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The best kept secret in music


"Music Review"

“As a Healer and Psychotherapist of 26 years experience, I have never had the opportunity to recommend music that heals in the way that Kim's songs effect transformation. Yes, of course there is music available that sooths and music that has touching words, however there is much more in effect with Kim's work. The combination of her depth of intuitive comprehension and her ability to create harmony, melody and words that reach deep into the psyche of the listener to re-align the person with their authentic (W)holeness is profound. I have frequently recommended Kim's CDs as a way to by pass the resistance we all have to transformation. The results are astonishing! It is a common occurrence for the listening to return to me using the songs as a way to approach and resolve difficult & painful issues.
Kim has the gift of Healing through Song and I whole-heartedly encourage anyone and everyone to open your heart to the wonder of who you are, by listening to the words of wisdom and healing that Kim offers.
Change you life! Gift your Heart and Soul with the Healing Music of Kim!

Elizabeth C. Chadwick M. DIV., M.S.W., C.I.H., C.M.T.R.

- Elizabeth C. Chadwick

"The Message"

Kim's voice soothes the soul, her guitar playing soothes the mind, and her lyrics heal the heart. Playing her CD ( Sanctuary Within) during sessions with my massage clients always brings a comment mentioned above. Expressing what we can all relate to in some way, Kim proves that she is a brilliant songwriter and each song sends a poignant message of acceptance and love.

Susan VanHam, LMT
- Susan VanHam

"The Spirit"

The CD (Sanctuary Within) brings alive the heartfelt real life experience of reaching for something spiritual beyond everyday life. The lyrics and music capture what it is to be in the journey towards a more spiritual self, a bigger more alive self that can only exist where Spirit is prestent in our lives.

Steven Burston,
Business Consultant
- Steven Burston

"The Connection"

Kim Richards writes and sings what she has lived. Her music comes from the heart, sung with a voice that sails across time and circumstance and lands right in the present. Her words are meant be heard and savored, leaving one to think, " I've felt that way too, but she has put it into words." To listen to her CD ( Sanctuary Within) is like coming home and sitting with an old friend.

Candace Stella, Artist

- Candace Stella

"CD Review"

This is a great CD ( Sanctuary Within) and I would recommend it all.
It's obvious Kim has poured herself into her music. The arrangments are good, nice use of complementary instruments and backup vocals. Clearly she is headed somewhere with this.

Peg Foss - Peg Foss


2005 EP "Sanctuary Within"
2003 EP Debut release "Transformation"
2002-2005 Demo and MP3 (studio and live)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Songwriting is my passion. I feel that the words and melodies come from deep within my soul. My 20+ years of being a critical care nurse have provided me with many opportunities to experience people who are devastated, traumatized and grieving. Their experiences are inside of me along with my own, and they affected me deeply. Songwriting has become my key to unlock all of those stored traumas and facilitate my own healing. I want to share this journey with you.

My personal journey back to find the authentic ME and discovering all that I am, has been painful, joyous, confusing, and so very rewarding. It was when I first started down the path to self-discovery that I finally opened up to the songwriter within me. I went from being a frustrated songwriter wannabe to an actual songwriter and performer. My musical experiences have been many, but I was always happy to be hidden within the core of the group…..singing harmony, playing guitar, playing bass, a little keyboard, anything but center stage.

This is my solo debut! It is frightening and exciting at the same time. This is the manifestation of my deepest desire… to share my music with the world. I offer my music as a healing medium. My intention is that my music opens hearts and gives people the courage to face their biggest fears. It is in our own healing that we will finally heal the world. It starts with us, each individually. May my music reach into your heart and touch the places that need to be healed. May it sooth you as you invite your radiance back into your life. I offer this to you with the deepest love from my heart.