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The best kept secret in music


"Kingdom Kidz Club"

Volume One of The Kingdom Kidz Club is now available online at This exciting new resource is perfect for families wanting to learn the Bible and remember it for a lifetime! Kim Norton, Founder shares, "This ministry began strictly as a way for me to get the Bible into my two daughters, but over five years has effectively taught hundreds of children to know more about the Bible! The response we are getting from club members is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see the eternal impact this resource is going to make!"

Volume 2 is slated for release in the fall with a goal of releasing 2-3 projects a year.

For more information about The Kingdom Kidz Club, please contact or call Emerge Family Music at 479.586.4107.
- Emerge Family Music

"Review by Jerry Riddle"

"Spin the dial, select the genre and hold on tight. An hour on Sunday won't do it and the best in the business can't package it. Kim loves Christ and the church and it shows. There's a world of difference between a note perfect artist and those who are gifted, engaged and anointed. Don't be surprised when your concert expectations are replaced by an encounter with God. Having served on the same Pastoral Team for over 7 years and familiar with Kim's ministry for the past fifteen, I assure you that time together in ministry will prove to be well beyond just another service while the preacher's out of town. In fact, I'd recommend all hands on deck...including the Pastor.

Kim's most recent project Cherish Life presents the Great Commandment Principle (Matthew 22:36-39) in the language of a largely unchurched and disengaged culture. The pulse of this project raises God's standard and addresses society's desperate need to connect. Crowded lonliness, isolation and superficial relationships are rampant and as always, God provides The Answer. In a world where it has, too often, become more of a burden than a relational hunger while simultaneously causing you to tap your foot and hum the songs the rest of the day...not to mention having the opportunity to discuss the difference Christ makes in every facet of life. - Eagle Point Church, Little Rock AR

"Concert Review"

Sunday January 9th, Kim Norton came and ministered to our Church through Music. It was such a dynamic evening that I cannot help but share with you how wonderfully God spoke to hearts. Actually in our Morning Worship, we had asked Kim to share in our pre-service time as well as one song during our service. Kim sang a song she wrote called “Dear God” and it reached out and touched our hearts. It prepared our congregation for what God was going to share that morning through His Word.

In our Evening Service, she ministered in a very transparent, very inspirational way that I believe caused everyone there to look within and seek God for His comfort in the very personal areas of our walk with Him. Area’s like our obedience to His call on our life, seeking Him through times of prayer, showing His love through our lives with those we come daily in contact with especially our family and friends, and recognizing His constant blessings in our everyday lives.

One other thing I would share is that we had asked Kim to come and work with our Children for about an hour on Saturday, teaching them Scripture songs. Our kids were captivated by her leadership. Then on Sunday Evening during the concert time, she brought them up on stage and they helped her minister to us. It’s a time our Church Family will not soon forget.

I believe God has gifted and called Kim Norton to this very special ministry and I would highly recommend her to you to serve in any way you might need; a whole service or a special part in any service.
- Ken Price, Pastor,Sapulpa First Church of God

"New Book touches on Intimacy with God"

Emerge Publishing is proud to announce the release of Kim Norton's book "My Dear God Diary--Discovering Intimacy through Love Letters and Quiet Conversations."

This book chronicles Kim's two-year journey towards greater intimacy and provides practical steps for anyone who desires the same.
Designed to be a companion to her Cherish Life project, "My Dear God Diary" contains many of the lyrics from her lastest project and the stories behind their inception.

"My Dear God Diary" will be available online at April 15th or you can email to request your copy today.



Cherish Life--CD Release date January 2005

"Dear God" Currently at radio

"You Can Count on Me" Top 25

"I Believe in the Family"--single currently receiving regional airplay


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kim Norton Biography

“Cherish Life” is the title track from Kim Norton’s new project and embodies her life and journey. Kim’s experience, like most people, has had its fair share of rainy days, deep valleys and unexpected turns. A personal diagnosis of Lupus and her daughter’s struggle with a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome and mild Cerebral Palsy have forced Kim to call upon her faith and strength in God her Creator and in his Son, Jesus Christ. In turn, God has used those experiences to deepen Kim’s well of creativity and ministry.

Today, I’m gonna stay up late—take my family on a date—throw a blanket in the yard—sip a coke and watch the stars—sing my baby girl’s to sleep—Pray the Lord their souls to keep—take a break from living for tomorrow and cherish life today. Cherish life—it’s a gift that’s like no other—don’t lose sight of the mystery and the wonder—In a world stuck in overdrive—I’m gonna stop and live my life—and take time to cherish life.

As a singer and songwriter, Kim has had many incredible opportunities to sing and connect with people but her greatest growth opportunity came from serving as the Worship Arts Pastor at Eagle Point Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Working with Producer Steve McCuin and a wonderful team of musicians, Cherish Life takes people on a journey towards rediscovering the things that are most precious in their lives. From “My Love Looks Good on You” which celebrates marriage and enduring love to “Dear God” which chronicles a little girl’s walk with God and God’s love for her. “The Little Things” which highlights the day to day things that make our lives so rich to “I Believe in the Family”—a ballad which affirms the God given definition of the family, each song gives you a snapshot of Kim’s heart.

Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas Kim began singing at an early age in church with her mother and by the age of fifteen was singing professionally and doing concerts. By age 24 Kim was ministering throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. She has had the privilege of singing and playing for notables like Secretary of State Colin Powell, Mr. Paul Harvey, Rev. Franklin Graham, Rev. E.V. Hill and the late Sam Walton. Along the way, Kim met and married Patrick Norton and together they ride herd over their two red & orange haired girls, Rebecca & Leah Katherine.

“About fifteen months ago, God asked me to join him on a journey of faith. He has asked me to leave everything that was comfortable and recognizable to me in order to add a new chapter to my epic tale with Him! It has been scary, uncomfortable and exciting all wrapped up into one—however even in a myriad of emotions, I have never failed to see the hand of God!
I can hardly wait to see what He is up to next!”