Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

Accomplished guitarist and vocalist with a vast library of Original and Cover material. Performing as solo acoustic, with accompaniment or with full on electric backing band.


Whether raising eyebrows with superbly crafted original songs, exploding the hits of Stevie Wonder, Sting or multitude of others into ultimate groove tunes, or funkin’ up a Stevie Ray Vaughn blues jam, anything is possible with Kimon’s (pronounced "kee-mon") vast library of songs. With a bluesy guitar style all his own, and a funky back beat that will make you stand up and move your feet, he is constantly performing live every chance he gets.

Continuing his evolution in 2016 with a melodic blend of funk, latin, blues, 70’s rock, and hip-hop, the new October 2016 release "Paper Airplanes" showcase his songwriting and production skills. He continues to expand on an ever maturing guitar technique, studying with Master blues and fingerpicking guitarists from around the country.

In the studio, Kimon attempts to shed light on the inequities of our times, and along the way has built a loyal following by consistently singing and performing what’s on his mind. He snubs the typical "introspective singer / songwriter" genre, and without mincing words, fires off a unique sense of socio-political awareness. In the words of the Tri-City News, "he knows exactly what he wants his songs to say... his straight forward, muscular lyrics speak for themselves."

A veteran musician, he has been a member of numerous bands with national releases. Early on he survived a long stint as guitarist and co-writer with an over-the-top, edgy NYC garage band called The Wilsons, later joining Hoboken NJ favorites Fear of Falling as guitarist. There he gained much experience in making albums and performing via touring in Europe and the U.S. He went on to form and front the electronic rock group Psonica, signing with the now defunct Navarre Entertainment. Psonica released their national debut effort in February of 2000, but disbanded soon after at which point, he began work on his debut solo album "Your Lucky Day" (2002) where he began maturing, methodically cultivating his own musical style.

His second solo effort "Discorporated" (2004), was a themed album, not for the faint of heart, about disenfranchisement, corporate greed, corrupt officials and the military industrial complex. With his third album, 2005's "Twice A Day In Japan," showcased an earlier straightforward rock style.

2007s "Songs of the Revolution," was Kimon's fourth solo album, and the next salvo  continuing the fight against hypocrisy. A sequel of sorts to "Discorporated", track titles such as "Declassified Blues", "Holy War" and "World Domination" lyrically this was Kimon’s most evolved collection yet, taking unexpected twists and turns throughout.

In 2008 Kimon began the creation of a solid band lineup, while simultaneously developing his unique incendiary guitar technique. The band Kimon & the Prophets went on release 2009’s “Roadhouse Party” album, and 2011s “Trenton Blues, ” both garnering international reviews, international radio play, including being played on the nationally syndicated radio show “Blues Deluxe”, reaching over 100 U.S. radio stations with two million potential listeners. The band won the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation battle of the bands, and went on to compete in the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

The 2013 release "Lucky 13”, featured 13 tracks of both new and reworked, rerecorded favorites from his catalog, garnering much college/community radio and press.


Far Off Places

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis,ASCAP, ASCAP

Sometimes I think there are no humans left on this planet
Sometimes I feel like this world is coming to an end
Nothing but bad news screaming out of the speaker
Well forget about that, tonight I'm going on a bend

I'm gonna have a good time
In far off places
On a long hot night
Followed by hungover days

Sometimes it feels like no one can stand to be together
Everybody shouting just to get thier say
Why don't you try kickin' back and enjoy the weather?
There ain't nobody listening to you anyway

Why don't you have a good time
In far off places
on a long hot night
Followed by hungover days

Is it gonna take an army to get us together
I know deep down inside you're just one of the boys
Come on and make some noise

Let's just jump on a plane to California
Get ourselves a tan and a bitchin' tatoo
We've got the whole wide world waitning right here for us
You trying to tell me you've got something better to do?

Come on let's have a good time
In far off places
on a long hot night
Followed by hungover days

We're all falling apart, might as well go down together
It's not like we've got much of a choice
Come on and make some noise

A Letter From Oceanside (Long Gone Away)

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis,ASCAP, ASCAP

Driving home from Oceanside
I feel a little bleary eyed
My thoughts begin to wander
Thinking about the road ahead
And what you meant by what you said
About the love we squandered

Well it was too much for one day
I've got sunburn, I'm in pain
Now I'm drifting back again
I need coffee, I smoke in chains

Now by the time I figured what went wrong
My whole life changed, and You're long gone away

How quickly things turned upside down
I'll sit here while my sorrows drown
Play back the year in my head
I really thought that things were good
But how much I misunderstood
Shows in my empty bed

But it was too much for one day
I had too much on my plate
I thought I'd pick it up again
When I was thinking straight

