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Baby, I'm Worth It

Written By: Kimona Ryan/Jon Rose

A little spoiled but I ain’t rotten
And let’s just say
Not easily forgotten
Can’t you see I don’t come free?
But baby I’m worth it

You may fear financial ruin
My champagne tastes have you poo-poo-in’
Can’t you see I’m so carefree?
‘cause baby I’m worth it

Though I’ll be seen in limousines
And in circles that are high profile
I’m down to earth, your dollar’s worth
Is the means to my end, I’ll make it worth your while

Life is good so why not live it
You’ve got cash so why not give it
Can’t you see, by golly gee
Baby I’m worth it

Though you may think my floor-length mink
Depreciates my million dollar smile
I guarantee you’ll come to see
My hidden ass-ets, can’t we reconcile?

Life is sweet, no need for slummin’
And just desserts, just keep ‘em comin’
Won’t you be my sugar daddy?
Baby I’m worth it

When that bell rings
I hear ka-chings!
Wow, look at all these fancy things
And baby, I’m worth it
You bet your bottom dollar, baby, I’m good!