Kim Townsend

Kim Townsend

 Rockwall, Texas, USA

Kim Townsend may well prove to be the best singer/songwriter to come out of Lubbock, Texas since Buddy Holly. She's original, genuine, and... entertaining as hell!


When only a small child, Kim Townsend had a tremendous crush on Glen Campbell and his ability to play multiple instruments. So smitten was she that at age FIVE she, too, began playing
guitar and soon added more than a dozen instruments to her amazing and ever-increasing

Now the Lubbock, Texas native has grown to become an accomplished singer/songwriter herself; proving to be a versatile entertainer who is as comfortable playing in a quiet coffeehouse or rowdy night club as she is for an intimate house concert or multi-stage music festival! Kim routinely performs in Austin, the Hill Country area, Lubbock, and Dallas in addition to her frequent shows in Oklahoma, Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and all points in between.

By declaring her music a "casserole" of styles, perhaps best described as 'Americana', Kim sets herself apart from other songwriters through the amazing variety of her original works. Her catchy songs range from proud Texas tunes to beautiful Spanish waltzes; humorous and cleverly-worded dittys to foot stomping blues; tender, thoughtful ballads; fun, driving rock; and impressive instrumental scores.

Her voice has been likened to warm, golden honey - if honey could only sing! Since it can't, she's been vocally compared with well-known female artists such as Anne Murray, Karen Carpenter, and Shawn Colvin.

She has been honored to open for many notable acts, including: Nanci Griffith, Bob Franke, Susan Gibson, the McKay Brothers, Jay-Boy Adams, and Colin Gilmore, as well as performing at Seattles annual Northwest Folklife Festival, the Oklahoma State Fair, the Buddy Holly Centers Summer Songwriter Showcase Series (in Lubbock), the National Cowboy Symposium, and twice - along with her band - at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta where they were invited to open for the Marshall Tucker Band!

Kim has received outstanding reviews for her original songs from both print and cyber media, as well as national and international radio airplay; while consistent touring has created a rapidly growing Kim Townsend fan base that spans the U.S. and abroad! Commercial radio and television ads have featured her music, as well as a documentary film that was shot for Imax theaters, and, too, plans are currently "in the works" to use three songs from her latest CD in an upcoming feature film! In addition, her songs have been selected as finalists in the Austin Songwriters Contest, the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest, and the Texas Country Reporters Songwriting Contest. Kim was selected as one of First Act Guitar's "Emerging Artists", and soon thereafter was honored to have her CD, "Just Because", chosen as a final nominee for "Album of the Year" at the 2008 Texas Music Awards by the Academy of Texas Music !

Kim is a true songstress... clever and refreshing... nothing short of an excellent entertainer whose engaging shows - whether as a soloist or with her band - keep audiences of all ages constantly requesting just ONE more song!


She Can't Cook

Written By: Kim Townsend

She can’t cook she don’t clean
but she’s the cutest thing you swear you’ve ever seen
She can’ t cook she don’t clean
but that don’t mean a thing ‘cause she’s your girl

She don’t know how to use a pot or pan
but somehow she’s got you eating from her hand
She can’t cook she don’t clean
but that don’t mean a thing ‘cause she’s your girl

She didn’t learn no kitchen secrets from her Mama
and she was never made to sweep or mop the floor
but when she holds you in her arms and starts to woo you with her charms
your only conscious thought is you want more, more more


instrumental verse

instrumental chorus

Now, you eat your meals out on the town most every night and day
and the cleaning crew comes twice a week and so you pay and pay
but you knew what you were in for and you love her anyway
she’s your sweet little wife and the love of your life what more can you say

Just Because

Written By: Kim Townsend

Just because you hung your hat
and just because you named my cat
just because we loved like that
don’t mean you’re welcome now

So what if you know my fears
so what that you’ve kissed my tears
so what if we loved for years
it don’t mean I love you now

Who cares that you’ve shared my dreams
who cares we made a real good team
who cares that you’re the one for me
don’t mean I’ll have you now

I’ll forget I liked your cowboy boots
and forget about your darned good looks
I’ll forget that we were in cahoots
…. or at least I’ll try somehow

