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Kim Rose Project (KRP)

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"Artist 2 Watch (August 2010)"

(Please note that SKOPE notified us that we were being featured after the interview submission deadline which is why it doesn't appear on the site - our apologies.)

Skope: What does it mean to be included in A2W on

Kim: It's really flattering. The quality of artists that Skope selects to be featured in this column is pretty choice and we're psyched to be here, so thank you!
Geoff: Its great. We're sure to get alot more exposure because of it.

Skope: How are you gearing up for the fall and any touring plans?

Kim: We're in the midst of auditioning bass players and hope to have one secured before the holiday season, as we'd like to book a few gigs in before the end of the year.
Geoff: We're bringing in a new bass player into the fold and playing a few shows in the city to keep the buzz going. We're hoping to do a few out of state one offs and short runs in early 2011.

Skope: How many hours in the week are devoted to your music?

Kim: It's basically my other "full time" job outside of my regular 9 to 5. Between rehearsing, writing, creating press/promo materials, booking gigs, promotion, correspondence, etc.; it's fairly time consuming - but between hitting the jackpot when you find that "hook" or being on stage playing a ruckus of a show - it's makes it totally rewarding.
Geoff:Usually any extra minute or second I can spare to attend my music, I'll take it. In other words, even when I am doing other things, my mind is always on music, in some aspect or another.

Skope: What other bands & musicians are you listening to right now?

Kim: Classic and 90s rock is generally the staple of my music intake, but newer bands/artists I've been digging are 30 Seconds to Mars, VersaEmerge, Bruno Mars and the new Eminem album (which totally kicks).
Geoff: I've been really digging Sufjan Stevens & Owen Pallett.

Skope: At what point in the day do you find you are most creative?

Kim: Usually after midnight. Something about being awake in "the city that never sleeps" at that hour is totally magical for me; which is great for my song craft, but horrible for my sleep schedule.
Geoff: Mornings, right after I wake up. This is the time where I find my mind and brain are unclogged and I can create much better in these hours.

Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?

Kim: I anticipate a new EP slated for release next summer. Looking to break into the festival/conference scene next year and continue honing our live show.
Geoff: We're going to start working on new tunes to incorporate into our set, play as many local and tri-state shows as possible and just stay busy. You can find out more at

- SKOPE Magazine

"Review of "Year of Severed Ties""

Angst-ridden and teeming with grit, "Year of Severed Ties" showcases a multitude of rock ‘n roll wares from NYC singer/guitarist Kim Rose. This 12-track offering supplies a significant array of hard rocking hooks (“Escaping Me”, “Reason Behind You”) that fall smack dab between the cathartic vibes of Evanescence and the refined edge of Incubus, complete with a slew of monstrous [drum] skin bashing (“Unjust”) and a vitriolic vocal delivery by a lady who's not gonna take it anymore.

Laying down steadfast streams of punchy guitars over a rock solid rhythm section (“Broken Frames”), this disc exhibits Rose’s adoration for the harder side of ‘90s alternative rock laced with enough modern rock sensibilities to make for one well-rounded listening experience (“Made”).
-Mike SOS - Mike SOS - "Gears of Rock" & "Ear Candy"

"Review of "Year of Severed Ties""

In the last ten years, Kim Rose has fronted several rock bands, graced the stages of the legendary CBGB’s and The Elbow Room, recorded at Quad Studios and the (now-defunct) Hit Factory, gone to countless auditions and rehearsals, and endured a shelved album. It was then that she decided to take matters into her own hands, and thus, the notion of releasing a full-length album was conceived at the beginning of 2007. And this is it - hard rocking and melodic. So if you will, imagine Flyleaf, Garbage, Fuel and Incubus, mix it up with just a little Evanescence and add doses of classic rock with a little Seattle era Grunge. All that equals Kim Rose! 12 totally awesome tracks on offer here including the catchy 'Reason Behind You', the equally catchy and heavy 'Made' with it's cool synths, and the memorable 'Fall Out' with great guitar solo to boot! Other faves include the impressive 'Final Resolution' and the accoustic 'Angels'. Overall, this is a great listening experience - check out and then consider spending your hard earned cash. I like it! 8.5/10 - Dave Smith - Ravenheart Music

"Don Hill's Gig Press Announcement"

New York-based musician Kim Rose will unleash her crunching hard rock and epic power ballads Friday night at 10:30 at Don Hill’s, celebrating the release of her debut CD, YEAR OF SEVERED TIES, twelve tunes about struggling to find one’s identity in a world gone wrong, filled with personal crisis and decrying the lack of real communication so prevalent in today’s society. “The soul won’t shake / Your worst mistakes / Hearts dissolve / Without resolve / Still I cannot see / The person I should be / How many promises can you break?” Rose asks in “Broken Frames.” Singer-guitarist Rose, bassist Nate Stevens, drummer Anthony DeVizio, and guitarist and co-songwriter Geoff Barone will be at Don Hill’s anchoring “Friends of Enemies: Unsigned VIP Tour.” - Mark Rifkin - This Week in New York


TBD EP (2011)
Sound for Scoliosis: Volume 3 (2011) - Compilation featuring "Change to Learn"
Unplugged EP (2010)
Year of Severed Ties (2009)



The Kim Rose Project (a.k.a. KRP) was conceived as a studio project in 2007 by me, Kim Rose, after a relationship’s devastating end.

Taking up the offer to record and produce some music with friend and audio engineer (and guitarist from a former band), Joe Muller, we starting planning what would eventually become 'Year of Severed Ties.' With Joe in the producer seat and recording resources/facilities to spare, we just needed the right musicians to bring the album to life. I met Geoff Barone through Joe, Anthony DeVizio through Jimmy “Firehead” Tomori (another friend who played some killer guitar on a few tunes), and, through Anthony and Geoff, I met the two bassists who split recording duties. Networking at its best... and the smooth sailing pretty much ended there!

The aforementioned endured marriages, the birth of baby, relocations/moves, day job changes, a few surgeries, a broken hard drive and the unpredictable nonsense that life presents, resulting in 'Year of Severed Ties' taking more than two years to record, mix and master. Countless numbers of beers, handles of whiskey and cigarettes were consumed during this time, but the bender started to subside when the album was finally completed in the spring of 2009.

The current lineup was solidified in October of 2010, comprised of multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barone (guitar/vocals/keys), Anthony DeVizio (drums) Steve Zgaljic (bass) and me (I sing and try to look cool while holding a guitar). Between the four of us, we have decades of recording experience (Quad Studios, The Hit Factory) and have gigged all over the tri-state area (CBGB’s, Jenkinson’s, Don Hill’s, Mulcahy’s). But, moreover, if you’re really out of ideas for what to do and want to converse with us, ask how to pronounce Steve’s last name.

Setting a goal to write melodically accessible, dynamic, but edgy music – BLEH! ... basically, we just want to write songs that can provide people some catharsis and let a new generation of music listeners know it’s OK not be scared of guitar distortion, epic rock choruses and a monster rhythm section. You know, the kind of rock music from the 70s, 80s and 90s that influenced us to [spend thousands of dollars on music gear every year] start writing and performing music. Together, we are planning on recording a yet-to-be-titled EP slated for release this fall and have our eyes set on playing CMJ, SXSW as well as gigging outside of the tri-state area within the next year.

Oh, and since the release of 'Year of Severed Ties,' Geoff and I quit smoking (we’re aware that no one likes a quitter, but cigarettes are now $13 a pack in NYC - and we have more music gear that we may or may not need to buy), but everyone in the KRP still enjoys a whiskey and a beer or two. We hope to knock a few back with you at a show in the near future...

- Kim Rose