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Rutherford, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | SELF

Rutherford, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Alternative Acoustic





Fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan will lap up this three-piece as they launch into a fiery selection of electric Blues. Kimon Katafigiotis heads up the trio, but there is no doubt that the support team are, like with the stevie Ray sound, very mcuh part of the package; in particular Concrete Jungle's Marc Gambino on bass. The first three tracks are powerhouse Vaughan-styled originals that clearly announce the brand.

Considering the veteran status, the vocals aren't as distinctive as you may expect, but the guitar play is very worthy. "You Beautiful Thing, You" changes pace, and the introduction of horns adds an extra width.

Considering it looks like a live album, it isn't, the production is excellent and care has been taken to get the sound on the button.

The tight sound works very well on their cover of Hendrix's "Fire" and it is clearly a favourite number for the band. The inclusion of David Bowie's "Rebel" and "Heroes" also hints at devotion to a previous era; whether they really fit in here is open to question. Kimon's straining vocals seem more comfortable on the covers than his own numbers, though. It is a competent effort and certainly value for money, as the sixten track album is accompanied by a satisfying DVD - but we won't mention the dreadful Don Henley "Boys Of Summer" cover! - Blues Matters Magazine - UK


The Prophets of New Jersey veterans who composed the musical club circuit of New York explored and conquered with their funk-laden R & B sound. They come from bands who might not be known but a solid reputation haddenin clubs and concert halls in NYC. Thus, Kimon himself out of the garage band The Wilsons, which for years he was guitarist and songwriter. Later came the Hobokense Fear Of Falling drummer Rob Savoy, where he brought out. Through a somewhat unexpected zijstap in the electro-rock band Psonica, which was quickly dissolved, Kimon subsequently made four solo CDs, which usually also played drums Rob Savoy. Marc Gambino, a bassist and a friend joined the pair for years and this explains the Prophets, a trio that plays music that is difficult to stick a label.

What subdued blues rock, 70's rock, funky R & B and even some hip hop we get to hear of the Prophets. On some songs the boys get help from a four-piece horn section, mainly funk content of the material stress. The choice of covers was a return to earlier British artists such as Hendrix (Fire) Nick Lowe (Peace, Love & Understanding) and Bowie (Rebel, Rebel and Heroes), but Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer" was a very nice processing. The choice of covers that make you a band that The Prophets are the seventies sound his affection.

The rest is own material, and we remember them especially the funky "Blind Leading The Blind", the beautiful track "Light Up The Stars" and the light hip-hop accents provided "Captured". Besides this CD containing 16 songs, there is still a DVD in the box, so you get value for money. The DVD portion contains clips of different songs including some extras, such as tour impressions and some acoustic songs. A fascinating piece of work, especially through its varied sound that manages to captivate.

Kimon and The Prophets are a band, rooted firmly in the seventies rock and r&b, with some nice funky accents. They delivered a cd/dvd that’s filled to the rim with great songs, full of diversity. A captivating listening experience from start to finish this is.

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Kimon & the Prophets is a trio from New York whose singer / guitarist has released four albums under the name KIMON. All members are from different groups with whom they have toured extensively, and it feels in terms of maturity and instrumental mastery. Obviously we are not dealing with novices and play music for them seems to be something very natural. The style practiced is a fairly classic American rock, heavily influenced by Blues and Rock seventies. The names of TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS, George Thorogood, and surprisingly, sometimes RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS can be developed to identify the disk.

If a first listen does not really do justice to this opus, the melodies are needed quickly to the listener, and it quickly takes pleasure in listening to these songs without pretensions, but interpreted with verve and freshness.

Besides the original eleven tracks, there are many occasions in this menu "Roadhouse Party. Firstly, two of David Bowie "Rebel Rebel" and especially a "Heroes", a beautiful version that is very different from the original in which the guitars give it to their heart. Then a small candy Don Henley (Eagles), with a "Boys of Summer" very light and once again transcended by a great guitar part. Then the "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" by Nick Lowe, who was popularized by Elvis Costello and finally the "Fire" from THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE

The guitars sound so clear and distilled here and there with beautiful solos, combining simplicity and emotion ( "Light Up The Stars" and "The Boys of Summer"). Low cut down a considerable work and gives several pieces connotations a little funky which is reminiscent of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Even more surprising, the singer adopts the voice of those close to Kiedis on "Far Off Places" and the excellent "Light Up The Stars", making the resemblance even more striking.