And now that I've figured what went wrong
My whole life's changed, and You're still gone away

Time To Move On

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis,ASCAP, ASCAP

I heard your sister's been playing the numbers
I heard she's dying to get away
How does she put all her faith in another
I'd rather find my own disarray

If I could get myself lost and free
I'd loose myself in the anarchy tonight
I'd know that everything turned out alright
And it was time to move on

I heard your daddy's been burning at both ends
Storing up for a rainy day
If he could put all his faith in a good friend
Then he'd never get washed away

And if he found he was lead astry
He'd turn around and he'd find another way
And he would know the time had come today
And it was time to move on

You Beautiful Thing, You

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis,ASCAP, ASCAP

I'm coming at you hard like a freight train
I'm working for love
I'm dying trying to get you to notice
I'm working for love

And you might not belive this
But I've cleaned up my act
And that's a fact

So come on and show us something
Come on, you're a beautiful thing
Come on, let's get together
Yea, you're a beautiful thing
You beautiful thing
You beautiful thing, you

Why you playing hard to get pretty baby
Come on and give a hello
Now I won't let you forget who's you're M.C.
Who's you're man on the go?

And you might not believe this
I'm in it for the long haul
So give me a call

So please don't decieve me
I can't be rolling that way
You've gotta believe me
I'm not just here to play
Baby I'm here to stay

New York's Finest

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis

She came riding down from Detroit
On a Harley pimped with chrome
Packin’ a New York disposition
Man I knew that I was home
With some counterfeit one hundreds
She took me on the town
Wasn’t long till we were wasted
And lost track of the rounds

We went all night, All lawless night
We went all night, till the morning light
Until new New York’s Finest…
Locked us up tight

We left Chinatown for wanting
Somewhere on the Lower East Side
Found some spicy Kung Pao chicken
That’s where I asked her to be my bride
If I had read my fortune cookie
I might have stopped there and thought twice
About that Coney Island gypsy
And her 5 buck sage advice

Then I woke up in the pokey
Underneath the hot tin throne
During the blue man inquisition
I learned the wedding was postponed
It seemed I was moving uptown
To the Rikers grand hotel
While my baby found her true love
In her cell mate named Michelle!

She Put Me Down

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis

I’m on a need to know basis
She has taken me off her guest list
I’m starting to get a little restless here,
Always seems like I was just her chauffeur
Doing anything she prefer
I was somewhere far outside her atmosphere
I’ve tried so many times to chance her
But I’ve been waiting so long for an answer
That I can’t recall the question

Well I see him on a tight leash,
But she keep me out of her reach
I can’t see where I’ve been going wrong
Been alone so long I can’t remember
What it was like to be together
I feel like a stranger in the one place belong
It’s grim by definition
An uncomfortable position
I Can’t keep up with how much she put me down

Now it all seems so unfamiliar
Like I’ve been drifting down a river
With the circles I’ve been running around
Can’t say I’ve ever been here
Maybe I could disappear
In all the misplaced sorrows that I drowned
It’s grim by definition
An uncomfortable position
I Can’t keep up with how much she put me down


Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis

I’m working hard until I’m standing beside
That smoking hot Latin woman with the too long stride
I won’t be leaving without her by my side
They know my dogged perseverance here nationwide

Señorita, la sal del la vida

It’s all over when I grab my guitar
I can see her looking at me from across the bar
She’s looking like some red-hot Hollywood star
It’s much too crowded in here woman let’s slip into my car

Señorita, la sal del la vida

It’s much too crowded in here woman let’s slip into my car

Roadhouse Party

Written By: Kimon Katafigiotis

I couldn’t help but notice, something different in you
I couldn’t help but see it, a little change come through
I started wondering if the worst could be true

I didn’t want to believe it, No mater what my friends said
I chose to wear those blinders, And brush it off instead
But there was always something nagging my head

How could it be that all this started long ago
How could it have become that I’m the very last to know

How could it be I thought we never would pretend
How could it be that everything we had has come to an end

So when I walked on by the road house party
Was it my eyes or was that you playing tricks with my friend.

You know I love you baby that ain’t gonna change
You know I love you, but this time I got some things to rearrange

If I don’t think about you don’t take me for dead
I need to know you’re happy like I need a hole in my head

So I’ll be down there at the roadhouse party
Stop on by you and you can see me loving on your best friend



LUCKY 13 (2013)







Set List

A large repertoire for a full night of music...
1 - 4 long sets of originals and / or covers.

Original songs drawn from six albums of material, plus new unreleased material


Choice Covers from artists including:

Beatles • Black Crowes • Bob Marley • Chris Issak • David Bowie • Don Henley • Elvis Costello • Geroge Thorogood • Stevie Ray Vauhgn •  And Many MORE!