Kim Patton-Johnston

Kim Patton-Johnston


Amazing original songs with an uplifting spirit, in the female singer/songwriter genre. Americana in essence as in the style of Janis Ian, Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, and Ashley Cleveland. A solo artist with one background vocalist. Dove-award winning songwriter, with over 100 songs recorded


Incredible original songs from an award winning songwriter, with groove guitar at the soul of each. A chick guitar player who plays well enough to accompany her own great songs, that you never miss a band, yet can rock with the best players in the business. If you like Indigo Girls, Ashley Cleveland, Shelby'll love Kim Patton-Johnston.


Most current cd is "My Name is Not Susan" on Hippie Chick Twang Records. Previously, "The Call", and "Soul Silhouette" were released on other indies. Most radio play is from other artists who've recorded Kim Patton-Johnston songs!

Set List

A comfortable set list is 30minutes to an hour long. More or less, is workable with a catalogue of over 100 songs to choose from. Unless requested, no covers are done, however many people hear her hit songs and THINK they are covers, not realizing she is the songwriter of songs they've heard sung by others. Sets include, "Beautiful Goodbye", "Forever Every Day", "Count Your Blessing", "One Less Monkey", and "All We Ever Find"