Texas Honky-tonk

Written By: Kim Townsend

Well, it’s Saturday night and the moon is out
you get dressed up and I’ll get dolled out
and we’ll go down to a Texas honky-tonk

Yeah, I wanna go where the people meet
where the men are rugged and the girls are sweet
so take me out to a Texas honky-tonk

We’ll dance all night to the two-step
and drink a little Shiner beer
Where you can hear the band from the parking lot
and all of our friends are there

We’ll go to that place where we like to go
we’ll spend our time and we’ll spend our dough
at that bona fide, good-time Texas honky-tonk

Instrumental verse

I’ve dreamed all week of dancing’ cheek to cheek
listenin’ to my favorite song
We’ll scoot our boots ‘cross the sawdust floor
waltzin’ ‘cross Texas ‘til dawn

While the band plays on and on….

Yeah, I wanna go where the people meet
where the men are rugged and the girls are sweet
Take me out to a Texas honky-tonk


At that bona fide, chicken-fried Texas honky-tonk

La Luna Negra Cantina

Written By: Kim Townsend

There are NO lyrics...
it's strictly instrumental

Might As Well Be Me

Written By: Kim Townsend

Somebody buys a guitar
somebody takes a chance
somebody writes a catchy song, makes people wanna dance

Somebody gets a a listen, somebody gets a look
Somebody gets a manager
with a little black book

Somebody's getting better gigs
and makes a little green
Somebody's gotta do it
and it might as well be me!

Somebody stops playing
coffee shops and open mics
Starts opening for big stars,
their name up there in lights

Somebody's on the radio,
the net, iPods, and more
somebody's selling millions
of their CDs in the stores

Somebody's quit their day job
and livin' out their dream
Somebody's gotta do it
and it might as well be me


Somebody gets a chauffeur,
a limo, and a plane
Somebody gets a tour bus,
a fortune, and fame

Somebody sleeps in hotel suites instead of in their car
Somebody always prayed
that they would make it this far


Somebody's filthy rich now
and happy as can be
Somebody's gotta do it
and it might as well be ME!

1,000 Goodbyes

Written By: Kim Townsend

Packed again heading for the door and I don't know when
I'll be back for sure
so I hug you and I hold you
a big closer and longer every time
I gotta go before I cry

In awhile I'll be down the road , then I can smile
thinking back to now
when I kissed you, said I'll miss you,
and we laughed just trying to count the times
we have said our goodbyes


Miles away another show to end another day
grabbing all the fleeting moments with my mind's eye
Many friends think they want my life of traveling all the time
They don't know that for every hello, there's 1,000 goodbyes

Bittersweet, life's a big adventure
with no repeats
due to human nature
So be careful what you're wishing
or you might just get your chance to fly
but it all starts with goodbye


Days and nights that blur together
'til I'm not sure where I've been
but I try hard to work things out
so that every now and then
I can be on your front porch knocking once again


Written By: Kim Townsend

Viva! to Texas where forests and cactus
and beaches and desert combine in one state
Viva! the Alamo, to big skies and rodeos
Viva! armadillos, to prairies and lakes

Viva! to cotton, and lest we've forgotten...
Viva! to farmers, to ranchers, and oil
Viva! to cowboys, now y'all make some big noise
Viva! to Texas - the land that we love!

Viva! Terlingua and all that tequila
that goes down your throat like a scorpion on fire
Viva! to Mexicans and all of you Texicans
to hombres and gringos, the brown and the white

Viva! Amarillo, to Farwell, Del Rio
to Ropesville and Kingsville and Dallas, Ft.Worth
Viva! to Grapeland, to Frisco and Levelland
Viva! to Texas - the best land on earth!

Viva! the Gulf Coast and Hill Country, too
and all of the fine work you good Texans do!


Viva! the Lone Star and the pride in all our hearts
when it flies 'neath ol' Glory, man, don't that look GREAT!
Viva! to Willie, to ghost towns and cities
Viva! to Texas - the mightiest state!