Roadhouse Party gives the ultimate feeling of being comfortably installed in a pub to hear a cover band that provides damn good. If some tracks are really stunning quality, none proved boring and it is often not far from grace with the very successful "World Away" and "Light Up The Stars." From Rock and simple enjoyment, played with class and feeling. A nice surprise ...

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Kimon & The Prophets is a trio featuring singer, guitarist and namesake Kimon Katafigiotis (which already released four CDs under his own name), which moves in the big intersection of blues, rock and funk. Offered here is nothing new or even innovative, but it is played with it all the more heart and soul. Roadhouse Party contains 16 songs here, some homegrown players, but some (including such classics as "Fire" (Jimi Hendrix), "Peace Love And Understanding" (Nick Lowe), "Heroes," "Rebel Rebel" Both David Bowie) and "The Boys of Summer" (Eagles).

The three musicians are no beginners on their instruments. You can tell that everyone was already several years in various formations on the move. The rhythm section lays a good groove, which can break loose on the guitar by Kimon. In places this is somewhat reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan, without quite reaching its class can. The vocals and production technology also is all green.

Although all the songs are good, superior average, but it is not more. Even the cover songs are well aware to please, but that should not be enough to lift Kimon & The Prophets of the great mass of really good releases.

As an incentive to purchase the enclosed DVD could be used, which shows four videos, three live acoustic performances and rehearsed three videos to songs from the solo CDs by Kimon. This is a nice addition. Friends of the Blues and Blues-Rock Roadhouse Party should simply antesten times.

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Some veterans of the musical N.Y.C. Circuit where we have going on, have already earned their spurs long. Kimon first leader has left its mark by working in bands like Hoboken, The Wilsons, and this way when he met drummer Sayoy also have and it clicked wonderfully well. A logical extension was that together they have their musical roots went deep to settle out in bands of electronic nature, but also in Asbury Park.

After several releases of that period, was finally by the arrival of a very long friendship, Mark Gambino (bass-vocals) added in order to come to this trio, and their new album to deliver. This album called "Road House Party" brings the men back to the roots of their music. the influences of the past are clear to hear, because these guys bring a mix of Blues, Rock, Stevie Ray, Stevie Wonder, which is tasty and sounds nothing goes over the top, so do not expect loud guitar licks, but many beautiful solo elements in the various tracks of this excellent album. It goes in all directions, and listening so delicious way. Imagine in the evening to enjoy the season Slobberwijn or a beer and then just those sounds to flow over you, as a fresh summer rain.

The tracks: the opener "Road House Party" Blue is a number that sounds a bit Sophisticated with what we are used to present the blues, but it sounds good, also the polyphonic vocals so. Therefore excellent guitar work of Kimon again. "Far Off Places, a funky sometimes a little reminiscent of the Eagles," Time To Move On "- Bluesrock so. Then "A Letter From ocean-side like a rock ballad, Fire is a mixture of operations of Jimi Hendrix tracks, pieces of Voodoo Chile, and then Fire is a unique performance that certainly must be there for me. Funny are also 2 separate versions of Bowie songs, namely Heroes and Rebel Rebel, who is given a different sound. All in all, plenty of variety on this disc which thus contains a fair amount of rock a la Eagles, Outlaws, and a little Fall Fire, although they qualitatively not get my idea, so still a funny picture, with the valve once the jewel by Don Henley "The Boys Of Summer" and also a DVD with video 's and the CD also takes nice long because it has fewer than 16 tracks-do it to your advantage, I would say, again from the Hemifran so stable.
(Frank van Engelen)

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Before it joined the band Kimon & The Prophets, the three musicians had already brought a few other stops behind him.
Namesake, songwriter, guitarist, singer and keyboardist Kimon Katafigiotis was previously a garage band called The Wilsons and Fear of Falling.
In this group was the drummer Rob Savoy, and they founded the rock band Psonica not had such a long time. Finally Kimon released four albums under his own name, and drummed Savoy next to him. Often, a friend of the drummer and a bassist Marc Gambino, who was active in Concrete Jungle, and Maybe Pete, we finally started Kimon & The Prophets.

