Kim's Fable

Kim's Fable


Alternative rock with intelligent, passionate lyrics that weave through an ethereal swirl of kick-ass melodies over a thundering rock base.


Kim's Fable is taking rock back to the basics with fierce integrity. Their blending of explosive guitars, hard-hitting drums, and mystic melodies create a unique brand of rock'n'roll. The end result is music that is intelligent and intriguing to the listener with a critical ear, but still accessible and easily enjoyed by the masses.

The band originated in 2000 from lead singer Kim Collins’ and guitarist Chris Tench’s ecliptic mixing of mystical melodies, soulful lyrics and instrumentation with powerful rock rhythms. The collaboration of Doc Downs (bass), and Kevin Cuchia (drums) in 2003, with their already successful undertaking, unleashed a captivating sound onto the modern rock scene. Like their legendary influences Led Zeppelin, The Who, PJ Harvey, U2, and Radiohead, Kim’s Fable’s interweaving of worldly sounds and authenticity produce a tangible and passionate performance.

Kim’s Fable continues to celebrate success since releasing their debut album, Breathless, in December 2000. In Nashville, their single, “Cold Hearted” made WRLT Lighting 100 station's top 100 and were voted “the audience pick for best band” on in 2001. Kim's Fable significantly expanded their fan base through regional touring from 2001-2003 and surpassed more than 500 bands to be selected to perform as part of the 2003 GRAMMY showcase. The band’s 2003 limited EP release, Dancing Under the Pale Moonlight, earned the band further airplay on numerous radio stations with the single “Be Your Own Human”. Their regional fame provided the opportunity for Kim’s Fable to perform with national acts such as Concrete Blond, Ours, Fleming and John, Venus Hum, and with The Strokes at the 2004 Nashville Riverstages Festival.

"Kim's Fable has staked out a unique place in the (rock) scene over the past five years by employing an exotic hard rock sound reminiscent of the late 70’s rock mysticism with sensual vocals that emphasize the incantatory powers of rhythm and the seductiveness of hard-edged music...(they are) one of the most distinctive rock acts on the circuit" - Noel Murray of The Nashville Scene

Kim’s Fable is about to release their highly anticipated EP in the fall of 2005. This EP is a combination of their collaboration with acclaimed producer Roger Moutenot and self-produced material.


"Breathless" 2001 singles with airplay: Cold Hearted, Why are We Here

"Dancing Under the Pale Moonlight" a limited edition EP 2003 singles with airplay: Be Your Own Human , Blue Sky

Set List

We typically do an hour & 1/2 set of originals, but can play as much as 2 hours or more. We only do a limited amount of obscure covers.