kimmon waldruff

kimmon waldruff

BandPopAdult Contemporary

acoustc driven rock


Kimmon Waldruff started his recording career as a solo acoustic guitartist,releasing his self-titled debut album in 1989. Over the years he has performed all over the US and parts of Canada at clubs, coffee houses and music festivals, developing an enthusiastic fan base for his mix of ethereal and rhymic guitar sounds. With the release of his new cd "BEST OF ME'' in 2007 Kimmon invites a new audience to his unique sounds of ten original songs featuring his vocals as well as his guitar work.Some of the songs maintain the ethereal quality of his earlier work while otyhers hit you with straight ahead acoustic rock with a twist-rhythms and sounds that catch you off guard and paint impressionistic mental pictures that can take you '' over the hills and far away" as his song"Taking What I Need' puts it kimmon is hoping that his new CD will help reach a wider audience among the fans of " new folk" music, acoustic rock and folk rock.




Set List

EARLY WHO, sTONES ,Buddy holly covers,and orginal instrumental music, and orginal songs