Like with sixteen songs, the first disk is filled, and so that brings the season to a pleasurable 64 minutes.
And not all the numbers from Kimon spring comes and then you look to the five quotations, it is clear that the trio plowed a large garden. From Hendrix to David Bowie, Nick Lowe is up to Don Henley.
Their own material keeps you on track of the blues, funky with it on some pieces in the finish too, soulful and rocking directions comes. On all tracks, the band, however, spans the roof of the tune.

The CD is a collection of very diverse songs. With the groovy title track, "Road House Party" is one of Blues and with such a composition also party is announced.
Great deal of passion has been put into the arrangements of the numbers that have been taken incidentally shared by the trio in his hand.
D and make slide guitar, some keyboard deposits, acoustic six string and a brass section (in a song), besides the great songwriting, the spice mixture from the instruments. The bassist Gambino also responsible for the vocal microphone and the entire plate may actually be perfect for a party and not just used.

By about Boogie Shuffle to languid ballads Kimon & The Prophets also has music from this perspective as seen from some of the "Roadhouse Patry 'luggage.
The guitar solos are all worth listening to and among foreign compositions has made it not take the trio to leave his own footprints.
"Fire" is introduced with a short "Voodoo Chile" and twice quoted Mr Bowie: "Heroes has" won just ahead of "Rebel, Rebel". Former number would be a smooth home-grown.
The "The Boys of Summer", partly on the Eagles DVD
Farewell 1 Tour Live From Melbourne include rounds the listening pleasure from excellent.

Addition: Kimon & The Prophets can be viewed but also because free house is delivered simultaneously to DVD. At the beginning of this dark horse we have made some "Road House Party"-tracks as videos. That was something I had not seen for some time and also the whole is once again fun. The songs were good as movies set in scene. As appears directly in the first track on a woman who has only a small part of her body keeps covered with a black leather skirt and top the same color. The image of 'Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll' is maintained, taking drugs here means a cold beer. In the video for the song "Road House Party" would probably be immediately draw on unlimited, but unfortunately there are picture cuts almost every second. This is because then too much of the good. The other songs are really worth seeing and shows the band including the studio.

In the middle of DVD movies is screwed up in the air, because the trio presents itself as a live acoustic combo in the studio. As it will become clear what quality of the songwriting. These numbers Rob Savoy does not sit at the drums, but serves two congas.

In the Extras section there are three videos from the older pre-Kimon & The Prophets era. It begins with a political-critical "World Domination". "Song Of The Revolution" was illustrated with Paris Impressions, "A Deal Is A Deal" shot in Asbury Park. It rocks.
The menu is concise and easy to use.

The "Road House Party" package is consistent in itself, shows a band that knows how to stand on their own two feet and still deliver good music to boot.
Antesten is allowed.

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The title track "Road House Party" (a quite solid blues song) is the first song that echoes through my speakers and honestly this sounds not bad. Responsible for this are Kimon & The Prophets. A band from Newark, New Jersey (U.S.). The lineup consists of Kimon Katafigiotis (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Marc Gambino (bass, vocals) and Rob Savoy (drums, vocals). But this trio really under the name "blues" is to place a different matter. Thus we find "Heroes" and "Rebel Rebel", two songs from the hand of David Bowie. In other words, this is pure glam rock. Then there's "Far Off Places", a downright funk song, which is a very nice drive. Blues rock is also present, such as "Time To Move On '. Even though this song is still a strong tendency to boogie, it sounds most enjoyable nonetheless. Or then again with world famous Hendrix's "Fire". Yet this should be mentioned that this song is good they manage their own mark on it. Kimon Katafigiotis (if you ask me, he is of Greek descent) sings not bad and also very passionate guitar playing. The rhythm section (Gambino and Savoy) is doing excellent. No unnecessary fuss, limiting itself only to the essential. Many own work, a number of covers, but all very enjoyable. With fewer than 18 songs which vary greatly in style it is almost impossible for boredom. A bonus is that for the price of one still gets on top of the DVD.

