on the bayou and East Nashville she studied OPERA, and yet developed a greasy, thumpy deep South sound that makes her the Tony Joe White of 37206. I had friends who studied opera and they weren’t supposed to sing rock and roll to protect their voices. But Logan, who stares down a hungry alligator on the cover of her debut record, doesn’t seem like one to take direction. What’s awesome about her sound is the way that trained power is held in reserve and then set loose in the blink of an eye. She is as likely to bust out crafty covers as originals. And her originals, like the Bo Diddley beat opener “Lolita” sound like they’ve been on shelves since the 60s. Logan (backed by an expertly eclectic five-piece band) offered an emotional, soaring take on Randy Newman’s “Guilty” and a super-fun shimmy-shaky “Niki Hoeky” (Aretha/P.J. Proby cover), which I think marks the first time the lyric “you oh-booga-boo you / Get hip to the conversation / Of the boolawee” has been sung on our stage. The final song, “Gentleman,” with its film noir vibe, smoky saxophone and striking vocal summed up the original, mod/retro package that is Kim Logan." - Craig Havighurst

"Elmore Magazine"

"If there’s one thing to note, the music that Kim Logan has chosen to become a master of—or in her case, a mistress of—places her in an odd corner of the universe simply because there aren’t many men who are in there with her." - Melissa Caruso

"Silvertone Guitars"

"She eschews the digital, preferring the warm, honest soul of tubes, tape and vinyl. Her Silvertone 1478 is a perfect arrow for her sonic quiver and she shoots it straight to the heart." - Tony De La Rosa

"Nashville Scene Critics' Pick"

"Logan transcends the formalism that limits many singers who are in thrall to the roots music of the storied past. "Gentleman" is a modified blues shuffle, and the song displays her knack for intelligent, sardonic lyrics. Meanwhile, "Devil Makes Three" finds her shacking up with her boyfriend and the horned one -- and she seems altogether unfazed by the experience." - Edd Hurt

"No Country For New Nashville"

"Originally from Sarasota, Florida, the singer, who also dabbles in film, writing, and fashion and previously spent time in the opera scene, has been on our radar for years, and her self-titled, full-length debut is one of the strongest Nashville releases in recent memory. Channeling elements of soul music, retro rock, classic country, delta blues, folk, and more, Logan funnels her incredible vocal stylings into some of the most diverse, heartfelt, and a powerful tunes around. The opening act were great in their own right, but Logan was, undoubtedly, the evening’s true star. Dressed in black and backed by a talented group of players (all familiar faces), Kim conjured an old soul aesthetic, lending her powerful and unparalleled vocal prowess to a barrage of tunes which ranged from old, soulful folk songs to classic country to ballads to more upbeat, rock-leaning contemporary tracks. Kim has the rare ability to deliver with a conviction and a sincerity that allows her to utterly embody the song she’s singing, spilling forth raw emotion, and enchanting the audience with every word." - Philip Obenschain

"Thought Catalog"

"Take Adele’s soulfulness and replace her music’s somber temperament with some Southern rock crunch and attitude." - Michael Nissenbaum

"Band Of The Day App"

"Blood, sweat, and booze-fueled roots rock rising from the swamps of Florida to the honky-tonks of Nashville." - Band of the Day

"Kim Logan"

Kim Logan has conquered everything from the swamps of Florida to the spoiled streets of Boston, and is now letting the dust from her cowboy boots cover the dirty south to start a revolution in the place she calls home: Nashville. Her music brings listeners back in time to when music conveyed a real message. Logan, a true southern queen, has the power and the balls to bring rock n’ roll back in its original form. This love-child of Bonnie Raitt and Jack White proves that this is a woman’s world, and that she can corrupt anything her sultry voice comes in contact with. Blow out the smoke, inhale the blues, and get your feet wet with Nashville’s secret weapon - Indie Ambassador

"New Video for Kim Logan's Black Magic Boy`"

We’ve been hearing more and more about Kim Logan these days as she continues to play her way around Nashville, and we finally got the chance to check out that powerful voice during her set at East Nashville Underground a couple of months ago. You should check out the video of “Black Magic Boy” from her upcoming self-titled record which releases later this month. - No Country for New Nashville

"Kim Logan - Black Magic Boy"

New from friend of Public Garage Sale comes “Black Magic Boy”, the first single from Nashville rocker Kim Logan’s soon-to-be-released debut album. Kim Logan is straight Southern swamp rock, drenched in whiskey and cigarette smoke (and probably other drugs as well). She’s got the pipes of a goddess, and the attitude of a…Kim Logan. There’s really no other way to come at it. The video was shot in popular Nashville dive bar, Dino’s, and the entire piece is a bringing together of some of Nashville’s finest.
- Public Garage Sale

"Kim Logan: Black Magic Boy (TSR Video Premiere)"

What a way to kick off a week than with a South Rail exclusive video premiere! ‘Black Magic Boy’ is the first song to be released from Kim Logan‘s upcoming debut full-length album, which is dropping later this month on Halloween.

Logan, who calls her style “Southern Swamp Rock n’ Roll,” comes from Sarasota Florida via Nashville. And straight into the first seconds of the song and you can hear those “swamp” root sounds loud and clear. It definitely has our curiosity for what the rest of the album has in-store… Especially when it features Blackfoot Gypsies‘ Matthew Paige on guitar! - The South Rail

"East Nashville Underground and High Watt Host 8 Off 8th"

The first to go on was the extremely talented Kim Logan. Sheer vocal force and authentic style immediately differentiates her from other singers around town. Comparable to strong vocalists as Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, Logan’s voice does her sensual and powerful lyrics justice. As for her band, she has three incredibly strong musicians to aid her in delivering a truly unique musical experience. - The Deli Nashville

"MULTIMEDIA: Dark, bold and quirky take the stage at Rock Showcase"

Florida native Kim Logan closed the night bringing a background in the classical music to a whole new level as a rock star.

