Kim Manning

Kim Manning

 Los Angeles, California, USA

When two stars collide they burst and rebirth into a brighter hotter new star and so is the case with Kim Manning and Lantz Lazwell. Rocking the keys and guitar with a funky positivity. George Clinton's P-Funk Allstar & Los Angeles Rock Singer of the Year, will leave you begging for more.


The latest and greatest Los Angeles super group has finally arrived, filled to the brim with explosive talent and nearly limitless potential. Featuring Kim Manning and Lantz Lazwell on vocals, keyboards, and guitars, Wahnder Lust is preparing to release an epic double disc album loaded with grooving rock riffs, funky beats, and inspired tag team vocals. Burning brighter and faster than a falling meteor, the writing and touring machine Wahnder Lust is taking fans by surprise from coast to coast.

Manning and Lazwell’s extensive professional experience shine through on the recordings, as the bouncing, infectious rhythms wash over you like a wave crashing onto the Santa Monica shore. It doesn’t take long for Wahnder Lust to effectively invade your mind, using incredibly catchy beats and vocal styles paired with pumping bass lines and smooth guitar effects to consistently keep the songs interesting.

Born in Ponca City, Oklahoma, the alluring Kim Manning became a musical sensation through a near decade as a featured vocalist for George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars. With years of international touring under her belt, her energetic and versatile performances has drawn fans in throughout the world,. Miss Manning has also been seen on television shows as The Grammy Awards, The David Letterman Show, Jay Leno, and VH1’s Flavor of Love. Her magnetic voice can be heard on albums alongside such greats as Snoop Dogg, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and recently Sly Stone.

After quickly becoming an influential force in the local Sacramento, California music scene, Lantz Lazwell relocated to Los Angeles where his career mushroomed to new, burgeoning heights at breakneck speed. Drawing comparisons to Jimi Hendrix, Jack Johnson, and Stevie Wonder, Lazwell took home the LA Music Award for Best Rock Vocalist in 2007, and joined the all-star lineup of Trulio Disgracias which included members of Fishbone, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and his future Wahnder Lust partner, Kim Manning.

Wahnder Lust serves up a scrumptious platter of funky musical inspiration that goes down easy, sure to simultaneously satisfy fans of multiple genres. After successful performances at the House of Blues, San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, SXSW, and others, these road warriors will continue to hit venues across the country, including a featured performance at Steel Bridge Song Fest in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Keep an eye out for the self titled record in July 2010, and be sure to cruise on over to the Wahnder Lust MySpace page, stream some songs, and catch the fever.


"Baked Goods" EP/DVD Feb 2009
"George Clinton and His Gansters of Love" Shanachie 2009
(charted on Billboard with "Let the Good Times Roll' Featuring Kim Manning, George Clinton and the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fishbone, "Still Stuck in Your Throat", April 2007
LP "The Love and Light Activation" April, 2006
EP "Begin" released in 2002
1. 2mar0
2. Ripping Fingers
3. Embrace
4. Caught by You
5. Flutter
6. Catscratch
7. Ashamed
8. A New Day Begins
9. Moonshine Heather

Kim's music has Played on
kool fm 90.7- Kingston, Jamaica
95.5 fm KLOS- Los Angeles, CA
94.1 fm KPFA- Berkley, CA
96.7 fm KIXR Ponca City, OK
90.7 fm WNCU University of North Carolina
Numerous internet radio including

Also Kim can be heard on
"Baked Goods" Ep/DVD 2009
David Letterman Halloween 2008
"Let the Good times Roll" with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, on "George Clinton and His Gansters of Love" 2008
VH1's hit TV show "Flavor of Love"
"HowLatedoUhave2BB4YourAbsent"Release sept2005
"Booty" George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars
"Bounce to This" George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstr
"My dirty Ho" 213 the Hard Way- Snoop Dogg- 2004
"Electro-Funk" with George Clinton
and is featured on the dvd release
"George Clinton Live At Montreux" released 2005

Set List

a set can last from 1-4 hours

Original Material
1. Tko
2. I Stand Alone
3. Ripping
4. 2marO
5. Scratch Back
6. Ganja Street
7. The Clown
8. Ashamed
9. Trying Days
10. Caught by you
11. I Followed you
12. Flutter
13. 2 Hookers
14. Looks Like Day
15. Improv Song
16. Caught by You
17. Bridge the Gap
18. Bunny Bear

1. Never Gonna Tell It- P-Funk
2. Blister in the Sun- Violent Femmes
3. Moon Shine Heather- P-Funk
4. Stormy Monday
5. Little Boxes- Melvina R
6. Tell me Something Good- Rufus
7. Miss You- the Rolling Stones
8. Red Hot Momma- Parliment
9. What is and what shall never be- Led Zepplin
10. I will Survive- Gloria Gayner
11. You Beat me to the Punch- Mary Wells
12. Two Lovers- Mary Wells
13. Better by the Pound (Funkadelic)