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The first CD of the band around Kimon (pronounced key-mon) and his prophet, although individually have to look back several years in various bands, and the sixth CD by Kimon himself

According to the blurb Kimon is influenced by the blues in his expression of Delta, Chicago and Piedmont. Well, Delta is more audible (Sony Boy Williamson is named as the representative) and not now so often before on the album, not to say not at all. Texas and Chicago, the hard-boiled and expenses of the electrified Delta abound (Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Paul Butterfield, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Willie Dixon are probably the best known representatives of this) - but what is the Piedmont-variant?

"The Piedmont blues is a rural blues style, which is geographically limited not only in the hilly coastal region Piedmont (roughly from Richmond, Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia), but is located on the east coast of the United States between Maryland and Georgia. Piedmont blues musicians originate from this area but also from Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida. The Blue style is distinguished by a special finger technique on the guitar, in a played with the thumb bass line supported on the higher strings melody plays. Most of the Duo played, heard many times along with the guitar, the piano, the violin, the banjo or harmonica to as a second instrument. In contrast to the 'Deep Blues' (or Delta Blues) from the Southern Piedmont blues is generally cheerful, The texts often are full of amusing phrases, or act of 'mild' everyday issues, "explains Wikipedia and called Sony Terry and Brownie McGhee as the best known member.

Well, after we hear more and more aware of that and share the thoughts of Billy Steer, who says that there were good and bad blues and point to the songs, and we write about:
Road House Party - the album starts with an increase in standards rather nondescript uptempo Texas Blues (to the list of game types ...), where Cimon recalled to play Stevie Ray Vaughan, the song goes well in his ear. Far Off Places follows as a radio which gives towards the end, Kimon room for a long solo, and duels with himself, the whole is then backed with a party atmosphere and noises. Time To Move On moves to the pace and go as Astreiner by Chicago Blues, with Jimmy's guitar tone is a little less harsh than the first track, the song is a little more playful and swings a little more.
A Letter From Oceanside puts the blues away and comes as Shuffle, You Beautiful Thing, You is Astreiner bläsergestützter soul that goes into the leg and undoubtedly the highlight of the album is.

dues: PAID Uptemporocker has as much room for a wah-wah guitar and erstmal completed the series of original composition. It follows Hendrix's Fire and written by Nick Lowe Peace, Love And Understanding. As before, using the studio equipment Cimon and you hear three guitars on supply & demand which is reminiscent of the somewhat monotonous riff to Bo Diddleys Überstück Who Do You Love "and again acknowledges the wah-wah place.
Get out with Bowie's Heroes. Blind Leading The Blind precipitated with an acoustic slide as a rhythm instrument and a further Vaughan solo. Light Up The Stars is a mid-tempo rocker, and here and Captured on the game reminds me much of the time of ZZ Top "Tejas", such as Snappy Kakkie. Two more cover - Rebel Rebel and Don Henley's Boys Of Summer - will follow.

Overall, one can see that the well-grooving rhythm section, like Cimon's guitar playing and the whole is well produced. The songs are in places already almost be called pop, and in a real Roadhouse here is probably some songs from the post. The covers are rather superfluous to the original songs are good enough to make the album interesting as such. However, the bio about 40 cover songs that the band lists on it on - if you're in the Roadhouse, howl with the wolves and give the crowd what it wants.
On almost every track, several guitar tracks can be heard, so that the first impression is deceptive, it could be pure trio music.

Conclusion: Nice, that, and worthy of all respect. But - there is so much interesting to hear out there - whether it is necessarily a Cimon and his Blues need everyone must decide for themselves. The album achieved in the absence of compositional excellence and not the class league, which could make it a must, cover the tracks that do not help either. Blue freaks should give a chance but in any case.
The accompanying DVD contains four live tracks and three videos from previous albums by Kimon.

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Kimon & The Prophets developed their own melodic blend of blues, funk and seventies rock and get away with this all selling it off as being Blues! Interesting for sure if you know that they blend Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, don Henley and Nick Lowe with a bunch of their own recordings onto their new album Roadhouse Party.

A musical homecoming for all members of the band who have played in various bands over the years and finally found back their roots in this magical blend. Sure some tunes like David Bowies' Heroes sound a little out of style on this album, but on the other hand, don Henley's Boys of summer truly fits on this Cd. The majority of the tunes are 100% blues and range from rocking blues toward ballads and funky jump blues. Special notices goes out to “A Letter from Oceanside”, “Time To Move On” and “Supply and Demand”. Also worth to stop by are some great renditions of “The Boys Of summer”, “Fire” and “Peace Love and Understanding”

Despite the name of the album, Roadhouse blues is not a typical Party Album, but certainly an album for the road! With great guitar licks, long solo's and above all fine blues tunes!