The singer rocked both catwalks like no other, combining dance moves and proving to be “the new queen in the dark and mysterious gentleman’s club of rock ‘n’ roll.”

Logan’s debut album was out on Halloween and features 10 new songs. - The Belmont Vision

"Logan finds country niche at Belmont"

Belmont transfer student Kim Logan and her husky, opera-trained voice brought a spark to the Curb Event Center crowd as she glided across the stage during the Rock Showcase.

“[Logan] was very electrifying, the band can really rock,” said Erin Berry, who was near the front of the Curb Event Center during the showcase earlier in November. “[The Rock Showcase] definitely saved the best for last.”

After spending time at Berklee College of Music, the self-proclaimed love child of Bonnie Raitt and Jack White has found a niche in Nashville that welcomes her mix of old rock ‘n’ roll and country.

Growing up singing opera was the key influence for Logan’s artwork, and the place where her “theatricality and darkness comes out.”

“I think [to have complete and total artwork] is sort of a lost ideal and a lost goal to take all of the finest pieces of all the methods of art that you can create as a human and unite them into one experience,” Logan said. “That’s truly what I always wanted to do.”

Her journey to Belmont, one that took her through the Berklee in Boston, was made through the style of music she wanted to play. Logan’s describes her music as a mix of old rock ‘n’ roll and country, a sound she tries to “mix it all together into something new.”

“The music [at Berklee] wasn’t really conducive to the music I play,” Logan said.

When Logan moved from Boston to Nashville, she still needed to find a band to play with her. She met her guitar player Matthew Paige in an alley between honky tonks and the Ryman Auditorium in lower Broadway two years ago. Paige later introduced Logan to Gaelen Mitchell, who plays the drums and percussion, and Ronald Marsh, who plays the bass and mandolin.

“We’re all best friends and we live next door to each other,” Logan said. “You always hear the fairy tale of the Rolling Stones, that sort of thing being best friends with who you work with, but it’s real and its true and it can happen. So these boys are the perfect match for what I want to do and they are just so talented in what I want.”

Logan and her band played for East Nashville Underground Festival, this summer where she developed a relationship with East Nashville. The East Nashville Underground Festival was her first big show with “the boys.”

“Being an East Nashvillian you really start to see where the real crux of the music industry that isn’t Music Row lives,” Logan said. “The real underground indie is really original material, artists come in droves out of the east side and East Nashville Underground is just this awesome festival that showcases that.”

Logan said the community is a circle of family-like friends to her.

“Everyone supports each other and it’s a community,” Logan said. “East Nashville is unlike any place I have lived. We are very lucky for having the friends that we have in [the] east side.”

In addition to several shows and festivals, Logan’s work was also featured on a Chicago radio station without her knowledge.

“We didn’t even know about [the radio play] until somebody to came to me on Facebook that there was this really cool and eclectic DJ in Chicago that came across our EP that we put out before the record,” Logan said. “It was just the coolest surprise.”

On Halloween, Logan released her first recorded album. Mike Esser mixed and mastered the album Logan said Esser truly understood what she wanted in the album. The album is featured on Bandcamp and at Grimey’s Used and Pre-loved Records on Eighth Avenue.

While recording their album, Logan said Mitchell decided he wanted to make the last track on their record, “Keep You Love,” sound like she was in a grave yard. Mitchell took his entire bag of “ percussive paraphernalia” and proceeded to drop them repeatedly.

“It ended up being this chain-gang jail beat, that was just so creepy and haunting,” Logan said. “It really made that recording. It was very creative on his part.”

Logan said she has half of another record already written and wants to get back in the studio soon.

“Basically the idea is to keep working,” Logan said. “I don’t know how to do anything else, besides to stay busy.” - The Belmont Vision


Still working on that hot first release.



Kim Logan arose from the swamps and beaches of Sarasota, Florida after a decade in the opera industry, to write songs and make records in Nashville.

With her education from the Berklee College of Music, and years of the
kind of hands-on learning you can only get in honky tonks and on
highways, Kim flexes her artistic muscles in every medium of art
possible. In addition to the release of her debut self-titled album, Kim
has penned prose, consulted on and served as muse for a fashion
designers and vintage curators, and collaborated with everyone from
filmmakers to hoopers to portrait artists in the mediums of short film
and music video.

In May of 2015, Kim joined the roster of
Global Positioning Services management (LA/NYC) as their youngest
client. Boasting collective credentials of 40+ Grammy wins and 100+
million record sales, GPS has gotten a running start by pairing Kim with
her next project, helmed by one of their most accomplished clients.
Now working on her second album out of Sputnik Studio in Nashville,
produced and developed by the formidable sonic wizard Vance Powell (Jack
White, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, Buddy Guy),
Kim continues to innovate, reinvent, and create from nothing. Kim is
also an ensemble/comprimario singer with the Nashville Opera company,
and can be seen in productions throughout their festival season.

A classic, craftsman's songwriting sensibility, paired with sonic
homage to each unique sub-genre in the history of southern music, makes
for Kim's gap-bridging, line-blurring, time-traveling sound. From the
delta blues to the psychedelic ‘60s, from the golden years of classic
country to the perfect soul of Muscle Shoals, Kim illustrates her roots
through her original songs. In the dark and mysterious gentleman’s club
of rock & roll, Kim is the new queen.

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