Viva! to Austin, to Big Bend, and Bonham
to Houston and Justiceburg, ol' San Antone
Viva! Laredo, New Braunfels, El Paso
to Luckenbach, Lubbock, and El Dorado

Viva! to Pflugerville, to Abilene and Littlefield
to Dumas and Olney and Greune and Wolfforth
Viva! to Slaton, man, ain't this a great land!
Viva! to Texas - the land of my birth!

Viva! tortillas and salsa and boots
and great Texas music and good bar-b-que


Viva! green chile, to Waylon and Willie
Viva! to Texas, man, I LOVE THIS STATE!!


Written By: Kim Townsend

On her first day of second grade
there were stitches in her battered face
but she lit up when she met me
and soon had found her place

And since this child was in my classroom
I saw bruises every day
yet she would smile
just to be with me awhile

There were lots of kids to tend to
and such little time to give
and so her secret went unspoken
and, too, her fight to live

Sometimes she’d wait ‘til after school
‘til I’d switched off lights and gathered up my keys
I’d turn around to leave
glimpse her tears fall on her sleeve
hoping maybe I’d believe

Ohhh hh hh

I told myself I’d help her
when her wounds had healed
and scars would fade
it’s my job to make a difference
to every child every day

But there’s no need to bother now
I might have even saved her
had I tried
I guess her battle’s over now
‘cause this morning Avery died

Ohhh hh hh

My Mom's Refrigerator

Written By: Kim Townsend

My Mom's a real sweet lady,
she's loved by EVERYONE she knows
She's got a heart as big as Texas, and you'd swear that it's made of gold
But my mom has got a dark side, and a secret that she guards with care
it concerns a certain appliance
and the things she has stashed in there...

Inside my Mom's refrigerator
where it's a mystery as to what you'll find
there in the cold, dark, and damp, wrapped in foil and Saran
is the Twilight Zone of meals gone by

There in my Mom's refrigerator where crops of mold are growing wild
a penicillin incubator, antibiotic generator...
a new eco-system's starting to thrive

You'll find liquids that have changed to solids
and solids that have turned to goop
and if you care to take a dare
and aren't easily scared,
check out the salad that has turned to soup

There's something awfully smelly near the dressings and the jellies
could be old meatloaf
or some leathery cheese
it would take a Haz-Mat crew
to identify the goo...
but the task would bring 'em to their knees

Inside my Mom's refrigerator is half a sandwich that could use a shave
some inedible macaroni, a hunk of dried bologna,
crusty pudding made in '78
It's kinda creepy in my Mom's refrigerator
former meals lie in Tupperware tombs
entire herds of fuzzy bagels are trying to finagle a spot next to some bearded fruit

And where would we be without the twenty-three
varieties of salsas and jams
sequestered in my Mom's refrigerator
on the shelf above the slimy, green ham

And just because it's handy, Mom saves a lot of candy
from holidays and seasons gone by
She should charge folks to see 'em in her chocolate museum
of Santas, rabbits, Valentines

The irony of my Mom's refrigerator is: the food that she is trying to save
gets the cold, "kiss-of-death" from her GE Frost-free
never again to see the light of day

Jimmy Hoffa was last seen stooping to find himself a tasty snack
inside my Mom's refrigerator
and come to think of it... he's never been back!


"Wayworn Traveler" (2003) 14 original songs (+1 cover)
"Just Because" (2007) 15 original songs

Set List

My sets vary from 60 to 90 minutes, based on the venue and how long I'm scheduled to play.  For 'short' gigs (one or two hours), I skip breaks. If it's a longer gig, I'll take a 10-minute break every 90 minutes or so.

I generally work 'covers' in between my original tunes; however, if it's a 'short' night (40 minutes to an hour), I'll probably just play originals. That being said, however, on any given night my song selections are contingent on the venue, occassion, the crowd, and the instrumentation of the players performing with me (solo show vs. with my band).

Average set list:
{o- original, c- cover}

She Can't Cook - o
Waltz Me Around - o
Texas Honky-tonk - o
Tennessee Flat Top Box - c
Birthday Suit - o
Just Because - o
Hurryin' to Us -o
1,000 Goodbyes - o
A Moment with You - o
It's In There - o
I Hear You Knockin' - c
Viva! - o
(El) Me