Additional with the Cd comes a DVD with a handful of extra music clips on it. The Excellent “Roadhouse Party”, the aforementioned “Supply and Demand”, “You Beautiful Thing, You” and “Dues: Paid”,. Also on this DVD are some acoustic performances + more extra stuff. - Mr Blue Boogie.

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...aren’t the only blues coming out of NJ... The aptly titled new Kimon & The Prophets album truly is a "Roadhouse Party", featuring 11 originals and 5 covers (of songs from Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Nick Lowe/Elvis Costello, and Don Henley). The originals have a really fun funky blues vibe going on that’s a departure from previous Kimon albums, but in a lot of ways the whole band seems more comfortable on this album then any of the previous ones I’ve heard.

While personally I feel five cover tunes was a bit of overkill, this is definitely my favorite Kimon album, and the case could be made that how could you have a true "Roadhouse Party" without some covers.

Also included with "Roadhouse Party" is a DVD with some music videos and acoustic performances. I have not had a chance to view the DVD yet, but it’s pretty cool that they decided to give you more for your money (as if a 16 track CD wasn’t enough).



LUCKY 13 (2013)









Whether raising eyebrows with superbly crafted original songs, exploding the hits of Stevie Wonder, Sting or multitude of others into ultimate groove tunes, or funkin’ up a Stevie Ray Vaughn blues jam, anything is possible with Kimon’s (pronounced "kee-mon") vast library of songs. With a bluesy guitar style all his own, and a funky back beat that will make you stand up and move your feet, he is constantly performing live every chance he gets.

Continuing his evolution in 2016 with a melodic blend of funk, latin, blues, 70’s rock, and hip-hop, the new October 2016 release "Paper Airplanes" showcase his songwriting and production skills. He continues to expand on an ever maturing guitar technique, studying with Master blues and fingerpicking guitarists from around the country.

In the studio, Kimon attempts to shed light on the inequities of our times, and along the way has built a loyal following by consistently singing and performing what’s on his mind. He snubs the typical "introspective singer / songwriter" genre, and without mincing words, fires off a unique sense of socio-political awareness. In the words of the Tri-City News, "he knows exactly what he wants his songs to say... his straight forward, muscular lyrics speak for themselves."

A veteran musician, he has been a member of numerous bands with national releases. Early on he survived a long stint as guitarist and co-writer with an over-the-top, edgy NYC garage band called The Wilsons, later joining Hoboken NJ favorites Fear of Falling as guitarist. There he gained much experience in making albums and performing via touring in Europe and the U.S. He went on to form and front the electronic rock group Psonica, signing with the now defunct Navarre Entertainment. Psonica released their national debut effort in February of 2000, but disbanded soon after at which point, he began work on his debut solo album "Your Lucky Day" (2002) where he began maturing, methodically cultivating his own musical style.

His second solo effort "Discorporated" (2004), was a themed album, not for the faint of heart, about disenfranchisement, corporate greed, corrupt officials and the military industrial complex. With his third album, 2005's "Twice A Day In Japan," showcased an earlier straightforward rock style.

2007s "Songs of the Revolution," was Kimon's fourth solo album, and the next salvo  continuing the fight against hypocrisy. A sequel of sorts to "Discorporated", track titles such as "Declassified Blues", "Holy War" and "World Domination" lyrically this was Kimon’s most evolved collection yet, taking unexpected twists and turns throughout.

In 2008 Kimon began the creation of a solid band lineup, while simultaneously developing his unique incendiary guitar technique. The band Kimon & the Prophets went on release 2009’s “Roadhouse Party” album, and 2011s “Trenton Blues, ” both garnering international reviews, international radio play, including being played on the nationally syndicated radio show “Blues Deluxe”, reaching over 100 U.S. radio stations with two million potential listeners. The band won the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation battle of the bands, and went on to compete in the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

The 2013 release "Lucky 13”, featured 13 tracks of both new and reworked, rerecorded favorites from his catalog, garnering much college/community radio and press.